6/30/2018 - Saturday Night Social: What Is the Cat to Live in, if Not a Small Indoor Mansion

6/30/2018 - Through Tears, 12-Year-Old Leah Delivers Speech on 'Constant Fear' of Losing Her Immigrant Mother

6/30/2018 - After Being Mocked for Sharing His Story, Terry Crews Tweets a Poetic #MeToo

6/30/2018 - Over 700 'Families Belong Together' Protests Are Underway (UPDATING)

6/30/2018 - On Pride's Radical Potential: The Question Isn't 'Who Should Be at Pride?' But 'What Are We Doing?'

6/30/2018 - No Penis Sock for Justin Timberlake, I See

6/29/2018 - A Complete Dossier On Sophie Brussaux

6/29/2018 - A Random Man Managed To Speak to Donald Trump on Air Force One After Pretending to Be a Senator 

6/29/2018 - Jersey Shore, Abridged: 'We'll Be Good, I Know We Will'

6/29/2018 - Drake's 'Summer Games' Is Big Scorpio Energy

6/29/2018 - This Summer, Consider Shorts

6/29/2018 - The Queer Eye-Nailed It Crossover Episode Is a Perfect Gift From a Generous God

6/29/2018 - Islamophobe, Rejected

6/29/2018 - It Sure Seems Like Marco Rubio Subtweeted a Survivor of the Capital-Gazette Shooting

6/29/2018 - Susan Rogers on Engineering Prince and Her Own Path in the Music Industry

6/29/2018 - The White House Is That Couple That Celebrates the 1-Week Anniversary of Their First Kiss 

6/29/2018 - Everyone Makes Out in the New Video for Meshell Ndegeocello’s ‘Sensitivity’

6/29/2018 - Here Are 20 Photos of Amy Adams Smiling

6/29/2018 - Before Roe

6/29/2018 - Netflix Isn't Opposed to a Set It Up Sequel, and Frankly, Neither Am I

6/29/2018 - The Age of Aquaria is Upon Us

6/29/2018 - BBC Settles with Senior Editor Carrie Gracie Over Gender Pay Gap

6/29/2018 - Confirmed: Drake Is a Daddy, Actually

6/29/2018 - First Lawsuit Filed Against Awful 'Sex Trafficking' Law 

6/29/2018 - Either Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Know How to Spell Her Own Name, Or Kathy Griffin Is Lying

6/29/2018 - Ivanka Accidentally Condemns Her Father, the Administration She Works For, Herself 

6/29/2018 - Melania Trump Wears Unremarkable Outfit to Second Superficial Border Visit 

6/28/2018 - YouTube Orders Jordan Peele Sci-Fi Anthology Series Weird City

6/28/2018 - Wanna Smell Like Ariana Grande's Undying Love for Pete Davidson?

6/28/2018 - Julian Fellowes Wonders Whether The Crown Has Been Entirely Fair to Prince Philip 

6/28/2018 - On Pride and Nightlife: There Are No Safe Spaces 'Except for the Ones I Create'

6/28/2018 - Facing Arrest, Hundreds of Women Protest ICE in DC

6/28/2018 - Priyanka Chopra Is Unapologetic About Beauty As a Form of Self-Care

6/28/2018 - Activist Sil Lai Abrams Has Accused Russell Simmons and Extra Host A.J. Calloway of Sexual Assault

6/28/2018 - DHS Gears Up to Detain a Staggering Number of Families in Coming Months

6/28/2018 - Donald Glover and Rashida Jones Outline the Do's (and Mostly Don'ts) of Sexual Harassment at Work

6/28/2018 - Selfish 

6/28/2018 - ICE Is Forcing Toddlers Separated From Parents to Appear Alone in Court

6/28/2018 - 'After' Roe Is Now

6/28/2018 - Rediscovering My Very Important, High-Circulation Leonardo DiCaprio Newsletter From 1997

6/28/2018 - Ed Sheeran Hit With $100 Million Suit by 'Let's Get It On' Copyright Holder

6/28/2018 - Cops Say Exploding Shoe Camera Thwarted Would-be Upskirt Photo Taker 

6/28/2018 - The Trailer for Assassination Nation Is One Long Trigger Warning, Which Tells You Everything

6/28/2018 - Fox News CEO Wants the Network to Become a Smidgen Less Racist 

6/28/2018 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to Nancy Pelosi: 'It's Not Just One District' 

6/28/2018 - Julia Roberts Joins Instagram, Follows No One

6/28/2018 - Artist Says Elon Musk Refuses to Pay or Credit Him for Farting Unicorn Motif

6/28/2018 - Man Accused of Deadly Charlottesville Car Attack Charged With Federal Hate Crimes 

6/27/2018 - Mel B Insists Spice Girls Reunion Tour Really Is Happening

6/27/2018 - Scarlett Johansson Vehemently Denies Auditioning to Date Tom Cruise 

6/27/2018 - Democratic Leadership Finally Locates Spine

6/27/2018 - Is This Heaven or Is This Hell?

6/27/2018 - Later, Sluts

6/27/2018 - A Fond Farewell to Madeleine Davies, the Horneyest Woman We Know

6/27/2018 - Stop Being So Skeptical of Young Women

6/27/2018 - Take Some Existential Comfort in This Video of a Wet Book Rescue Technique 

6/27/2018 - Adult Film Actor Ron Jeremy Sued for Sexual Assault

6/27/2018 - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Made History, Ate Cake, and Her Lipstick Remained Intact the Entire Time

6/27/2018 - The Villa From Under the Tuscan Sun Is a Rental Property, and Here’s What Might Happen If You Stay There

6/27/2018 - Bao Is an Emotional Rollercoaster That Made Me Want to Call My Mom

6/27/2018 - Queer Eye's Fab Five on the Pop Culture That Made Them Gay: Hot Dogs, Calvin Klein, Bowflex

6/27/2018 - Private Messages Reveal the Cis Journalist Groupthink Behind Trans Media Narratives

6/27/2018 - From Hipster Grifter to Anna Delvey, Here Are The Scammers That Captivated the Internet

6/27/2018 - Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy Is Retiring 

6/27/2018 - Trump Supporter Civilly Flings Shit at Restaurant That Kicked Out Sarah Sanders

6/27/2018 - Chained for Life Defaces Traditional Depictions of Disfigurement 

6/27/2018 - Joe Jackson Dead at 89 After Battle With Pancreatic Cancer

6/27/2018 - India Ranked 'the Most Dangerous Country in the World' for Women, U.S. Breaks Top 10

6/27/2018 - Flip or Flop's Christina El Moussa Is Getting Her Own TV Show 

6/27/2018 - Bill Clinton Has 'a Lot of Respect' for Sarah Huckabee Sanders After the Whole Restaurant Thing

6/27/2018 - Straight Couples in the UK Win Right to Say 'Fuck No' to Getting Married

6/27/2018 - Jezebel's Son or Boyfriend Timothée Chalamet is Back in Beautiful Boy

6/27/2018 - Federal Judge Ignores Trump Administration and Orders All Migrant Families to Be Reunited Within 30 Days

6/27/2018 - 50 Cent Mocked Terry Crews's Sexual Assault in Now-Deleted Instagram Post

6/27/2018 - Trump's Revised Muslim Ban Will Continue to Tear Families Apart 

6/27/2018 - Drake Asked Tiffany Haddish Out, Then Stood Her Up???

6/27/2018 - Nice Parenting Troll, NBC ;)

6/26/2018 - 28-Year-Old Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wins Democratic Primary Against Big Money White Male Incumbent 

6/26/2018 - David Lynch Clarifies the 'One of the Greatest Presidents' Remark

6/26/2018 - Seems Rihanna Named an Eyeliner After the Great Twitter Burn of 2011

6/26/2018 - Immigration Attorney Says She Was 'Knocked to the Ground and Bloodied' by ICE 

6/26/2018 - UNC Chapel Hill Found to Be Violating Title IX Policy

6/26/2018 - The Only Blanket You Need For Sex is the Grotty Sex Towel That Lives in the Back of My Closet

6/26/2018 - Wow, Look at All These Beautiful Ancient Rings That Should Belong to Me 

6/26/2018 - Elizabeth Warren Describes 'Horrors' at Border Processing Center  

6/26/2018 - 'We Have to Apply Pressure': Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Done With the Democratic Status Quo 

6/26/2018 - Snail Mail's Lindsey Jordan Has Absolutely Been Touched By a Ghost 

6/26/2018 - These Are the 'White Moderates' MLK Warned Us About

6/26/2018 - I Love Studies That Validate My Shitty Habits

6/26/2018 - Chinese College Course Aims to Teach Women 'Feminine Virtue'

6/26/2018 - Honestly, I Fuckin' Love Cottage Cheese

6/26/2018 - Terry Crews Testifies Before Senate Judiciary Committee: 'This Is How Toxic Masculinity Permeates Culture'

6/26/2018 - Instagram Influencer Sues Celeb Site PopSugar for Allegedly Stealing Her Pics

6/26/2018 - New York Times: Won't Someone Please Think of the Condoms?!?

6/26/2018 - Supreme Court Rules for Donald Trump's Islamophobia 

6/26/2018 - Supreme Court Sides With Clinics That Lie to People Seeking Abortion 

6/26/2018 - 16th Century Spanish St. George Receives Latest Amateur Facelift 

6/26/2018 - Getty Images Posts, Deletes, and Apologizes for World Cup 2018 'Sexiest Fans' Gallery

6/26/2018 - Protesters Are Taking the Fight for Immigrant Rights to Stephen Miller's Terrible Doorstep

6/26/2018 - Mitski Can't Escape Her Own Loneliness—or Her House—in Her 'Nobody' Video

6/26/2018 - Heather Locklear Hospitalized for Possible Overdose Hours After Release From Jail

6/26/2018 - Hire This Congressional Intern Who Screamed 'Fuck You' at Trump

6/25/2018 - Ron Perlman, Piss Hero

6/25/2018 - Now Sean Spicer Wants a Talk Show 

6/25/2018 - Cardi B and Offset Got Married Last September, You Lil Nosey Fucks

6/25/2018 - David Lynch Thinks Trump 'Could Go Down As One of the Greatest Presidents in History'

6/25/2018 - White House Says It's 'Out of Resources' to Continue Locking Up Migrant Families 

6/25/2018 - The Academy Just Announced the Class of 2018 and It Includes Tiffany Haddish, Ann Dowd, and Mindy Kaling

6/25/2018 - Head of the Tent Facility Detaining Migrant Kids Calls Family Separation Policy 'an Incredibly Dumb, Stupid Decision'

6/25/2018 - Russell Crowe Will Play Depraved Fox CEO Roger Ailes in Showtime Miniseries

6/25/2018 - Will Celebrities Show Up to Protest the Border Crisis Next Week? The Week After That?

6/25/2018 - Evil Billionaires Play a Board Game Where They Pretend to Have Total Control Over the American Political System Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 

6/25/2018 - Meghan Markle Nabs Coveted Teen Choice Awards Nod Alongside Harry Styles and Zendaya 

6/25/2018 - 'Butcher' Gynecologist Allowed to Practice for Years Despite Grisly Patient Complaints

6/25/2018 - Red (Head) Wedding

6/25/2018 - Can't Help Butt Notice: Olympic Skater Adam Rippon Has Quite the Boot

6/25/2018 - Supreme Court Won't Hear Brendan Dassey's Appeal

6/25/2018 - Returning Pride to Its Stonewall Roots: 'Our Battle With the Police Is Not Over'

6/25/2018 - After Latest Blow to Voting Rights, Justice Sotomayor Warns of 'Serious Costs to Our Democracy' 

6/25/2018 - Democratic Congressman to Introduce Legislation That Would Abolish ICE

6/25/2018 - Amandla Stenberg Takes on Police Brutality in The Hate U Give Trailer

6/25/2018 - Laura Ingalls Wilder's Name Removed from Children's Book Award 

6/25/2018 - Janelle Monae Did Not Fuck Around With Her Pride Look at the BET Awards

6/25/2018 - Behold the Hellscape of This Trump-Inspired Fashion Show

6/25/2018 - Westworld's Season Finale Has Me Feeling Mildly Nauseated and Generally Optimistic for the Robot Community

6/25/2018 - The Fight Over North Carolina's Latest Anti-Trans Law Begins 

6/25/2018 - Citing Moral Objection, Walgreens Pharmacist Denies Woman Medication for Miscarriage 

6/25/2018 - The Trump White House Made a Coin Featuring Mar-a-Lago 

6/25/2018 - Anita Baker Honored With Lifetime Achievement at BET Awards

6/25/2018 - Why Do Marvel's Men Complain About Their Costumes? Evangeline Lilly Has a Theory…

6/25/2018 - They're Here, They're Queer, They're Buying Lemonade from Suri Cruise

6/25/2018 - Wow, Yes, I Am the Target Audience for this A Discovery of Witches Trailer 

6/25/2018 - This Is Just a Nice Story About a Teen Who Helped a Blind & Deaf Man on a Flight

6/24/2018 - Oh Jimmy, Not the HAIR

6/24/2018 - Maxine Waters: Do NOT Let the Trump Team Eat in Peace!

6/24/2018 - Roseanne Tearfully Apologizes for Offending Anyone Who Thought Her Racist Tweet Was Racist 

6/24/2018 - They've Got Family Reunification Under Control

6/24/2018 - Zsa Zsa Crowned World's Ugliest Dog in a Very Tight Race 

6/24/2018 - Saudi Women Are Finally Driving, but Within the Same Confines

6/24/2018 - Kim Is Over Selfies; Discuss

6/23/2018 - Saturday Night Social: Competition Is Fierce for This Year's 'World's Ugliest Dog' Pageant 

6/23/2018 - America Is a Low-Budg Car Dealership Commercial 

6/23/2018 - The Week's Shittiest Tweet Goes to Mike Huckabee [UPDATE: It's a Tie!]

6/23/2018 - Sarah Huckabee Sanders Asked to Leave Restaurant Because She 'Works for POTUS' [UPDATE]

6/23/2018 - It's Pete Davidson's World, We're Just Living in It 

6/22/2018 - Republicans Can't Seem to Agree on How Terrible to Make Their Immigration Bill

6/22/2018 - Open Thread: Who's Your Summer Crush?

6/22/2018 - Tracee Ellis Ross Constantly Asks Why Her Black-Ish Character Has to Do 'Lady Chores'

6/22/2018 - Kelly's 24-Hour Product Diary: Every Single Item I Touched in a Day

6/22/2018 - Florence and the Machine's 'Big God' Is a Big Mood

6/22/2018 - A Contestant from The Proposal Is Accused of Facilitating a Sexual Assault


6/22/2018 - Blue the Raptor Is This Weekend's Queen of Pop Culture 

6/22/2018 - Joe Arpaio Is Whining About Losing the Election and Wants Jeff Sessions' Help

6/22/2018 - Netflix Should Make 9 Million More Movies Just Like the Perfectly Charming Romcom Set It Up 

6/22/2018 - Madonna..............Stop

6/22/2018 - I'm Praying the New Chipotle Quesadilla Won't Be a Complete Disaster

6/22/2018 - Yass, Yass Y'all, the Fab Five Visited Yass, Australia

6/22/2018 - Asylum Seeker Who Sued Trump Administration Reunited With Her Son

6/22/2018 - Demi Lovato's New Song 'Sober' Suggests a Relapse After 6 Years of Sobriety

6/22/2018 - Liam Neeson's Selfless Act Changed Lives Thursday Night

6/22/2018 - Cynthia Nixon Says ICE Is a 'Terrorist Organization,' Calls for Its Abolition

6/21/2018 - Fuck, MoviePass Is Implementing Surge Pricing 

6/21/2018 - Roseanne Spinoff Is Officially Happening, Without Roseanne Barr's Involvement 

6/21/2018 - Johnny Depp Isn't Doing So Great Actually 

6/21/2018 - Melania Trump 'Truly No Longer Cares'

6/21/2018 - Terry Crews on Russell Simons: 'Abusers Protect Abusers'

6/21/2018 - Get This Look: Tactical Pants

6/21/2018 - What's With All The Kids' Books About 'Badass' Women?

6/21/2018 - Melania Wears 'I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?' Jacket on Way to Meet Detained Migrant Children

6/21/2018 - Incredibles 2 Is an Animated Film for the Empowerment Generation

6/21/2018 - It's 'Skate or Die, Bitch,' in the Trailer for Teen Movie The Skate Kitchen

6/21/2018 - The Writer Who Broke the Brandon Teena Story Revisits Her Biggest Mistakes 

6/21/2018 - Women in Iran Just Want to Kick Back and Enjoy Some Soccer, Thank You Very Much

6/21/2018 - Koko Was a Real One

6/21/2018 - Mayonnaise Is Next to Godliness in These Summer Salads

6/21/2018 - The Trump Administration Wants to Create the Department of Edulabor or Labucation or Some Shit 

6/21/2018 - MTV Pivots To MTV

6/21/2018 - Luann de Lesseps On Eating a Bologna Sandwich During Her Night In Jail: 'I Was Just So Pathetic and So Sad'

6/21/2018 - Selena Gomez Seems to Enjoy Creeping Us Out in Petra Collins' IGTV Horror Short

6/21/2018 - New York City Teachers Will Finally Get Paid Parental Leave 

6/21/2018 - Report: Don Jr. Continues to Be a Sad, Sad Man 

6/21/2018 - Hundreds of People Flooded a New York City Airport to Show Love to Migrant Kids

6/21/2018 - To All the Boys I've Loved Before Looks Like the Cute Teen Romcom of the Summer

6/21/2018 - Co-Creator of 'Juggy Dance Squad' Defends Chris Hardwick, Says Everyone's Making Too Many Allegations

6/21/2018 - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Has Arrived at a Hospital to Give Birth to Her First Child 

6/20/2018 - Robert Zemeckis Is Directing Another Film Adaptation of Roald Dahl's The Witches 

6/20/2018 - Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski Is Creating the Restaurant of My Dreams 

6/20/2018 - Jimmy Fallon Says He Would Have Done That Ingratiating 2016 Interview With Donald Trump Differently 

6/20/2018 - Low-Income People Can't Afford to Live Near Fancy Facebook Campus

6/20/2018 - Eat Shit, Ivanka

6/20/2018 - Ariana Grande Gets Lost in the Woods

6/20/2018 - This Reality Show Is Just Lost But With Real People

6/20/2018 - Who Would Be Your Pick for a Woman Statue in NYC?

6/20/2018 - 'They Are Prisons': Inside Trump's Executive Order on Indefinite Family Detention

6/20/2018 - Russian Burger King Apologizes for Offering Free Whoppers to Women Impregnated by Soccer Stars

6/20/2018 - Lawsuit Alleges Immigrant Children Forcibly Injected With Antipsychotic Drugs 

6/20/2018 - Cuntism: Cunts, Cuntiness, and All Things Cuntery in Pop Culture

6/20/2018 - World Health Organization Finally Stops Classifying Trans People as Mentally Ill

6/20/2018 - Kate Spade New York Pledges $1 Million to Suicide Prevention and Mental Health Organizations

6/20/2018 - Cardi B Is Going to Be a Fantastic Mother

6/20/2018 - Michael B. Jordan Remains a Buff, Stubborn Bae in Creed II Trailer

6/20/2018 - The City of Charleston Apologizes for Its Integral Role in America's Slave Trade 

6/20/2018 - The Campaign to Make It Seem Like Ivanka Trump Gives a Shit About Migrant Children Has Begun 

6/20/2018 - Hero Congressional Intern Yells 'Fuck You!' to Donald Trump

6/20/2018 - One Day at a Time and Vida Writers Are Helping Families Separated at the Border

6/20/2018 - The Trump Administration's 'Tender Age' Facilities Are Prisons for Babies and Toddlers

6/20/2018 - Andy Cohen Is Not Dating John Mayer, But Says They Share a 'Deep Love' For One Another

6/20/2018 - Michael Cohen Would Totally Narc on Donald Trump, Says His Friend 

6/20/2018 - The House Where Nina Simone Was Born Has Been Designated a National Treasure 

6/19/2018 - Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani Are Writing an Immigration Anthology Series for Apple 

6/19/2018 - Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Shopped for Furniture, Tattoos 

6/19/2018 - Pioneer Woman's Boutique Hotel Inexplicably Does Not Look Like the Comfy House From Bonanza

6/19/2018 - After a Nice Long Day of Human Rights Violations, Trump Shares Sensual Embrace With American Flag 

6/19/2018 - We're Now Imagining The Nanny in 2018

6/19/2018 - Musician William Control Accused of Grooming Underage Girls in 'Emo Sex Cult'

6/19/2018 - Ask an Immigration Lawyer: Migrant Parents Face a Long, Complicated Road Ahead to Get Their Children Back

6/19/2018 - What's Jesse Singal's Fucking Deal?

6/19/2018 - Grifter Anna Delvey Has 'Little Remorse,' Judge Says

6/19/2018 - If This Airplane Wedding Is an Ad, Southwest Sucks at Ads

6/19/2018 - Powerlifting Coach on Don Jr.'s Terrible Form and the Dark Trap of Ego: 'It Gives Powerlifting a Bad Name'

6/19/2018 - Meghan Markle Wore a Very Nice Hat 

6/19/2018 - Tag, a Movie About Grown Men Playing Tag, Isn't Absurd Enough to Be Funny

6/19/2018 - Jennifer Garner's Instagram Is a Welcome Salve

6/19/2018 - Kevin Spacey, Despite Allegations, Will Return This Year in Billionaire Boys Club

6/19/2018 - Report: The Trump Administration Is Withdrawing From the United Nations Human Rights Council [UPDATED]

6/19/2018 - Survivor of XXXTentacion's Alleged Abuse Has Raised Over $6,000 on GoFundMe Since His Death

6/19/2018 - Thandie Newton Says She Felt Resentful When She Realized 'Men Have Been Paid So Much More'

6/19/2018 - The Beekeeping World Is Plagued By Bee Thefts 

6/19/2018 - Junot Díaz Cleared by MIT After Misconduct Investigation

6/19/2018 - Jeff Sessions Clarifies That the Trump Administration Is Early Nazi, Not Late Nazi

6/19/2018 - Chris Pratt Is Dating a Schwarzenegger, and TMZ Has Exactly 46 Photos of Them Together to Prove It

6/19/2018 - Least Favorite Chris Gives Life Advice

6/19/2018 - Millie Bobby Brown Will Not Tolerate Internet Bullying, Thank You

6/18/2018 - Caster Semenya Is Fighting New Track and Field Testosterone Rules

6/18/2018 - This 'Modern' Little Women Movie Looks God-awful 

6/18/2018 - Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Has His Bail Revoked

6/18/2018 - 'Congress and the Courts Created This Problem,' Lies Woman Who Helped Create Family Separation Crisis   

6/18/2018 - XXXTentacion Shot Dead in Florida [Updated]

6/18/2018 - Pro-Life Group Has Nothing to Say About Children in Cages

6/18/2018 - This Is What 'Zero Tolerance' Sounds Like 

6/18/2018 - Italy's Interior Minister Announces Despicable and Trump-Like Plan to Deport Roma People

6/18/2018 - Hardcore Woman Strangles Rabid Bobcat with Bare Hands, Doesn't Even Call for Help

6/18/2018 - This Is What You Came for (No Plastic Straws)

6/18/2018 - The Game of Thrones Goodbyes Begin Now

6/18/2018 - Woman Casually Sitting With Gun Would Like to Be Your Senator

6/18/2018 - Amandla Stenberg: 'I Was So Overcome With This Profound Sense of Relief When I Realized That I’m Gay'

6/18/2018 - Everything Ariana Grande's Album Title Sweetener Makes Us Think of

6/18/2018 - Christina Aguilera's Confused Stab at Liberation

6/18/2018 - Dallas, Sweetie, We're so Sorry

6/18/2018 - Jeff Lewis Says Surrogate Suing Bravo For Broadcasting Her Delivery 'Will Have to Answer to God'

6/18/2018 - Stay in Westworld Long Enough and You're Gonna Cut Yourself Open

6/18/2018 - Stoya Is 'Over' Talking About Feminist Porn

6/18/2018 - Everyone on the MTV Movie & TV Awards Red Carpet Dressed for Very Different Events

6/18/2018 - We Have a Policy of Separating Families at the Border 

6/18/2018 - When DHS Takes Your Children, They Will Hand You This Piece of Paper 

6/18/2018 - Meghan Markle's Father Claims Prince Harry Supports Brexit and Told Him to 'Give Donald Trump a Chance'

6/18/2018 - Incredibles 2 Did Incredibly Well at the Box Office

6/18/2018 - Five Undocumented Immigrants Killed in Texas in a High-Speed Car Chase With Border Patrol

6/17/2018 - Meghan Markle Is a Mere Mortal Who Trips in High Heels

6/17/2018 - Pittsburgh Sex Workers Are Being Charged With Carrying Condoms, or, 'Instruments of Crime'–Raising the Question of Who Is at Risk

6/17/2018 - Happy Father's Day to the Single Moms & Madonna

6/17/2018 - Melania Speaks

6/17/2018 - Rihanna Is Finally Confronted About the Wine Glass Thing 

6/17/2018 - According to an Advocate, Immigration Officers Tell Migrant Parents That They're Taking Children 'to Get Bathed' 

6/17/2018 - Kim's Considering Law

6/16/2018 - Saturday Night Social: Congrats to This Couple Who Wedded on a Swing Hanging from a Motorcycle on a Tightrope!

6/16/2018 - This Father's Day, Dems Will March on a Tent Encampment for Isolated Migrant Children

6/16/2018 - Beyoncé and Jay-Z Just Dropped the Rumored Collaborative Album 

6/16/2018 - By Sheer Perseverance, Tiffany Haddish May Make Leonardo DiCaprio Bang-Worthy Yet

6/16/2018 - Report: Having It All Is Unlikely

6/16/2018 - Christina Loves Us!

6/15/2018 - Elizabeth Holmes, Somehow Still the CEO of Theranos, Is Stepping Down

6/15/2018 - The FBI Seized 731 Pages of Michael Cohen's Text Messages, Which Sure Seems Like a Lot of Pages 

6/15/2018 - Very Important Hippo Update

6/15/2018 - Marco, Over Here!!! Marco, Tell Us: What Do You Think of Kanye's New Album?????

6/15/2018 - Maria's 24-Hour Product Diary: Live Cheap, Die Cheap, Look Cute?

6/15/2018 - Chloe and Halle Are Better Than Alright

6/15/2018 - Report: There Are Already 98 Children Being Held in Trump's Newest Tent Encampment 

6/15/2018 - Alessia Cara Knows You're Stressed, and Troye Sivan Just Wants You to Dance

6/15/2018 - I'm Inspired by Catherine Zeta-Jones Saying She's 'Done Apologizing' for Being Beautiful

6/15/2018 - Jeff Sessions Warns Law Enforcement About Children and Other Dangers 

6/15/2018 - Chloe Dykstra, Ex of Chris Hardwick, Describes Disturbing Abuse by 'Successful Podcaster' Ex Boyfriend

6/15/2018 - SOPHIE on Her New Album, Old Disco, and Expressing Trans Identity in Music

6/15/2018 - Australians Mourn the Death of Young Comedian Eurydice Dixon

6/15/2018 - ABBA's 'Lay All Your Love On Me' Is the Greatest Pop Song from Sweden, Maybe from Anywhere

6/15/2018 - Get the Look: Annie Graham's Bloodied Linen Outfits in Hereditary

6/15/2018 - Girl Tricks Boyfriend Into Believing He Didn't Get Full Ride to Prestigious Music Program, Gets Sued

6/15/2018 - Captain Marvel Will Be the First Marvel Film to Be Scored by a Woman

6/15/2018 - Sarah Who?????

6/15/2018 - Nick Cannon Blessed the Impending Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Union

6/15/2018 - Jersey Shore, Abridged: Who the Fuck Is the Right Person to Love?

6/15/2018 - What are Mother RuPaul's Intentions?

6/15/2018 - Leah Remini Will Play Conservative, Middle-American Lesbian on Fox

6/15/2018 - If You're Too Scared to Watch [REDACTED] in Hereditary, Just Pay Attention to the House

6/15/2018 - Yes, The Jerry Springer Show Is Still on TV, But Soon It Will End

6/15/2018 - Trump: I Want You to Feel About Me the Way People Living in Dictatorships Feel About Their Dictator

6/15/2018 - Gisele Commented on Instagram Models, Got Yelled at for It, Then Apologized and Said She Admires Them

6/15/2018 - Predictably, Harvey Weinstein's Lawyer Has a Petty Opinion About the #MeToo Movement 

6/14/2018 - Argentina's Congress Has Taken a Major Step Toward Legalizing Abortion

6/14/2018 - Another Woman Has Been Granted a Restraining Order Against Chris Brown 

6/14/2018 - Teens Are Having Less Sex, Doing Fewer Drugs, Still Bully Each Other

6/14/2018 - The White House, Like Me, Is Not Going to Comment on Rudy Giuliani's 'Love Life' 'Today or Tomorrow or At Any Point Even' 

6/14/2018 - Someone's Spreading Rumors About Liza Minnelli

6/14/2018 - Jeff Sessions Says the Bible Wants the Trump Administration to Rip Children Away From Their Parents 

6/14/2018 - Ask Yourself: What Are You Willing to Do to for Meghan Markle's Wedding Reception Gown?

6/14/2018 - I'm Starting the Oscar Campaign for Vanderpump Rules' Lala Kent Now

6/14/2018 - Riff Raff Denies Sexual Misconduct and Assault Allegations

6/14/2018 - Candace Owens Tweets About Vanessa Trump Tweeting About Don Jr. Tweeting About Kimberly Guilfoyle 

6/14/2018 - Fatima Farheen Mirza's Debut Novel, the First from Sarah Jessica Parker's Imprint, Sounds Fantastic 

6/14/2018 - Her Body and Other Parties, Carmen Maria Machado's Queer, Feminist Book of Horror Stories, Will Become a TV Series

6/14/2018 - Ivana Trump and an Italian Millionaire Would Like to Sell You Diet Pasta 

6/14/2018 - Dick Remains Satisfying 

6/14/2018 - Donald Trump Is Not My Gemini 

6/14/2018 - 27 Women Allege Sexual Misconduct Against USC Gyno in Class-Action Lawsuit

6/14/2018 - Donald Trump Seems Pretty Cool With Executions 

6/14/2018 - Sylvester Stallone Under Investigation For Sex Crime Allegations

6/14/2018 - New York Is Suing the Donald J. Trump Foundation and Its Directors (Trump and His Terrible Children) 

6/14/2018 - 'The Trauma Is Enormous' for Migrant Children In Texas Detention Center

6/14/2018 - Drake Reminds Us Everyone From Degrassi Is Smoking Hot Now

6/14/2018 - Do You Have Footage of Jeffrey Tambor Lashing Out at Jessica Walter on the Set of Arrested Development?

6/14/2018 - Lesser Chris Says a Parks and Recreation Revival Would Be 'Dope'

6/14/2018 - Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande Wanna Fuck (You) on (a) 'Bed'

6/14/2018 - Surprise! Brad Pitt Is Single, and That TED-Talking MIT Professor Is Dating a Billionaire

6/14/2018 - Brie Larson Wants Justice for All the Film Critics Who Aren't White Dudes

6/14/2018 - A Theory of Animals

6/14/2018 - Former Penn State Frat Member Pleads Guilty in Hazing Death of Timothy Piazza 

6/13/2018 - Migrant Woman Says Federal Agents Took Away Her Infant Daughter at the Border While She Was Breastfeeding 

6/13/2018 - Sarah Huckabee Sanders Denies Report That She's Planning to Get the Hell Out of This White House 

6/13/2018 - We Now Have Sly Confirmation From Tiffany Haddish That Sanaa Lathan Is Indeed the Beyoncé Biter 

6/13/2018 - It Seems Another Woman Has Had Sex With Rudy Giuliani, Unfortunately

6/13/2018 - Pink Asked SeaWorld's Board of Directors to Stop Being Bullies and Release the Animals

6/13/2018 - Can Neil Patrick Harris Not?

6/13/2018 - Did YOU Know That Teresa Giudice Has Pivoted to Bodybuilding?

6/13/2018 - We Sat Down with a Gallery Girl to Revisit Bravo's Forgotten Reality Shows

6/13/2018 - Donald Trump Might Pardon More People From Kim Kardashian's List and Jeff Sessions Is Mad 

6/13/2018 - Variety Talks 'Women Behind the Camera' in a Room With Only Men Behind the Cameras

6/13/2018 - Kesha Reportedly Told Lady Gaga That Dr. Luke Raped Katy Perry

6/13/2018 - Instagram Influencers Are Ruining Everything, Including Luxury Hotels

6/13/2018 - Let Tiffany Haddish Inspire You With the Story of How She Hit on Leonardo DiCaprio

6/13/2018 - Has Colin Farrell Always Been in Everything?

6/13/2018 - 'It's by a Blogger': Jezebel's 10 Reviews Ocean's 8

6/13/2018 - Turns Out Rudy Giuliani's Son Has Also Done This With His Hair 

6/13/2018 - The Little Stranger Trailer Is Giving Me Haunted House Shivers

6/13/2018 - This Raccoon Is the Real Fearless Girl We Need

6/13/2018 - New Jersey's Democratic Governor Is Ready to Sign a Shitload of New Gun Restrictions 

6/13/2018 - Surrogate for Jeff Lewis Sues Bravo for Broadcasting Birth on Flipping Out

6/13/2018 - Republicans Working on 'Compromise' DACA Bill That Will Probably Still Be a Nightmare 

6/13/2018 - Haim Fired Their Agent Because They Were Paid 10 Times Less Than a Dude

6/13/2018 - This Is Not Zedd

6/13/2018 - If You Don't Watch This Trailer for The Nun to the End, Your Knuckles Will Be Rapped

6/13/2018 - No. 1 Chris Spotted

6/13/2018 - Comedy Central Orders Reductress Talk Show Pilot Starring Abby Elliott 

6/13/2018 - Fyre Festival Organizer Billy McFarland Charged With Scamming More People After Initial Wire Fraud Arrest 

6/12/2018 - Woman Faces Jail Time for Writing 'Stop Putting Kids in Cages' Outside GOP Congressman Ken Buck's Office

6/12/2018 - Joy Behar Says She Was Hospitalized Over Avocado Accident 

6/12/2018 - The Trump Administration Is Considering Putting Thousands of Unaccompanied Immigrant Children in Tent Cities

6/12/2018 - RIP High Heels

6/12/2018 - Chris Kirkpatrick's Influence Lives on in This XXL Cover

6/12/2018 - Jeff Sessions's Racist Whims and the Danger Ahead for Victims of Domestic Violence 

6/12/2018 - Whoa, Bella Thorne's Name Is an Anagram for 'Lethal Boner'

6/12/2018 - Watch the 2005 Aeon Flux Movie Today, Fuck a Reboot

6/12/2018 - Rand Paul's Neighbor Gave Himself Second Degree Burns Setting an Errant Stick Pile on Fire

6/12/2018 - This Bear in a Swimming Pool Is a Big Summer Mood 

6/12/2018 - Infowars Skincare Promises Reliable Sun Protection to the Racist Apocalyptic Shopper  

6/12/2018 - Department of Education to Investigate USC's Handling of Misconduct Allegations Against Gynecologist

6/12/2018 - Justice for Noel Crane, the Safe Choice Felicity Never Made

6/12/2018 - Richest Man Alive Still Winning War on Poor People 

6/12/2018 - Some Cool Video Game News From Me, a Gamer

6/12/2018 - This EDM Beef Between Zedd, Diplo, and a Moldovan DJ Is More Entertaining Than EDM

6/12/2018 - Imagine What This House Full of Boys Smells Like

6/12/2018 - How Would You Feel About a Liz Lemon/Leslie Knope Spin-Off?

6/12/2018 - Maine Will Now Offer a Nonbinary Gender Option on Driver's Licenses 

6/12/2018 - Love Makes Us Vulnerable, But It's a Risk We Must Take

6/12/2018 - Ivanka Made $5 Million Last Year From Her Cursed Clothing Brand, Which She Also Happens to Wear Quite a Lot!

6/12/2018 - Is This Ariana Grande’s Engagement Ring or Is This Whole Thing One Big Sham?

6/12/2018 - The New York Times' 'Modern Love' Column Is Getting Its Own Amazon Series

6/12/2018 - Here's What 2 Idiots Ate for Lunch

6/11/2018 - Uber's Whole Diversity Play Isn't Working Out So Well

6/11/2018 - This Priyanka Chopra/Nick Jonas Thing Appears to Be Happening

6/11/2018 - Jeff Sessions Just Blocked Most Victims of Domestic and Gang Violence From Applying for Asylum

6/11/2018 - The Trump Admin Doctrine Is 'We're America, Bitch', In Case You Weren't Feeling Humiliated Enough 

6/11/2018 - Valedictorian's Graduation Speech Cut Off When She Mentioned Her On-Campus Sexual Assault

6/11/2018 - Who's Engaged???

6/11/2018 - The Ocean's 8 Ladies Beat the Ocean's Dudes at the Box Office

6/11/2018 - Atlanta's Third Season Will Feature More Stories About Women

6/11/2018 - The Flower Wall On the Tony Awards Red Carpet Upstaged Everyone But These People

6/11/2018 - The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling Are Ready to 'Set the Weirdos Free' in Season 2

6/11/2018 - Hereditary Director Ari Aster on Taking Family Tragedy and Curdling It Into a Nightmare

6/11/2018 - An Apology

6/11/2018 - Another Former Marine Is Using His Military Training to Help White Supremacists 

6/11/2018 - Supreme Court Upholds Ohio's Aggressive Voter Purge Law 

6/11/2018 - The Reporter Who Exposed New York Times Star Glenn Thrush's Sexual Misconduct Says She Was the Victim of a Smear Campaign

6/11/2018 - Watching This Low-Quality Video of Kim Zolciak's New Single 'Wig' Is the Worst Way to Celebrate Pride

6/11/2018 - He Who Will Not Be Named Is Not Welcome at Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

6/11/2018 - Pixar Co-Founder Is Permanently Leaving Company Following Alleged Sexual Harassment 

6/11/2018 - Actually, the Hosts in Westworld Have Been Awake for a Long, Long Time 

6/11/2018 - Parkland Drama Club Students Crushed 'Seasons of Love' at the Tony Awards

6/11/2018 - Trump's 'Filing System' Involves Ripping Up Important Documents 

6/11/2018 - Donald Trump Is a Bored and Sleepy Baby

6/11/2018 - Rachel Bloom Had the Best Response When Neil Patrick Harris Pulled an 'I Don’t Know Her' During the Tonys

6/11/2018 - A Big Hello to Martha Stewart's First Selfie

6/10/2018 - Angela Merkel Would Very Much Like Donald Trump to Put His Dick Back in His Pants

6/10/2018 - Andrew Garfield Dedicated His Tony Win to 'LGBTQ People Who've Fought & Died for the Right to Live'

6/10/2018 - Tiffany Trump & Joe Biden's Granddaughter Are Buddies Now, What Could This Mean?! 

6/10/2018 - Dennis Rodman to Patch up US-North Korean Relations Which Calls for a Boa 

6/10/2018 - Woman Who Was Enslaved by Guerrillas Denied Asylum Because She 'Supported' Terrorism

6/10/2018 - Bow Down to Dame Emma Thompson 

6/9/2018 - Saturday Night Social: I Have Secrets 

6/9/2018 - Cut a Melon, Forget the Apocalypse

6/9/2018 - Handshake Wars: Death by Thumb (and Other Events from a Very Productive G7 Summit)

6/9/2018 - Stephen Colbert and Patrick Wilson's National Anthem Makes Me Proud to Be American 

6/9/2018 - Looks Like Shonda Rhimes Landed the Coveted Anna Delvey Story

6/9/2018 - Sex and the City Season 6, Explained

6/8/2018 - PARTY GIRL SAYS HER FINAL GOODNIGHT: On 'Splat' and Being an Aging Rager

6/8/2018 - 'Her Hair Was Blonde': An Oral History of Seeing Sarah Jessica Parker on the Street

6/8/2018 - This Report Is a Terrifying Reminder of the Conditions LGBTQ Immigrants Face in ICE Custody 

6/8/2018 - Would You Wear a $1,550 Fanny Pack the Size of a Child's Knapsack? 

6/8/2018 - Christina Aguilera Drops a Smooth Summer Track, and Tove Lo Promotes Sex Therapy

6/8/2018 - Trump 420 Blaze It, Maybe

6/8/2018 - Anne Hathaway Wants to Throw Her Terrible Husband to the Sharks in Serenity

6/8/2018 - Senate Dems Introduce Bill Preventing Separation of Migrant Children from Parents

6/8/2018 - A Lost Scene From Sex and the Jersey City

6/8/2018 - The Greatest Love Story of Our Time Is Tinashe and Ben Simmons

6/8/2018 - Alex Strangelove's Pedestrian Lust

6/8/2018 - Frida's 24-Hour Product Diary: And I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For

6/8/2018 - Actually, Sarah Jessica Parker's Most Important Work Was Her Starring Role in The Family Stone

6/8/2018 - Sex and the City Season 5, Explained

6/8/2018 - A Gay Castmember Tested the Limits of Mr. Rogers's 'I Like You Just the Way You Are' Philosophy

6/8/2018 - If It Doesn't Scare You, Perhaps the Halloween Trailer Will Confuse You to Death

6/8/2018 - Pulse Nightclub First Responder Sued by Mass Shooting Victims and Their Families

6/8/2018 - What George Eliot's Hands Had to Do With the Sex Lives of Dairy Maids: A Chat With a Victorianist

6/8/2018 - For Author Lauren Groff, Florida Is 'an Eden of Terrible Things'

6/8/2018 - Mandy Moore Tells Howard Stern That Wilmer Valderrama Lied About Being Her First Sexual Encounter

6/8/2018 - Kat Von D Comes Out as Anti-Vaccine, Which Is Really a Fucking Bummer 

6/8/2018 - Melania Is Right There 

6/8/2018 - Historians Will Be Studying Sex and the City Long After We're Gone

6/8/2018 - RuPaul's Drag Race Finally Conjured the Queens' Dark Inner Saboteurs 

6/8/2018 - Some Unsolicited Ideas for the Real World 'Revival'

6/8/2018 - The DOJ Is Ready to Help Sabotage Obamacare's Protections for Preexisting Conditions 

6/8/2018 - Kim Kardashian Does Not Think the President Is Using Her

6/8/2018 - Jersey Shore, Abridged: The Shart Is a Lonely Hunter 

6/8/2018 - Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Are Engaged

6/8/2018 - Anthony Bourdain, Chef, Writer, and Television Host, Is Dead at 61 [Updated]

6/8/2018 - Solange's Saint Heron Is Collaborating With IKEA on Something 

6/7/2018 - Canadian Senate Votes to Legalize Recreational Weed 

6/7/2018 - FX Is Obviously Giving Atlanta a Third Season 

6/7/2018 - Khloé Kardashian Showed up to See Boyfriend Tristan Thompson Lose 

6/7/2018 - Lindsey Graham Comes to Stormy Daniels' Defense?

6/7/2018 - Sean Spicer Was NOT Hiding in the Bushes, Okay???

6/7/2018 - Alia Shawkat Says She Wanted to Tell Her Male Co-Stars to Shut Up

6/7/2018 - A PSA to Black Mirror's Charlie Brooker: Everyone Tortures Their Sims

6/7/2018 - 2 Adult Sex and the City Virgins Discuss Their First Time

6/7/2018 - Marlon Bundo Is Technically Mike Pence's Grandson: Source

6/7/2018 - Donald Trump's 'Attitude' Is Very Prepared for North Korea Summit

6/7/2018 - Brendan Fraser Says HFPA Asked Him to Co-Sign Statement Saying Alleged Assault Was Intended to Be a 'Joke'

6/7/2018 - Toni Collette on the Horror and Beauty of Grief in Hereditary

6/7/2018 - A Running List of Every Shady Ass Thing Scott Pruitt Has Done As EPA Chief (So Far) [UPDATED]

6/7/2018 - Sex and the City Season 4, Explained

6/7/2018 - UK Supreme Court Says Northern Ireland's Abortion Ban Is Incompatible with Human Rights, but Won't Repeal

6/7/2018 - Ocean’s 8 Is Too Easy, Too Perfect, and Too Hard to Root For

6/7/2018 - Women Outnumber Men in Spain's New Socialist Government

6/7/2018 - Students Demand Betsy DeVos's Empty Chair Consider Role Guns Play in School Shootings

6/7/2018 - 'We're Doing a Lady': It's the Tear-Filled Trailer for Season 2 of Queer Eye

6/7/2018 - The Slogan for Carrie's Column on the Bus Bugs Me a Lot

6/7/2018 - The #ChurchToo Movement Isn’t Just About Gender

6/7/2018 - Rudy Giuliani Has Some More Thoughts About Porn and Feminism

6/7/2018 - Netflix CEO Says 'Nobody Has to Watch' 13 Reasons Why, Which…Fair!

6/7/2018 - Prince Estate Preps 1983 Rehearsals As Next Prince 'Album'

6/7/2018 - Samantha Bee Apologizes (Again) for Calling Ivanka Trump a 'Feckless Cunt'

6/7/2018 - Confirmed: Elle Is Coming Back

6/7/2018 - The Hot Felon and the Billionaire Topshop Heiress Had Their Baby

6/7/2018 - Man Faces Deportation After Delivering Pizza to an Army Base in Brooklyn

6/6/2018 - Kate Spade's Husband Has Released a Statement About the Designer's Death 

6/6/2018 - Ivana Trump Will Kick off Campaign to End Obesity in America With an Event at the Plaza 

6/6/2018 - Melania Trusts Her Lying Husband 

6/6/2018 - Trump Is Hosting a Ramadan Dinner and I'm RSVPing No

6/6/2018 - Let's Talk About Sex (and the City), Baby

6/6/2018 - It's So Wild That People Just Like, Pop the Bebes Out the Vag

6/6/2018 - We'll Need 110,000 Kim Kardashians to Get Justice for Women Like Alice Johnson

6/6/2018 - The Sex on Sex and the City, Reviewed

6/6/2018 - The 'Girls' Video Is Just As Tone-Deaf As the Song

6/6/2018 - Mira Sorvino on Braving Harassment: 'I Didn’t Think I Was Important Enough to Make a Big Deal Over'

6/6/2018 - Sex and the City Season 3, Explained

6/6/2018 - Netflix Is Giving 13 Reasons Why a Third Season to Fuck Up Again

6/6/2018 - Rihanna Won the Ocean's 8 Premiere Red Carpet, Thank You Very Much for Asking!

6/6/2018 - Behold, the Gloriously Melodramatic Trailer for A Star Is Born

6/6/2018 - Stephen Colbert Reminds Bill Clinton He's the Most 'Famous Example of a Powerful Man Sexually Misbehaving' at Work

6/6/2018 - Melania, Merrily 

6/6/2018 - I Love You, But I Love Me More

6/6/2018 - New Mexico Women Poised to Make History After Primaries

6/6/2018 - TBS Will Babysit Samantha Bee To Make Sure She Doesn't Say Any More Naughty Words

6/6/2018 - Lee Daniels Might Direct a Billie Holiday Biopic Starring Andra Day


6/6/2018 - Roseanne Refuses to Die, Will Possibly Live on Via Darlene Spin-off

6/6/2018 - The Dissonance of Kate Spade 

6/6/2018 - Jada Pinkett Smith Opens Up About Jaden’s Emancipation at 15: 'He Wanted Out, and I Understood That'

6/6/2018 - Judge in Brock Turner Case Has Been Recalled 

6/6/2018 - Don Jr. Is Having a Tough Time Selling His Dumbass Book 

6/6/2018 - Peacocks Reportedly Attacking Luxury Cars as They Battle Their Own Reflections 

6/5/2018 - The White House Staffer Who Joked About John McCain's Health Has Reportedly Been Let Go

6/5/2018 - Chelsea Peretti to Play a Woman Scorned in Comedy Feature Spinster 

6/5/2018 - Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande Were Flirting About Having Babies

6/5/2018 - There Were More Bad Looks Than Pregnant People on the CFDA Awards Red Carpet

6/5/2018 - Trump Is Now 'Obsessed' With Pardons, They Are His 'Favorite Thing' 

6/5/2018 - Zendaya to Star in HBO Adaptation of Teen Drama Euphoria

6/5/2018 - Betsy DeVos's School Safety Commission Won't Do Shit, Per Se

6/5/2018 - Congratulations to Cooke (????) Maroney (????)

6/5/2018 - Every Non-White Character on Sex and the City

6/5/2018 - Free Mattress-Seeker Scott Pruitt Also Used His Position to Try to Get His Wife a Job at Chick-fil-A

6/5/2018 - A Hoax Call Sent a SWAT Team to the Home of Parkland Activist David Hogg 

6/5/2018 - New Zealand Sex Work Activist Is Now an Official Goddamn Dame

6/5/2018 - Nearly 2 Million SNAP Recipients Could Lose Benefits Under the House's Proposed Farm Bill

6/5/2018 - Sex and the City Season 2, Explained

6/5/2018 - Miss America Wants to Judge Women on Their Souls

6/5/2018 - 'It Feels Like 2008': A Conversation About AMC's Exhausting New Series Dietland

6/5/2018 - Fashion Designer Kate Spade Is Dead at 55 [Updated]

6/5/2018 - Former Houston Texans Cheerleader Says NFL Cheerleaders Should Consider Unionizing

6/5/2018 - Selena Gomez Subtweets Justin Bieber With a Dramatic Romcom Video

6/5/2018 - Gigi Hadid's CFDA Awards Look Is a Harlequin Romance

6/5/2018 - Harvey Weinstein Pleads Not Guilty on Rape Charges

6/5/2018 - Can We All Just Enjoy This Dumb Video of Tom Cruise Doing an Extra-Hard Skydiving Stunt 

6/5/2018 - Baker Who Wouldn't Make Wedding Cake for Gay Couple: 'I Don't Discriminate'

6/5/2018 - Sex and the City Costume Designer Pat Field Is Still the Most Stylish Person in New York

6/5/2018 - Here's Who's Allowed at Pride

6/5/2018 - Bill Cosby, Convicted Rapist, Seeks Supreme Court Review of Janice Dickinson Defamation Lawsuit

6/5/2018 - Man Already Accused of Many, Many, Many Crimes Now Accused of Witness Tampering, Too

6/5/2018 - Spotify Makes Sexist Playlists

6/5/2018 - Kelly Marie Tran Reportedly Wiped Her Instagram After Endless Harassment From Star Wars Fans

6/5/2018 - Candy Company Mars Inc. Is Spending a Shit Ton on Sustainability 

6/4/2018 - Saudi Arabia Issues Its First Drivers Licenses to Women, Even As Advocates Remain Behind Bars

6/4/2018 - We're Getting Legally Blonde 3, Why the Elle Not

6/4/2018 - Scott Disick and Sofia Richie Never Broke Up and Probably Never Will 

6/4/2018 - Melania Emerges, Reportedly

6/4/2018 - Netflix Is Making an Anthology Series Out of Dolly Parton Songs

6/4/2018 - The ATF Isn't Punishing Gun Dealers Who Repeatedly Violate the Law Because It's Scared of the Gun Lobby 

6/4/2018 - Kim Kardashian's Meeting With Donald Trump Did NOT In Fact Go Well

6/4/2018 - Steve Was the Hottest One

6/4/2018 - If Seymour Hersh Didn't Report on Nixon's Alleged Spousal Abuse, What Else Don't We Know?

6/4/2018 - Found: Chris Pine Near the Set of Wonder Woman 2

6/4/2018 - Her Hair, It's Down

6/4/2018 - A Second Woman, Then 17, Accuses Riff Raff of Sexual Misconduct 

6/4/2018 - A Journey Into the Righteous, Risk-Averse World of Faith-Based Films

6/4/2018 - Trump to Nominate Steve Bannon Stan to Lead State-Run Media Agency 

6/4/2018 - Woody Allen: 'I Should Be the Poster Boy for the #MeToo Movement'

6/4/2018 - Sex and the City Season 1, Explained

6/4/2018 - Steve McQueen and Gillian Flynn Made a Thriller Starring Viola Davis?! And There's a Trailer?!?!

6/4/2018 - From Slavery to Sainthood: Julia Greeley Is the First Person to Be Entombed in Denver Cathedral

6/4/2018 - Actually, Bryce Dallas Howard's Character in Jurassic World Loves Running in Heels

6/4/2018 - Supreme Court Sides With Baker in Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case

6/4/2018 - Westworld's 'Les Écorchés' Flayed My Brain

6/4/2018 - Trump Declares He Has the 'Absolute Right' to Pardon Himself

6/4/2018 - Bill Clinton Gives Total Piece of Shit Answer to Question About #MeToo, Monica Lewinsky 

6/4/2018 - The First Suspiria Trailer Is Here, Let the Nightmares Begin

6/4/2018 - The Rest of the Heathers Reboot Will Likely Never See the Light of Day 

6/4/2018 - Antoni Has One Too Many Avocados in New Queer Eye Music Video

6/4/2018 - Before the Sex, Before the City: The Glorious Virginity of The Carrie Diaries

6/4/2018 - Heidi Klum Reportedly Wants to Play 'Samantha or Another Sexy Character' in Sex and the City 3

6/4/2018 - Jimmy Fallon Went to the Stoneman Douglas Graduation to Make Some Very Gentle Jokes

6/3/2018 - I Can't Stop Thinking About the Dead Whale Who Ate 17 Pounds of Plastic Trash

6/3/2018 - Welcome Back, Mirror Bitch

6/3/2018 - All Lil Tay's Instagram Posts Have Been Deleted by Lil Tay or Another Person

6/3/2018 - Melania Watch Day 24: Call in the Hounds!

6/3/2018 - Cumberbatch Saves Deliveroo

6/3/2018 - Critical DNA Swab in Golden State Killer Case Was Collected in Hobby Lobby Parking Lot

6/3/2018 - The Weinstein Horror Movie No One Wants Is Coming, for You Can Never Overestimate Standards 

6/3/2018 - Celebrating Mastectomy Scars With a Henna Necklace

6/3/2018 - Lionel Richie's Nightmare Is Over at Long Last

6/3/2018 - Hundreds of Sex Workers Rally for International Whores Day

6/2/2018 - Saturday Night Social: Melania? Twitter Is Calling

6/2/2018 - MOMS: Facebook No Longer Popular With Kids These Days

6/2/2018 - The Trump Presidency, Pictured

6/2/2018 - That Rihanna 'Just Gets Tired of Men Sometimes' Is a Perfectly Fine Explanation for Most Things 

6/1/2018 - Harvey Weinstein Faces Another Class Action Lawsuit

6/1/2018 - Donald Trump Gushes Over Kim Jong Un's 'Very Nice' Letter, Then Admits He Didn't Read It

6/1/2018 - The Internet Made a Sweet Crush Song and, Uh, Weezer Covered Toto's 'Africa'

6/1/2018 - Spotify Calls Off Its 'Hateful Conduct' Policy

6/1/2018 - If Your Job Sucks, Just Quit and Start a Band Like TOMI

6/1/2018 - The Wedge Salad Is a Perfect Salad

6/1/2018 - Our Bold and Very Spot-On Predictions for the Songs of Summer 2018

6/1/2018 - 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Still Exploits the Teen Audience It Aims to Support

6/1/2018 - Prachi's 24-Hour Product Diary: Everything Is Overwhelming

6/1/2018 - First Came Roller Derby's Own #MeToo Moment, Then Came the Backlash

6/1/2018 - Jersey Shore, Abridged: 'And You're Not a Part of Group Chat'

6/1/2018 - Morning Joe Needs to Clean Up Its Trash

6/1/2018 - Mother of Santa Fe Shooting Victim Compares Trump to a 'Toddler' 

6/1/2018 - Riff Raff's Tour Canceled After Rape Allegation

6/1/2018 - Slender Man Isn't Out Yet and Sony Is Already Worried About the Backlash

6/1/2018 - Some Words From Trump's Declaration of 'African-American Music Appreciation Month'

6/1/2018 - We Donated $1 to Paul Manafort's Defense Fund but Have No Idea Where the Money Went

6/1/2018 - 'Having Trump As President Actually Makes Reality TV Stars Look Good'

6/1/2018 - Could You Be the Most Beautiful Pearl in the World?

6/1/2018 - As a Wyoming Native, Kanye's Wyoming Merch Is the Most Deeply Annoying Thing I Can Possibly Conjure

6/1/2018 - 14-Year-Old Karthik Nemmani Absolutely Slays Competition at the National Spelling Bee

6/1/2018 - Jennifer Garner Is a Ripped Mom Out for Revenge in Peppermint

6/1/2018 - I Love This Almost Certainly Untrue Rumor About Why Angelina Jolie Didn't Attend the Royal Wedding