7/31/2017 - Kate Hudson Is Here For the How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days Jokes

7/31/2017 - 72-Year-Old Oklahoma Woman Annihilates a Bunch Of Copperhead Snakes Using a Rake, a Shovel And a Shotgun

7/31/2017 - Kim Kardashian's Businesses Can't Stop Getting Sued

7/31/2017 - Gonorrhea Is After Your Throat; What Are You Gonna Do About That?

7/31/2017 - Reality Personality Santino Rice Says He Is Going to Fast for 111 Days, Yikes

7/31/2017 - Anthony Scaramucci Is Listed as 'Dead' in the Harvard Law Alumni Directory :(

7/31/2017 - I'm Inspired By This 92-Year-Old Woman Who Broke a Record in Her First-Ever Swim Meet

7/31/2017 - Here Is Some Medieval Unicorn Beauty Inspo from a British Museum Curator 

7/31/2017 - ACLU Celebrates Abortion Rights Victories in Arkansas and Alabama

7/31/2017 - SZA Says Her Debut Album Was Forcibly Released, Drops Video for 'Supermodel'

7/31/2017 - Journalists at the Financial Times Are Considering a Strike Over Gender Pay Gap

7/31/2017 - Mooch Screws Pooch [Updating]

7/31/2017 - Janet Mock Responds to Lil Duval's 'Joke' on The Breakfast Club About Killing Black Trans Women

7/31/2017 - Democratic Leadership Promises 'No Litmus Test' for Congressional Candidates on Abortion

7/31/2017 - Mandy Patinkin Will Not Take Broadway Role Following Outcry Over Him Replacing Black Actor Oak Onaodowan

7/31/2017 - Noomi Rapace Plays Seven Identical Stir-Crazy Sisters in What Happened To Monday

7/31/2017 - Very Good Headline About Your Colon Appears On TV 

7/31/2017 - Trump's Travel Ban Is Keeping Refugee Orphans From Their Adoptive Families


7/31/2017 - Serena Williams: The Pay Gap for Black Women in America Is Real

7/31/2017 - Rick Perry and Ryan Zinke Are Just Two Pals Who Love to Have a Good Laugh

7/31/2017 - Some Highlights From Alex Jones's Bonkers Interview With Heidi and Spencer Pratt

7/31/2017 - Girls May Be Underdiagnosed With Autism Because Their Symptoms Seem Less Obvious 

7/31/2017 - TRL Is Returning to MTV in October 

7/31/2017 - French New Wave Film Icon Jeanne Moreau Dies at 89

7/31/2017 - Cersei Is Not the One!

7/31/2017 - Angelina Jolie Calls Reaction to Vanity Fair Story About Her Audition Process 'False and Disturbing'

7/31/2017 - Four Inmates Are On the Loose After Alabama Jailbreak

7/31/2017 - Scottish Widower Tries 'Message in a Bottle' to Search for Love, Gets Blowback for Littering

7/30/2017 - Outback Steakhouse Insists It's Not the Illuminati, But I'm Not Convinced

7/30/2017 - Broad City's New Season 4 Teaser Is Like Sliding Doors But With a Businessman Puking 

7/30/2017 - Tomi Lahren Unknowingly Admits That She Benefits From Obamacare and Then Says She Would Like to Get Rid of It

7/30/2017 - Protesters Claim That Art Institution Has a Moral Responsibility to Ban Dana Schutz, "Open Casket" Painter

7/30/2017 - If the Bachelorette Can't Make It to the Bachelorette Party, That's Her Prob

7/30/2017 - Anthony Scaramucci Was Reportedly With Donald Trump When His Baby Was Born Monday

7/29/2017 - Saturday Night Social: Hosted By the Amazing Beyoncé Girl

7/29/2017 - PETA Would Like to Ban Tiger Selfies from Tinder 

7/29/2017 - Indigenous Languages Are Dying Off

7/29/2017 - Every Time a Man Splains, Follow the Maxine Waters Method

7/29/2017 - Anthony Scaramucci Gets His First Crazy Tabloid Cover, More to Come 

7/29/2017 - The National Enquirer Reportedly Claims That Calling Someone Transgender Isn't an Insult, in the Most Insulting Way Ever

7/28/2017 - ABC Is Developing a Sitcom About a Bollywood Star in the American Suburbs

7/28/2017 - Nude Paintings: Hot or Not? 

7/28/2017 - Donald Trump Tells Police, 'Don't Be Too Nice,' Advocates Roughing Up Suspects

7/28/2017 - Leave Doughnuts Alone

7/28/2017 - Y/N: Jessie Ware Returns, Julia Michaels Debuts, and Kendrick & Rihanna Proclaim Their Loyalty

7/28/2017 - Everyone Hates Reince Priebus, A.K.A. 'Reince Penis'

7/28/2017 - Willa Ford, Please Keep Talking

7/28/2017 - This Profile of Gossip Columnist Liz Smith Is Really Sad

7/28/2017 - Cosmo Quietly Takes Down Profile of TheSkimm, Republishes Nicer Version a Few Hours Later 

7/28/2017 - Hand Me a Box of Lactaid, ‘Cause I’m Going to the Cream Cheese Shop

7/28/2017 - What Qualifies as 'Kinky'? A Mother and Daughter Discuss

7/28/2017 - Here's All the Weird Shit You Missed in Charli XCX's 'Boys' Music Video

7/28/2017 - Democrats Didn't Learn Anything From the Health Care Disaster

7/28/2017 - Peter Pan Writer J.M. Barrie's Lost Play Finally Gets Published

7/28/2017 - A Woman Is Suing Airbnb After She Was Allegedly Assaulted By a Highly-Rated Host

7/28/2017 - Won't Somebody Please Think of Chris Christie's Miserable Children?

7/28/2017 - They Named Her Gravity!

7/28/2017 - Sarah Silverman Is Back With a New Variety Show

7/28/2017 - George Clooney Claims Photos of His Twins Were Taken 'Illegally,' Will Sue the Tabloid Responsible

7/28/2017 - Pickle Is Real

7/28/2017 - VIAA's New Single Will Totally Help You Dump Your Shitty Man

7/28/2017 - Haim Releases Yet Another Pitch Perfect Shania Twain Cover

7/28/2017 - We've Stopped Even Pretending to Care About Children

7/28/2017 - Tyra Banks's Son Has Hit Another Developmental Milestone: Smizing

7/28/2017 - Democrats and Republican Women Saved Your Health Care, Not John McCain

7/28/2017 - Cara Delevingne's Debut Music Video Looks and Sounds Like an Edgy Banana Republic Commercial

7/28/2017 - How to Turn Rage Into Reform

7/28/2017 - Beyoncé's Attempt to Throw Out $20 Million Messy Mya Lawsuit Has Been Denied

7/28/2017 - Et Voilà, the First Blurry Photos of George and Amal's Twins Are Here

7/28/2017 - 'A Very, Very Dumb Thing': All the Bad Emoji Movie Reviews

7/27/2017 - Male Tech CEO Allegedly Pretended to Be a Female Sexual Harassment Victim to Sabotage Competitor 

7/27/2017 - Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston to Star in TV Series About the New York Media Scene

7/27/2017 - Turns Out Bernie Sanders Is Actually Larry David's 'Third Cousin, or Something'

7/27/2017 - Anthony Scaramucci Says 'Cock' 3 Times in Unhinged New Yorker Interview

7/27/2017 - June Foray—the Voice of Rocky the Squirrel, Natasha, Talky Tina AND Cindy-Lou Who—Has Died 

7/27/2017 - Man Allegedly Killed Wife Because She 'Wouldn't Stop Laughing' At Him

7/27/2017 - Wow, the Mean Girls Musical Is Really Happening

7/27/2017 - Watch Comedian Patti Harrison Hilariously Respond to Trump's Stupid Trans Military Ban

7/27/2017 - Logan Lucky's First-Time Screenwriter Is a Mystery Person 

7/27/2017 - 5 Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Activists Banned From Flying to Israel in Apparent Crackdown Against BDS Movement

7/27/2017 - Patty Jenkins Is Directing the Pilot for a TNT Drama With Chris Pine

7/27/2017 - After Years of ISIS Sex Slavery, Escapees Are Literally Immobilized by Trauma 

7/27/2017 - Amy Sedaris's New Domestic How-To Show Looks Incredible

7/27/2017 - Stay Out of the Sewers, Kids, Because That's Where It Lives

7/27/2017 - The Hottest Makeup Trend for Hip Girls in 1967: Body Paint 

7/27/2017 - Peek at How IKEA Tailors Its Catalogs for Different Markets Around the World 

7/27/2017 - Finding the Heart of Millennial Nostalgia On a Cruise With O-Town and Ryan Cabrera

7/27/2017 - HBO Regrets How It Announced Confederate

7/27/2017 - 'Skinny' Repeal Would Likely Defund Planned Parenthood and Leave Millions Uninsured [Updating] 

7/27/2017 - Nobody Had More Fun at Comic-Con Than Sneaky Lupita Nyong'o in Disguise 

7/27/2017 - Al Gore on Meeting Trump: 'I Thought He Would Come to His Senses, But I Was Wrong'

7/27/2017 - Dear Jane: How Do I Get My Grandpa to Realize He’s Acting Like a Creep?

7/27/2017 - DOJ Argues That Discriminating Against an Employee for Their Sexual Orientation Isn't Discrimination

7/27/2017 - Matt Damon Is Another Man Who Gets Pushed Too Far in Trailer for Suburbicon

7/27/2017 - Jon Stewart Is Coming Back to You

7/27/2017 - What Happens When You Tell the Internet You're Pregnant

7/27/2017 - Hillary Clinton's Memoir Will Be a 'Cautionary Tale' 

7/27/2017 - Trump Administration Threatens to Punish Alaska in Retaliation For Murkowski's Vote Against Trumpcare

7/27/2017 - David Simon's HBO Porn Series The Deuce Sounds Pretty... Interesting

7/27/2017 - The Mooch Calls CNN to Deliver Cryptic Rant About New York, Leakers 

7/27/2017 - Justin Bieber 'Ran Over' a Photographer After Church, But It Was an Accident

7/27/2017 - Kesha Keeps Exorcising Her Demons Through New Music

7/27/2017 - Mosquito-Transmitted Zika Case Reported in Texas

7/26/2017 - New Film Production Company Will Pump Out Comedies Set in High Schools Like It's the '80s

7/26/2017 - Trump Nominates Wildly Unpopular Kansas Governor Sam Brownback to Handle Religious Freedom Issues Abroad

7/26/2017 - The Woman Who Agreed to Be the Surrogate for Kim and Kanye's Third Child Is Three Months Pregnant

7/26/2017 - Report: Trump Banned Transgender People From the Military So He Could Get His Border Wall 

7/26/2017 - Jon Hamm is a Dead-Eyed and Handsome Hologram in Marjorie Prime

7/26/2017 - For Sean Spicer, All Roads Lead to Dancing With the Stars

7/26/2017 - Republican Congressman Defends Trump's Attack on Sen. Lisa Murkowski: 'Snatch a Knot in Their Ass' 

7/26/2017 - Everyone's Trying to Make a Movie About Jane, the Illegal Abortion Collective From the '70s

7/26/2017 - Animals Scream Because They Get That Life Is At Times an Unyielding Nightmare

7/26/2017 - Joe Jonas, Diplo, Riz Ahmed Star in Charli XCX's Take On the Boy-of-the-Month Calendar

7/26/2017 - Eerie 1977 Footage Shows a Reporter Polling Dark-Haired Women During the 'Summer of Sam'

7/26/2017 - In Vanity Fair, Angelina Jolie Wants to Talk About Her New Movie and Not Much Else 

7/26/2017 - Missouri Votes to Burden Women With More Unnecessary Abortion Restrictions

7/26/2017 - Selena Gomez is a Sexy but Sad Housewife in the 'Fetish' Video

7/26/2017 - What Is a 'Rape Choreographer' and Why Do Film Sets Need One?

7/26/2017 - Michael Phelps, Who Didn't Actually Race a Shark: 'I Had Fun Racing a Shark'

7/26/2017 - King Cobras in Chip Cans Confiscated

7/26/2017 - Report Claims Woman 'Slapped' Police Officer's Car Before Justine Damond Was Shot

7/26/2017 - Where the Hell Do I Recognize Rebel Wilson's Outfit From?

7/26/2017 - Citing Nonexistent Extra 'Costs,' Trump Announces Ban on Transgender People in the Military

7/26/2017 - Michelle Obama Says Racism She Faced As First Lady 'Cut Me the Deepest'

7/26/2017 - Rick Ross Doesn't Sign Women Because He Wants to Fuck Them and They're Too Expensive

7/26/2017 - Jessica Williams Met J.K. Rowling and Now Calls Her JoJo 

7/26/2017 - Trump Calls Undocumented Immigrants 'Animals' Who 'Slice' and 'Dice' Beautiful Teen Girls 

7/26/2017 - Wonder Woman Will Be Back to Save America in December 2019 

7/26/2017 - Robert Pattinson Calls Conspiracy-Obsessed Twilight Fans a 'Crap Group of Crazies'

7/26/2017 - Senate Votes Down First Version of the GOP's Better Care Reconciliation Act

7/25/2017 - Olivia de Havilland Would Like to Resolve Her Lawsuit Against Ryan Murphy Before Her 102nd Birthday 

7/25/2017 - Rick Perry Earnestly Discussed Pig Shit With a Couple of Russian Pranksters

7/25/2017 - Donald Trump Blocked Chrissy Teigen on Twitter

7/25/2017 - The 150 Worst Albums Made By Men

7/25/2017 - Fiona the Hippo Is 6 Months Old and Doing Great

7/25/2017 - Jeff Sessions Announces Official Sanctuary City Crackdown 

7/25/2017 - Willa Ford Blames Stalled Career on a 'Perfect Storm' of 9/11, Her Sister's Baby, Artistic Integrity

7/25/2017 - After Nearly 30 Years, a Double Dutch Competition Returns to Lincoln Center

7/25/2017 - Former Executive Accused of Sexual Harassment Sues Fox for $48 Million [Updated]

7/25/2017 - Barbara Sinatra Has Died At 90

7/25/2017 - Finally, Some Game of Thrones Merch That Actually Looks Cool 

7/25/2017 - Update: Millennium the Tortoise Is Home Safe and Sound

7/25/2017 - Gucci Spoofs Star Trek In Bonkers Outer Space-Themed Photo Shoot

7/25/2017 - A Real Housewife Can Be a Cheater and a Narcissist, But She Better Not Be Fat

7/25/2017 - Girl Scouts Add New Badges for STEM, Outdoor Activities 

7/25/2017 - Sen. Susan Collins Said Some Real Good Shit on a Hot Mic 

7/25/2017 - Where'd This Emoji Movie Tweet Go?

7/25/2017 - Evangelical Church Accused of Enslaving Brazilian Congregants in the US

7/25/2017 - The Senate Is Likely to Vote on 'Skinny' Repeal of Obamacare [Updating]

7/25/2017 - Single Man Dates

7/25/2017 - Mohamed Hadid Is Pretty Sure His Designs Are Amazing, Actually 

7/25/2017 - Anthony Scaramucci Begins the White House Press Office Purge

7/25/2017 - Who Are Bachelorette Parties Even For?

7/25/2017 - Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason Have Finally Launched The Plus-Size Fashion Line of Their Dreams

7/25/2017 - Trump's Speech to the Boy Scouts Was an Addled Rant About Sewers, Crowd Size, and New York's Hottest People 

7/25/2017 - The New Bond Is the Old Bond

7/25/2017 - Bachelorette Rachel Wants to Be Rachel Getting Married

7/25/2017 - Michael Kors Buys Jimmy Choo

7/25/2017 - The Last Baby Killer Whale Born at SeaWorld Has Died 

7/25/2017 - I Need a Millionaire to Donate to Charity in My Name So I Can Eat Dinner With Leo and Kate

7/24/2017 - John McCain Will Return to Senate Tuesday to Vote On Healthcare Bill

7/24/2017 - Look At This Boss Octopus Taking a Casual Stroll On Land

7/24/2017 - Can I Interest You in Purchasing This Creepy-As-Fuck Clown Motel?

7/24/2017 - Usher Is Being Sued By Woman Who Says He Exposed Her to Herpes

7/24/2017 - Goodnight and Good Luck 

7/24/2017 - Justice League Is Having Production Issues Because Of Its Big Stars

7/24/2017 - 7,000 Nuns Sign Letter Urging Republicans to Stop Trying to Rip Everyone's Health Care Away 

7/24/2017 - Secretary of State Rex Tillerson Rumored to Be Considering Resignation

7/24/2017 - Justin Bieber Abruptly Cancels Tour 

7/24/2017 - Alice Cooper Just Found an Andy Warhol Print He Bought in the '70s But Lost Because It Was the '70s

7/24/2017 - Charlie Gard's Parents Have Chosen to End the Court Battle to Move Him to America

7/24/2017 - The Alias Grace Teaser Asks How a Young Murderess Can Be So Many Things at Once

7/24/2017 - Republican Congressman Blames 'Female Senators' for Stalled Health Care Bill

7/24/2017 - Here is J.Lo, Never Not Looking Great

7/24/2017 - ICE Agent: 'The Problem Is That Now There Are Lots of People Who Feel Free to Feel Contempt' 

7/24/2017 - There's Another Great Dunkirk Movie You May Have Missed This Year 

7/24/2017 - Convincing No One, Jared Kushner Insists: 'I Did Not Collude With Russia' 

7/24/2017 - It's Pretty Strange That Patty Jenkins Is Still Not Signed On for the Wonder Woman Sequel 

7/24/2017 - Insecure Feels Your Pay Inequity Pain

7/24/2017 - Teen Girls Are Seeing Dunkirk for Harry Styles--And Because It’s a Well-Crafted War Epic

7/24/2017 - Men Are Having 'Brosectomy' Parties to Get Vasectomies... With Their Bros

7/24/2017 - Meet Bosco, the Eminently Cool Atlanta Musician Whose Great Vibes Are Contagious

7/24/2017 - BBC Head Swears He's Working on Closing Broadcaster's Pay Gap

7/24/2017 - At Least 10 Immigrants Dead in Tragic Truck Smuggling Incident 

7/24/2017 - Your Favorite Russian 'Hooligans' Pussy Riot Are Crowdsourcing a Biographical Theater Piece

7/24/2017 - You Can't Trust Shark Week

7/24/2017 - Tom Hiddleston Has Lost His Villain Crown to Cate Blanchett

7/24/2017 - Sen. Patty Murray Is Not Giving Up on Rape Kit Legislation

7/24/2017 - Game of Thrones Is Trying to Kill Us (All of Us)

7/24/2017 - Girls Trip Had the Biggest Opening Weekend for a Live-Action Comedy This Year

7/24/2017 - Charlize Theron Did Not Roll Her Eyes at Tia Mowry in 2014, But She May Have Said, 'Fuck Off'

7/23/2017 - Benevolent Hero Donald Trump Will Meet With 'Victims Of Obamacare'

7/23/2017 - This Westworld Season 2 Trailer Features Dolores As a Vengeance Goddess

7/23/2017 - Stubbs the Cat, Honorary Mayor Of Talkeetna, Alaska, Has Died

7/23/2017 - In Outlander Season 3, Claire and Jamie Reunite When 'Least Prepared for It'

7/23/2017 - Princes Harry and William Remember Their Mother, Princess Diana, In Touching New Documentary

7/23/2017 - A Female Doctor Who Means Boys Will Lose a Role Model, Former Time Lord Laments 

7/23/2017 - Anthony Scaramucci Has Some Opinions On Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ Hair and Makeup

7/23/2017 - Books With 'Grill' in the Title

7/23/2017 - Frank Ocean and Brad Pitt Just Love Each Other 

7/22/2017 - Saturday Night Social: Hosted By Beyoncé, Solange AND Missy Elliot

7/22/2017 - More Than 100 Hospitalized for Drinking During Chance the Rapper Show In Connecticut

7/22/2017 - Warner Bros. Confirms Wonder Woman 2 Is Definitely Happening

7/22/2017 - Chris Christie Raises New Jersey's Smoking Age to 21

7/22/2017 - Why Is It So Hard to Talk About the Female Orgasm? A Mother and Daughter Discuss

7/22/2017 - John Heard, Home Alone and Sopranos Actor, Has Died at 72

7/21/2017 - CDC: Over Half of All Female Homicides Linked to Intimate Partner Violence

7/21/2017 - Russian Foreign Minister Suggests Trump and Putin Met 'Much More Than Three Times'

7/21/2017 - Former Owl City Member Daniel Jorgensen Pleads Guilty to Lewdness With a Child 

7/21/2017 - Anthony Scaramucci Loves Donald Trump: A Supercut

7/21/2017 - The Blake Shelton Song 'Doing It to Country Songs' Sure Is Subtle

7/21/2017 - Nancy Pelosi Isn't Here to Give You a Sean Spicer Take

7/21/2017 - Is There Literally 1 Person in the World Who Wants This 9/11 Movie?

7/21/2017 - Y/N: Samantha Urbani Goes '80s, Jagged Edge Goes Autotune, Lana Del Rey Goes Political

7/21/2017 - This Cat Is Living Life Right

7/21/2017 - Who Knew? The History of Baking Powder Is Incredibly Dramatic 

7/21/2017 - Look At This Humpback Whale Jump Out of the Water With the Same Enthusiasm As You Jumping Into the Weekend

7/21/2017 - Did Halle Berry Actually Drink Half a Pint of Whiskey at Comic-Con? We Doubt It

7/21/2017 - A Chat With Japanese Musician Cornelius About Growing Older and New Album Mellow Waves

7/21/2017 - Spicey Out 

7/21/2017 - How Foster Care Is Used to 'Punish' Women of Color 

7/21/2017 - The Unrecognizable Beyoncé Wax Statue Was Removed [Updated] 

7/21/2017 - Peek Inside New York City's Long History of Sex and Activism 

7/21/2017 - Some Moon News

7/21/2017 - Jada Pinkett Smith Wishes Those Swinger Rumors Were True

7/21/2017 - Come Hang Out With Jezebel at Politicon

7/21/2017 - China Bans Justin Bieber for Being a Bad, Bad Boy 

7/21/2017 - Céline Dion Is Having an Excellent Time 

7/21/2017 - Your Pocket Guide to Running For Office

7/21/2017 - Ryan Murphy Finally Shared the Theme for the New Season of American Horror Story

7/21/2017 - Bella Thorne Did NOT Masturbate on Snapchat Last Night, Despite What You May Have Heard

7/21/2017 - Trump Has Reportedly Been Asking His Advisers If He Has the Power to Pardon Himself

7/20/2017 - Study Finds the US Is Facing a Serious OB-GYN Shortage

7/20/2017 - Muslim Mother Takes Legal Action Against Her Daughter's Posh London School Over Face Veil Ban 

7/20/2017 - Here's Some More Stuff That Johnny Depp Spent His Money on, Courtesy of New Court Documents

7/20/2017 - A Reminder That Tyga Is Terrible

7/20/2017 - Mohamed Hadid Gets Slapped on the Wrist for Spectacularly Illegal Mega-Mansion

7/20/2017 - This Is Definitely Porn...If You're a Skate

7/20/2017 - Jeff Sessions Is Still Here 

7/20/2017 - Costume Jewelry Designer for Princess Di, Jackie O, Liz Taylor and Others Has Died 

7/20/2017 - The Best Way to Beach Is With a Tent, Motherfuckers

7/20/2017 - We Exercised with Nina Dobrev and the Experience Nearly Destroyed Us

7/20/2017 - Abortion Advocates Sue Texas As State Legislature Considers Even More Anti-Choice Laws

7/20/2017 - Friends from College Is the Perfect Hate-Watch 

7/20/2017 - Watch Taraji P. Henson Blow Shit Up In the Trailer for Proud Mary

7/20/2017 - O.J. Simpson Granted Parole

7/20/2017 - Luann D'Agostino Did Not Slap Her New Husband in a Manhattan Restaurant

7/20/2017 - Aaron Carter Reveals He's Suffering From an Eating Disorder, Says Seeing His Reflection 'Hurts So Badly'

7/20/2017 - Couple Sentenced to Prison for 'Gifting' Daughters to 52-Year-Old Sexual Abuser

7/20/2017 - More Than Half the People Living With HIV Are on Meds, According to Report

7/20/2017 - I'm Sorry to Tell You This, But Now Cecil the Lion's Son Is Dead Too 

7/20/2017 - A Conversation with Alissa Nutting on Intimacy, Florida, and Dolphins 

7/20/2017 - Dear Jane: How Do I Blow Up My Relationship, and Therefore My Life?

7/20/2017 - Watch Natasha Lyonne Recall a PG-13 Strip Club Night With John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

7/20/2017 - Ted Danson Explaining How Deeply He Loves Mary Steenburgen Makes Me Wanna Die in a Good Way

7/20/2017 - This Week a Star Is Born, and Her Name Is Tiffany Haddish

7/20/2017 - Churchill Tried to Bury Evidence of Nazi Plot to Put the Duke of Windsor Back on the Throne 

7/20/2017 - State of Oregon Removes Children From Home, Citing Parents' Low IQ

7/20/2017 - American Idol's Golden Boy Ryan Seacrest Is Returning to Host the Reboot

7/20/2017 - Trump's Inauguration Singer Jackie Evancho and Her Family Get TLC Special

7/20/2017 - The Most Batshit Excerpts From that Trump-NYT Interview: 'People Don't Realize He Loves Holding My Hand'

7/20/2017 - Charlize Theron Went On Such a Good Date a Month Ago, Like, You Don't Even Know

7/20/2017 - 20 Attorneys General Send Letter to Betsy DeVos Demanding She Not Roll Back Title IX Enforcement

7/19/2017 - Notorious 86-Year-Old Jewel Thief Arrested for Allegedly Shoplifting From Walmart

7/19/2017 - John McCain Has Been Diagnosed With Brain Cancer

7/19/2017 - Some Foolish Man Showed up to a Blind Date With Jenny Slate Wearing a 'Full Authentic Knight's Costume'

7/19/2017 - Outdoor Movies Suck

7/19/2017 - Justice Dept. Revives Widely-Panned Policy Allowing Police to Steal Property From Suspected Criminals 

7/19/2017 - CBO Says Obamacare Repeal Would Leave Millions Uninsured 

7/19/2017 - I Made a Glitter Ornament at a Michaels Christmas Preview This Morning (It's July) 

7/19/2017 - Demi Lovato Is (Probably) Not Sorry For This Music Video 

7/19/2017 - Grandparents and Other Relatives Exempt From Travel Ban, Supreme Court Says

7/19/2017 - This Hair Does Not Look Good, So Please Don't Spend Money On It

7/19/2017 - Wisconsin Bill Would Forbid UW-Madison From Teaching OB/GYN Residents How to Perform Abortions

7/19/2017 - Transgender Political Candidate Raised 20 Times More Money Than Her Bigoted Opponent Last Month

7/19/2017 - Photographer Vivian Maier's Archive Gifted to University of Chicago 

7/19/2017 - A Friend of Jezebel Returns to Talk About Blac Chyna, Rob Kardashian, and Revenge Porn

7/19/2017 - A Woman in R. Kelly's Inner Circle Describes Sexual Coercion and Control: 'It's Like Stockholm Syndrome'

7/19/2017 - Women Mayors Want To Stop Calling Them 'Women's Issues'

7/19/2017 - Michael Fassbender Is a Detective Named Harry Hole In The Snowman

7/19/2017 - RIP This Inventor of a Self-Cleaning House

7/19/2017 - House Democrats Ask FBI to Review Ivanka Trump's Security Clearance 

7/19/2017 - If Republicans Can't Repeal Obamacare, Trump Will Destroy the Markets Himself, Dammit! 

7/19/2017 - A Chat With Insecure's Yvonne Orji About Comedy, Sex and Dating Woes in Season 2

7/19/2017 - People Reports That the President's 'Good Boy,' Donald Trump Jr., Is 'Miserable'

7/19/2017 - Congressional Committee Votes to Give Charlie Gard and Parents Permanent Residence in the US

7/19/2017 - Lana Del Rey to Fans Downloading Leaked Version of Her New Album: 'U Little Fuckers'

7/19/2017 - BBC Forced to Disclose Stars' Salaries, Revealing Huge Gender Gap

7/19/2017 - Jennifer Lawrence Must Have a Movie Coming Out Soon Because She's Making Headlines For Barfing

7/19/2017 - Winter Is Here For Pornhub 

7/18/2017 - Felicity Jones Will Replace Natalie Portman to Play Young Ruth Bader Ginsburg in Biopic

7/18/2017 - White House Did Not Disclose Second, Informal Talk Between Trump and Putin at G-20 Summit

7/18/2017 - Madonna Files Emergency Court Order to Block Sale of Tupac Letter, Her Own DNA

7/18/2017 - You'll Simply Love This Profile of the Calming 'Zen' Perfumer Whose Dad Massacred Protesters!

7/18/2017 - The GOP Really Fucked Itself Into the Ground on Healthcare, Huh? 

7/18/2017 - The Rosé Lifestyle Domination Is All Instagram's Fault

7/18/2017 - A Tortoise Has Been Kidnapped, But Not By Me

7/18/2017 - What in the Freaking World Could American Horror Story Season 7 Be About?

7/18/2017 - What Food Is Appropriate to Eat on the Subway?

7/18/2017 - Thanks to Global Warming We Can Look Forward to Discovering More Bodies Hidden in Glaciers

7/18/2017 - On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Lydia McLaughlin Is a Snake Who's Ready to Strike

7/18/2017 - Woman Arrested In Saudi Arabia For a Snapchat Video of Her Wearing a Short Skirt

7/18/2017 - Everyone Looks Emotionally Wretched in This New Outlander Trailer 

7/18/2017 - Agatha Christie Is Getting the Amazon Treatment 

7/18/2017 - Learn About Wonder Woman's S&M Beginnings in the Trailer for Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

7/18/2017 - Requiem for a Dean

7/18/2017 - Here's Tucker Carlson Doing a Racist, Poop-Fixated Segment on 'Gypsies' Overtaking a Pennsylvania Town

7/18/2017 - Ads That Perpetuate Gender Stereotypes Will Be Banned in UK, but Not in the Good Ol' USA!

7/18/2017 - Meet Japanese Breakfast, a Rock Musician Looking to Escape to Space 

7/18/2017 - 'Abortion-Pill Reversal' Gains Traction Among Anti-Abortion Advocates 

7/18/2017 - Who's Been Asking Sisqo to Remake 'Thong Song'?

7/18/2017 - Who Stole This 'Masterpiece' Cheese? 

7/18/2017 - British Papers Publish Nude Photos of First Woman Doctor Who

7/18/2017 - I'm Illiterate Now

7/18/2017 - Maya Rudolph Does a Perfect Impression of Ivanka Trump

7/18/2017 - Have You Heard of a Tiny Boy Singer Called Ruel? 

7/18/2017 - There Is a New Writing Lab for Women Screenwriters Because Goddammit We Really Need More of Them 

7/18/2017 - This Promo Is All You Need to Know About How Bachelor in Paradise Will Handle Misconduct Allegations

7/18/2017 - The First Jane Austen Statue Has Been Unveiled

7/18/2017 - Watts Naomi Up To? Dating Billy Crudup!

7/17/2017 - Megyn Kelly's Ratings Sink, Bested Again By America's Funniest Home Videos

7/17/2017 - Mariah Carey's Rise to Fame Will Be Chronicled in Starz Drama Series

7/17/2017 - Blessed Be: Everlane Is Opening Its First Brick-and-Mortar Store

7/17/2017 - Congratulations! Mindy Kaling Is Expecting Her First Child

7/17/2017 - This Rat Just Out Here Trying to Recycle Shit

7/17/2017 - R. Kelly Says He 'Will Work Diligently and Forcibly to Pursue His Accusers'

7/17/2017 - White House Accuses Outgoing Ethics Chief of 'Grandstanding' in Statement That Misspells His Name 

7/17/2017 - Washington Law Will Alert Survivors When Domestic Abusers Try to Buy a Gun

7/17/2017 - This Chippendales Movie Sounds Almost Too Ludicrous to Be True

7/17/2017 - Lifetime's New Reality Show Will Let You Eavesdrop On Other People's Dates in Peace

7/17/2017 - Chinese Mall Installs 'Husband Pods' for Husbands Too Lazy to Accompany Their Wives for 1 Freaking Afternoon!!!

7/17/2017 - Brilliant Boy Looks Strong, Handsome in Big Fire Truck

7/17/2017 - Some Tea About the Man Who Voiced Kermit the Frog

7/17/2017 - The Freddie Mercury Biopic Starring Rami Malek Is Officially Happening

7/17/2017 - Ellen's Stardust Diner Is Still Serving Drama

7/17/2017 - Is Taylor Swift Inside This Box? [Update: No!]

7/17/2017 - With Her Sexual Harassment Complaint Settled, Thinx Founder Miki Agrawal Gets a Book Deal

7/17/2017 - Men Are Apparently Adopting Ambiguous Pen Names to Sell Psychological Thrillers to Women 

7/17/2017 - Okwui Okpokwasili Is Not Just a Brown Body Subject to Your Gaze

7/17/2017 - Wonder Woman Kicks Teen Boy's Ass

7/17/2017 - Some Things Ariel Winter Has Slammed

7/17/2017 - Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment Is Backed by Ashton Kutcher and Going Public

7/17/2017 - The Craft's Rachel True Read My Tarot and Now I'm a Believer, Mostly

7/17/2017 - Google Will Have to Disclose Some of Its Salary Information in Gender Wage Gap Investigation

7/17/2017 - Aladdin Has Found Its Aladdin, So Please Stop Contacting Me

7/17/2017 - R. Kelly Reportedly Holding Women in a 'Cult'

7/17/2017 - Caitlyn Jenner Is Considering a Senate Run

7/17/2017 - The Boss-Ladies in Game of Thrones Have Gone Fully Savage

7/17/2017 - Minneapolis Yoga Teacher Fatally Shot By Police After Calling to Report Disturbance

7/17/2017 - Nick Carter Didn’t Call to Check On Aaron After His Arrest, He Just Tweeted

7/16/2017 - Trump's Lawyer Tells Everyone That, Somehow, the Russia Meeting Was Legal 

7/16/2017 - Here's the Latest, Very Groovy Trailer for The Incredible Jessica James

7/16/2017 - Let This Teen's Summer 2017 Bucket List Inspire You to Live Your Dreams

7/16/2017 - Winter Is Here, Y'all: Your Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere Open Thread

7/16/2017 - National Ice Cream Day: Celebrate for the Sake Of the Resistance

7/16/2017 - Wedding Dress Retailer Alfred Angelo Closes Abruptly, Leaving Thousands of Brides Up a Creek

7/16/2017 - Republicans Want John McCain to Recover from Surgery STAT So They Can Ram Through Their Garbage Health Care Bill

7/16/2017 - I’m Marrying My Middle School Crush

7/16/2017 - Maryam Mirzakhani, the Only Woman to Have Ever Won a Fields Medal, Has Died at 40

7/16/2017 - My Friends Are Dead

7/16/2017 - Aaron Carter Arrested On DUI, Weed Possession Charges

7/15/2017 - Saturday Night Social: Hosted By Hillary Clinton's Election Night Confetti

7/15/2017 - Ah, Donald Trump Has Blessed The U.S. Women's Open With His Presence

7/15/2017 - Remembering My Teen Bully

7/15/2017 - Columbia University Settles With Accused Rapist Who Spurred Now-Famous Mattress Project

7/15/2017 - An Interview with the Boy (Now Man) Who Rejected Me in Seventh Grade

7/15/2017 - At Long Last, Giselle And Tom Brady Get to Join Their Local Country Club

7/15/2017 - Ashley Madison Parent Company to Pay $11.2 Million to Data Breach 'Victims'

7/14/2017 - Congresswomen Take Photo in Sleeveless Dresses and Tops to Celebrate Modernized Dress Code

7/14/2017 - Congratulations, You Did It Emma

7/14/2017 - Cleaning Out My Laptop

7/14/2017 - All the Stupid Shit I Wore In High School 

7/14/2017 - Y/N: Empress Of Tells You to Go to Hell and Lana del Rey Loves the Heat

7/14/2017 - Is the Tiny House Trend on Its Way Out?

7/14/2017 - Lucky Breaks

7/14/2017 - Ivanka Trump Doesn't Protect the Women Working For Her Brand

7/14/2017 - Emily's Teen Diary: 'Um... So... Casey Anthony.'

7/14/2017 - The Tear-Stained, Forgotten World of Comic Books for Teenage Girls 

7/14/2017 - Why Emma Is Leaving Jezebel And Also Earth

7/14/2017 - Why Is It So Hard to Make a Movie About Eating Disorders?

7/14/2017 - An Ode to Teen Hangout Spots

7/14/2017 - Stevie Nicks Recording 'Edge of Seventeen' Is Some of the Best Studio Footage I've Ever Seen

7/14/2017 - Trump Bids France Adieu With the Worst Handshake We've Ever Seen

7/14/2017 - Is Halo Top Ice Cream Good? Is Halo Top Ice Cream Even Ice Cream?

7/14/2017 - Ellie's Teen Diary: 'I Seriously Danced My Ass Off'

7/14/2017 - Girls Trip Is a Fucking Blast

7/14/2017 - Trump's Voter Fraud Commission Got Goatse'd

7/14/2017 - Angela Rye Does Not Suffer Fools

7/14/2017 - What Do Teens Think About When They Think About HIV?

7/14/2017 - GOP Opposition Researcher Who Looked for Stolen Clinton Emails Was Pronounced Dead By Suicide

7/14/2017 - A Very Dramatic First Photo of Beyonce's Twins, Who Are One Month Old Today

7/14/2017 - Amelia Earhart Had the New York Times Stop Calling Her 'Mrs. Putnam'

7/14/2017 - Jeff Sessions Parallels Anti-LGBTQ Campaigns to the Work of Martin Luther King, Jr.

7/13/2017 - Here, Watch a Slithering Mass of Slime Eels Get Bulldozed Off an Oregon Highway 

7/13/2017 - This Is the Second Rachel Bilson SponCon in a Week

7/13/2017 - Man Arrested for Allegedly Deliberately Running Into Transgender Woman With His Car 

7/13/2017 - Donald Trump Defends His Son, This Time From France: 'Most People Would Have Taken That Meeting' 

7/13/2017 - Senate Republicans Released Their New Healthcare Bill and Guess What? It Still Sucks

7/13/2017 - A Raisin Revelation

7/13/2017 - If You'd Like to Brandish a Sword Consider Going to Texas

7/13/2017 - Madonna Reportedly Wrote a Letter in the '90s Calling Whitney Houston, Sharon Stone 'Horribly Mediocre'

7/13/2017 - The Return of Brio, the Christian Teen Magazine I Hated to Read

7/13/2017 - Get Ready for a Freaking Jersey Shore Reunion!!!

7/13/2017 - Julianne's Teen (Drug) Diary: 'I Feel Like the Floor Is Padded'

7/13/2017 - Don't Fall for the Tender Trap

7/13/2017 - Trump Scopes 'Beautiful' French Hottie, Known to Everyone Else as First Lady Brigitte Macron

7/13/2017 - Jennifer Had a Girls' Night Where Ben and Shookus Had a Date Night. Thoughts?

7/13/2017 - Bridezillas Is Coming Back

7/13/2017 - Animals Are Teenagers, Too

7/13/2017 - My Favorite Language Is Sonja Morgan 

7/13/2017 - ACLU Sues Arkansas Over Law That Could Require Rape Victims to Seek Rapists' Permission Before Abortion  

7/13/2017 - Here Are Your 2017 Emmy Nominations

7/13/2017 - What a Bonkers Book About Horny Cave People Taught Me About My Own Body

7/13/2017 - New York City Expands Girl Scout Programs in Homeless Shelters 

7/13/2017 - Everyone Dressed WAY Too Casual For the Game of Thrones Premiere Red Carpet

7/13/2017 - Black State Attorney Pulled Over in Traffic Stop Will Talk with Orlando Police About the Incident

7/13/2017 - Vogue Discovers Gender Fluidity Via a Boy Band Star and a Supermodel's Matching Track Suits

7/13/2017 - Trump Surrogates Have a Buckwild Night on TV, Demonstrate Why They Should Never Be Asked on TV Again

7/13/2017 - Corinne Olympios Will Make an Appearance on the Bachelor in Paradise Reunion 

7/13/2017 - Listen to Selena Gomez's Breathy New Song 'Fetish'

7/13/2017 - J.Lo Hired a P.I. to Keep an Eye on A-Rod, and Us Weekly Is Now Taking Tips From the Enquirer

7/13/2017 - Michelle Obama Honored the Special Olympics Founder Tonight, And It's Just Really Nice to See Her 

7/13/2017 - Hey, Remember When Donald Trump Jr. Proposed to His Wife As a Jewelry Ad?

7/13/2017 - Kathy Bates Was Told Not to Be a Cancer 'Poster Child,' Are You Kidding Me

7/12/2017 - Harvard Faculty Move to Ban Frats and Sororities, Calling Their Effects 'Heartbreaking' 

7/12/2017 - Betsy DeVos to Meet With Campus Sexual Assault Advocates—But Also With Men's Rights Activists

7/12/2017 - Gossip News Is Having a Grand Ol' Time Envisioning Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller in Prison 

7/12/2017 - Trump Recalls Vicious Putin Confrontation: 'I Said, 'Did You Do It?' And He Said 'No.''  

7/12/2017 - The Biggest Loser Has Been Canceled. Good.

7/12/2017 - Parents of Teen Who Died By Suicide Are Blaming Death on an Online Challenge

7/12/2017 - Rey Will Be Left Out of Star Wars Monopoly Game Due to 'Insufficient Interest'

7/12/2017 - GIRLCULT Festival Founders Call It the 'Lilith Fair for Generation Z'

7/12/2017 - Do Teens Still Drive Around With Bulging, Battered CD Cases Full of Crap? 

7/12/2017 - Joanna's Teen Diary: 'I Get a Little Teenage Girl Privalege Right Now'

7/12/2017 - An Interview With the 18-Year-Old Taking Over New York City Politics

7/12/2017 - The Transparent, 'High-Quality' Donald Trump Jr.

7/12/2017 - A Playlist of Bands We Pretended to Like As Teens 

7/12/2017 - Tamron Hall Is in Development For Her Own Daytime Talk Show

7/12/2017 - Blood and Guts in High School: How Seventeen Made 'Traumarama'

7/12/2017 - Irene McGee Tells the True Story of The Real World: Seattle's 'Slap Heard 'Round the World'

7/12/2017 - Former Bond Girl Lana Wood Got Back on Her Feet With the Assistance of a GoFundMe

7/12/2017 - The One YouTube Video That Can Guide Me Home

7/12/2017 - What Does Nearly Every Us Weekly Story About Rob Kardashian Have In Common?

7/12/2017 - Kelly's Teen Diary: 'I Feel Like Bridget Jones, Except Without the Alcoholism'

7/12/2017 - Joe Scarborough Announced He's Leaving the Republican Party Then Played Some Rock Music

7/12/2017 - Dee Barnes Is the Truth on The Defiant Ones, HBO's Dr. Dre Documentary

7/12/2017 - Fox & Friends Survives Thanks to the Will of Trump

7/12/2017 - The Social Media Star of the Summer Is Mary Lee, a Great White Shark off the Hamptons 

7/12/2017 - Iconic French Boutique Colette Is Closing After 20 Years

7/12/2017 - It Was a Marble Table, Not Cocaine

7/12/2017 - Again, Dolce & Gabbana Don't Get Why You Have to Be All Political 

7/12/2017 - A Deaf Dog Returns Home After 288 Days in the Mountains

7/11/2017 - Chug Every Time Donald Trump Jr. Says "Such a Nothing" 

7/11/2017 - If Kim Kardashian Is Doing Coke, It's Really Boring 

7/11/2017 - Gap-Toothed Model Lindsey Wixson Is Retiring At Age 23

7/11/2017 - President Movingly Defends His Son As a 'High Quality Person' 

7/11/2017 - The Kardashian Family's Only Response to Blac Chyna Has Been Pointing to Her Signed NDA

7/11/2017 - Iberia Airlines Made Prospective Employees Take a Pregnancy Test 

7/11/2017 - Promoters Are Trying to Revive That Whitney Houston Hologram Deal That Nobody Wants Anyway

7/11/2017 - Lost Maurice Sendak Book Uncovered, Will Be Published Next Year

7/11/2017 - A Puppy, Wee Wee Pads, Doggy Treats, and a New Influx of All-Black Clothes

7/11/2017 - We're Getting a Sequel to The L Word

7/11/2017 - Charlize Theron Cracked 2 Teeth and Bruised a Rib Training for Atomic Blonde

7/11/2017 - Last Night’s Bachelorette Tried to Manufacture Suspense from the Obvious

7/11/2017 - Teen Dies From Snake Bite After Being Sent to Menstruation Shed In Nepal

7/11/2017 - Dallas LGBT Center Seeks Donations After Building Is Destroyed in Arson Attack

7/11/2017 - We Don't Need This Severed Penis Eggplant Emoji Movie

7/11/2017 - Someone Has Started a Committee to Support the Rock's Presidential Campaign Whether He Wants It or Not

7/11/2017 - Am I DMing With Lindsay Shookus or Nah?

7/11/2017 - I Am Not a Teen

7/11/2017 - Why Does This No-Brand Brand Creep Me Out So Much? 

7/11/2017 - Donald Trump Jr. Releases Incredibly Incriminating Emails For Some Reason, I Don't Know, What the Hell

7/11/2017 - Kate's Teen Diary: 'Do You Think It's Possible to Fall in Love at Age 12?'

7/11/2017 - Guy Ritchie's Live-Action Aladdin Can't Find Its Aladdin

7/11/2017 - Reading Teen Mags With a Teen

7/11/2017 - I Took My Poor Friend to Lunch... Is That Enough For a Column

7/11/2017 - Japanese Blogger Discredits New Amelia Earhart Documentary After 30 Minutes of Research

7/11/2017 - Man Arrested for Threatening to Attack Another Ariana Grande Concert

7/11/2017 - Jennifer Garner Reportedly ‘Confronted’ Lindsay Shookus About Her Affair With Ben Affleck in 2015

7/10/2017 - Donald Trump Jr. Knew Prior to Meeting That Russia Supported His Father

7/10/2017 - Cop Who Killed Philando Castile Receives $48,500 to Leave Police Department

7/10/2017 - Morrissey Really Digs the Band Smash Mouth, Says Smash Mouth

7/10/2017 - Jay-Z Says Marriage With Beyoncé Wasn't 'Built On the 100 Percent Truth'

7/10/2017 - Like You, Steve Bannon Owns an Oil Painting of Himself Dressed As Napoleon 

7/10/2017 - 'Salmon Sushi' Hair Is Just Pink Hair, COME ON!!

7/10/2017 - DOJ Wants to Jail the Woman Arrested For Laughing at Jeff Sessions's Confirmation Hearing

7/10/2017 - USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Might Avoid Charges for Alleged Abuse 

7/10/2017 - I'm Inspired By This Teen Who Won the Lottery Twice in a Week

7/10/2017 - Clover's Teen Diary: 'Drowning in a Sea of Hopeless Emotions'

7/10/2017 - Parents of Terminally Ill Baby Have 48 Hours to Find Evidence Experimental Treatment Could Help

7/10/2017 - Wear an Ugly Prom Dress

7/10/2017 - Let's Give John Waters a Project in the Streaming Era

7/10/2017 - Clothing Company Fred Perry Doesn't Want Anything to Do With Gavin McInnes and His Dumbshit Proud Boys 

7/10/2017 - True Blood's Nelsan Ellis Was Going Through Alcohol Withdrawal When His Heart Failed

7/10/2017 - Blac Chyna Has Been Granted a Restraining Order Against Rob Kardashian

7/10/2017 - I Wonder What Yolanda Hadid Thinks of Lifetime's New Series Growing Up Supermodel

7/10/2017 - Depictions of Smoking in Movies Increased in 2016, Probably Corrupting the Youth

7/10/2017 - Emma's Teen Diary: 'HUGE NEWS! Henry Asked Me Out'

7/10/2017 - This Mom Wants You to Know That She Fucks

7/10/2017 - Let Your Terror Over the Imminent End of Humanity Put Life In Perspective

7/10/2017 - Teens Tell Us Why They Love Lil Yachty, the 'King of the Teens' 

7/10/2017 - Welcome to Jezebel's Teen Week 

7/10/2017 - Camping Teen Miraculously Survives Bear 'Crunching' On His Head

7/10/2017 - Marisa Tomei: There's Nothing Wrong With Playing a Dowdy Widow

7/10/2017 - In the Future You Might Live in a Lululemon Home

7/10/2017 - Let’s Talk About Diane von Furstenburg’s Friends

7/9/2017 - Oops, Trump Says U.S. 'Can't' Form Cyber Security Unit With Russia

7/9/2017 - Palate Cleanser: This Man Is Playing a Lullaby for a Wee Baby Rhino

7/9/2017 - Is Mike Pence Quietly Preparing for His Own Political Campaign?

7/9/2017 - Actually, Daniel Craig Will Probably Sign Onto a Fifth James Bond Film

7/9/2017 - Donald Trump Jr. Met With a Russian Lawyer He Was Told Would Help His Father's Campaign

7/9/2017 - Buzzkill Chuck Schumer Wants to Regulate Snortable Chocolate

7/9/2017 - Hey Ladies: The Hot Felon Is Getting Divorced

7/9/2017 - One Dead, Eight Injured After Shooting At Ohio Gender Reveal Party

7/9/2017 - Lena Dunham's Dog Trainer Defends Her Decision to Give Lamby Up

7/8/2017 - Saturday Night Social: Hosted By a Perfume that Smells Like Teeth Falling Out

7/8/2017 - Flight Attendant Breaks Wine Bottle Over Head Of Belligerent First-Class Passenger Who Allegedly Screamed 'Do You Know Who I Am?'

7/8/2017 - True Blood’s Nelsan Ellis Is Dead at 39

7/8/2017 - Ivanka Takes Over for Her Father At G-20 Meeting, Reminding Us That We Can't Get Rid Of Her

7/8/2017 - Lorde Confirms She Is Still Friends With Taylor Swift, Tells Everyone to Get a Grip

7/7/2017 - Cirque du Soleil's Monopoly on Family-Friendly Live Entertainment Begins 

7/7/2017 - Donald Trump Breaks with Tradition and Skips Visit to the Warsaw Ghetto 

7/7/2017 - WHY'D IT HAVE TO BE SNAKES???

7/7/2017 - Kylie And Kendall Jenner Sued By Tupac Shakur Photographer Over Their Stupid Shirts

7/7/2017 - I Can't Believe They Let Me Do This 

7/7/2017 - Y/N: Kamaiyah Wants to Build You Up and Haim Crafts Yet Another Great Song

7/7/2017 - I'm Sorry, This Zombie Fish Is Definitely Worse Than Super-Gonorrhea

7/7/2017 - Crimping: Not Just For '80s Fanatics!

7/7/2017 - Please Stop Buying This Freaking Dumbass Rug 

7/7/2017 - Claws Is the Best New Addition to the Mythology of 'Weird Florida'

7/7/2017 - Trump and Putin Had a Cozy Two-Hour Meeting, Want To 'Move Forward' From All That Election Meddling Talk

7/7/2017 - Prince's Music Videos Are Now On YouTube and His Ghost Is Probably Pissed

7/7/2017 - Kesha Had An Existential Crisis After Seinfeld Snub, Now Finds Hugging 'Magical'

7/7/2017 - Goodbye Shade Court, For Real This Time

7/7/2017 - Elite Harvard Club Revokes Membership From Women

7/7/2017 - Sheila Michaels, Who Helped Bring the Prefix 'Ms.' to National Attention, Dies at 78

7/7/2017 - 19-Year-Old Salvadoran Rape Victim Sentenced to 30 Years in Prison for Delivering a Stillborn 

7/7/2017 - Can You Tell the Difference Between Steve Bannon and The Joker?

7/7/2017 - How Old Was Rooney Mara When She First Ate Pie?

7/7/2017 - A Conversation With Nikkita Oliver, the Seattle Mayoral Candidate Whose Activism Spawned a Movement

7/7/2017 - The Trumps' Hamburg Trip Is Off to a Rocky Start

7/7/2017 - There's a New Drug-Resistant Strain of Gonorrhea, Have a Fun Weekend

7/7/2017 - Ben Affleck's New Girlfriend's Name Is Shookus

7/7/2017 - Fox Business Network Suspends Charles Payne Over Sexual Harassment Allegations 

7/6/2017 - LCD Soundsystem's Gavin Russom Came Out as Transgender

7/6/2017 - Republican State Senator Bryce Marlatt Is Suspected of Sexually Assaulting an Uber Driver 

7/6/2017 - Billie Lourd and Taylor Lautner Are Breaking Up

7/6/2017 - Here's Some Weird Drama Involving a Vegan Restaurant and a Toddler's Butthole

7/6/2017 - Trump Is Right At Home in Nationalist Poland

7/6/2017 - Judge Sets New Trial Date for Bill Cosby 

7/6/2017 - The New Real Housewives of Orange County Tag Lines Are Among the Worst We've Ever Heard

7/6/2017 - Surely You're Shocked That the Head of the Office of Government Ethics Has Resigned

7/6/2017 - Oregon Could Require Insurance Companies to Cover All Reproductive Health Services, Including Abortion

7/6/2017 - I’m Tired of Watching Brown Men Fall in Love With White Women Onscreen

7/6/2017 - 18 States Sue Betsy DeVos For Delaying Student Loan Fraud Protections

7/6/2017 - How Can Midwives Help Queer and Trans Families Feel Safe?

7/6/2017 - Condé Nast Forces Fashion Journal to Amend Revealing Interview With Ex-Vogue Editor 

7/6/2017 - Playing House Has the Best Cast

7/6/2017 - The Small Pleasure of Watching Women Slight Donald Trump

7/6/2017 - Patton Oswalt Is Engaged to Natty Gann!

7/6/2017 - Ed Sheeran Wants to Make His Own 8 Mile

7/6/2017 - Boy Band Is a Bad Competition Show That Might Steal Your Heart

7/6/2017 - The House Has a 'No Sleeveless' Dress Code for Women [Updated]

7/6/2017 - Shut Up, Andrew Garfield

7/6/2017 - Chris Christie Hit With Ethics Complaint For Bogarting the New Jersey Shoreline

7/6/2017 - Shake-Ups Occur At British and Italian Vogue, and Now Naomi Campbell Is a Columnist

7/6/2017 - QVC Will Buy HSN to Become a United Force Against the Scourge of Online Shopping

7/6/2017 - Dozens Tested for HIV at 2 Chainz's Pink Trap House

7/6/2017 - The Women's March Is Organizing a Protest Against the NRA 

7/6/2017 - CBS Claims It Offered 'Significant Salary Increases' to Asian Actors Who Quit Over Pay Inequity

7/6/2017 - Kesha Is Back (!!!) With an Emotional New Video

7/6/2017 - Blac Chyna's Lawyer Is 'Exploring All Legal Remedies' Against Rob Kardashian

7/5/2017 - Snorting Chocolate Is a Thing Now 

7/5/2017 - Margaret Atwood Thinks Drake Would Make a Wonderful Addition to Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale

7/5/2017 - Hobby Lobby Will Forfeit Smuggled Iraqi Artifacts, Pay $3 Million in Fines 

7/5/2017 - Did Karlie Kloss Diss Taylor Swift by Hanging Out With Kendall Jenner?

7/5/2017 - Some Cool Face Accessories From Paris Couture Week

7/5/2017 - Katy Perry Goofed Again

7/5/2017 - Donald Trump Is Preparing to Meet With Putin By Reading 'Tweet-Length' Briefs

7/5/2017 - Newborn Canadian Baby Has No Assigned Sex, Deal With It 

7/5/2017 - Shit I Bought: A Non-Chafing Sports Bra, a Lemony Sundress, and Sheet Masks to Treat Yourself

7/5/2017 - Lilith Fair Started Because Sarah McLachlan Had Writer's Block

7/5/2017 - Amelia Earhart Survived Her Crash-Landing, If You Believe This Photo

7/5/2017 - The Pay Gap at the White House Has Tripled Under Donald Trump

7/5/2017 - Sophie Turner Has Opinions About Sansa's Rape On Game of Thrones, Too

7/5/2017 - Blac Chyna Accuses Rob Kardashian of Domestic Violence After He Posts Series of Abusive Instagrams

7/5/2017 - Hawaii Five-0 Actors Quit After Being Paid Less Than White Co-Stars

7/5/2017 - Please Don't Tell Jessica Simpson That Whole Foods Sold Chicken That Was Actually Tuna

7/5/2017 - Chicago Will Withhold High School Diplomas Unless Students Have a Job, College, or Military Plans

7/5/2017 - Mahershala Ali Could Possibly Save True Detective From Being Bad

7/5/2017 - Do You Loathe This Alexa Chung British Vogue Cover as Much as the Fashion Director Who Created It? 

7/5/2017 - Auschwitz Criticizes Louisiana Congressman For Making a Video Inside a Gas Chamber: 'It's Not a Stage' 

7/5/2017 - Swedish Music Festival Bråvalla Cancelled After Dozens of Sexual Assaults

7/5/2017 - Taylor Swift Learned From Her Mistakes

7/4/2017 - Chrissy Teigen Implores Fans to Stop Sending Her Pictures of Babies Who Look Like John Legend

7/4/2017 - Hopefully You Made it Through the Holiday Without Listening to the 'MAGA' Song

7/4/2017 - James Deen Allegedly Sabotaged a Documentary That Addresses Rape Accusations Against Him

7/4/2017 - Open Thread: Are You Enjoying the Holiday Like a Famous Person?

7/4/2017 - EPA's Attempts to Delay Enforcing Methane Regulations Struck Down By Appeals Court

7/4/2017 - Here's Some Good Old Fashioned Viral Fun Mocking the President

7/4/2017 - Britney Spears Took a Trip to Israel and It Was a Total Disaster

7/4/2017 - Silicon Valley Investor Resigns After Blog Post About Sexual Assault Surfaces

7/4/2017 - Jay-Z Is Actually Just Mad That Kanye Ranted About Beyoncé

7/3/2017 - Donald Trump Inserted Himself Into the Story of a Terminally Ill Baby Being Taken Off Life Support

7/3/2017 - Fox Sports Executive Jamie Horowitz Fired By Network Following Sexual Harassment Investigations

7/3/2017 - Colombia Recognizes Union Between Three Men as Legal Relationship

7/3/2017 - Wonder Woman Is the Most Successful Domestic Release From the DC Extended Universe Ever

7/3/2017 - Forget a Family Dinner (at First)

7/3/2017 - Chris Christie Enjoyed the Beach After Ordering Government Shutdown That Closed State Beaches

7/3/2017 - Maria Menounos Had a Brain Tumor But She's Recovering

7/2/2017 - Here's Everyone Who's Partying With Jared And Ivanka in the Hamptons Right Now, Besides Chuck Schumer

7/2/2017 - Netflix Releases She’s Gotta Have It Sneak Peek 

7/2/2017 - When It Comes to Changing Your Body, How Much Is Too Much? A Mother and Daughter Discuss

7/2/2017 - Trump's Wrestling Video Absolutely Promotes Violence Against Journalists, And He Doesn't Care

7/2/2017 - Kanye West Is Done With Tidal

7/1/2017 - Saturday Night Social: Hosted By the $10,000 Pizza Bikini

7/1/2017 - 28 Injured in Little Rock Night Club Shooting

7/1/2017 - New Jersey's State-Run Parks And Beaches Closed for Long Weekend Thanks To Government Shutdown

7/1/2017 - All-Girls Robotics Team From Afghanistan Denied Visas to Compete in U.S. Competition

7/1/2017 - A Conversation with Jillian Tamaki, a Cartoonist Who Explores the Distance Between Desire and Reality

7/1/2017 - Fyre Festival Organizer Arrested, Charged With Wire Fraud