1/31/2014 - Miley to the Biebz: 'Dude, Just Pay People to Keep You Out of Trouble'

1/31/2014 - Tip: Definitely Do Not Name a Drink at Your Bar 'Date Grape Koolaid'

1/31/2014 - John Mayer Is 'The Kenny Powers of Twitter'

1/31/2014 - Don't Want to Breast Feed in the Emirates? You Could Be Sued.

1/31/2014 - None Of Us Love Anything As Much As This Dog Loves Watching Tennis

1/31/2014 - Unhinged Ex Girlfriend's Viral Blog Was Actually A Marketing Hoax

1/31/2014 - Dax Shepard Explains His Call to Boycott Paparazzi Photos of Kids

1/31/2014 - Which Clothing Item or Accessory Do You Keep Buying Over and Over?

1/31/2014 - A Close Reading of One Direction's New Music Video

1/31/2014 - Selfie Loathing: Beyoncé Posts Pictures From Bed

1/31/2014 - Critics Universally, Viciously, Hilariously Pan 'That Awkward Moment'

1/31/2014 - Teen Asks Disney to Make a Plus-Size Princess

1/31/2014 - So, What's This 'Carefree Black Girl' Thing All About?

1/31/2014 - Ladies Aren't the Ones Letting Themselves Go After Marriage

1/31/2014 - First Lady Michelle Obama Loves Olivia Pope Too

1/31/2014 - Inside Figure Skating's 'Gay Problem'

1/31/2014 - Watch Melissa McCarthy Lie (Badly) to Jimmy Fallon's Face

1/31/2014 - Woman Can't Have Kids After Gastric Bypass, Still Happy to Be Thin

1/31/2014 - America Might Be Getting an Asian-American Family Sitcom Next Fall

1/31/2014 - Check Out this Adorable 36-Pound Cat

1/31/2014 - People Have Been Saying 'OMG' And 'Unfriend' For Longer Than You Think

1/31/2014 - Farewell to a Fashion Critic: Cathy Horyn's Greatest Hits

1/31/2014 - Olive Garden Will Pay for Your Kids' Babysitter (But Just This Once)

1/31/2014 - All-Puppy Conan Features Puppy Justin Bieber And Puppy Pharrell

1/31/2014 - Russians Have The Bizarre Wedding Photo Game On Lock

1/31/2014 - Lifetime's New 'Gabby Douglas' Movie Forgets That She's Black

1/31/2014 - Amazon Removes Guide to Date Rape After Outcry

1/31/2014 - Gynecologists Can Treat Men Again

1/31/2014 - 'Women Get Paid Exactly What They're Worth' According to Fox News Host

1/31/2014 - Law Firm Forced To Work With "Uppity Bitch" Who Was A Grammar Nazi

1/31/2014 - Peeved J.K. Rowling Slaps the Daily Mail with a Libel Suit

1/31/2014 - Tom Hiddleston Touches His Lip and Talks About Loving Strong Women (!)

1/31/2014 - Here is a Remake of the Downton Abbey Intro, Starring Cats

1/31/2014 - On Working in the Beauty Industry Without Making Women Feel Bad

1/31/2014 - Trans Activist Janet Mock's Book Is All About 'Redefining Realness'

1/31/2014 - You Can Now Hire A Professional Cuddler To Hold You For $60

1/31/2014 - Amanda Knox Says Hearing Her Guilty Verdict 'Hit Her Like a Train'

1/31/2014 - Shakira and Rihanna Touch Each Other and Writhe in Their New Video

1/31/2014 - Miley Cyrus Is Naked and Eyebrowless on the Cover of W

1/30/2014 - Deaf NFL Player Surprises Girls Who Wrote Him Adorable Note

1/30/2014 - A Woman Spent 11 Years Knitting A Coat And Hat Out Of Her Own Hair

1/30/2014 - A Vision Of Kanye West Appears In This Woman's Knee

1/30/2014 - RIP Colonel Meow: A Legend Takes His Final Bow

1/30/2014 - George Zimmerman Agrees to Be Punched in 'Celebrity' Boxing Match

1/30/2014 - Great News, Citizens of Lesbos! Two New Sappho Poems Found

1/30/2014 - Chris Pratt Has Some Important News to Share With the Class

1/30/2014 - 'Tinderella' Is The Perfect Fairy Tale For Our Time

1/30/2014 - The Men of Full House Reunited on Fallon (and Everywhere You Look!)

1/30/2014 - Columbia's President Calls for Increased Sexual Assault Transparency

1/30/2014 - Comedians Nikki and Sara Allege E! News Stole Their Bit

1/30/2014 - So The Coven Finale Was Terrible, Right?

1/30/2014 - A Bunch of Pro-Lifers Are Trying to Boycott Girl Scout Cookies

1/30/2014 - Cigarette Ads Were Once Based on Women Being "Better" Than Men

1/30/2014 - Tips For Removing Goo Buildup On Tables And Cleaning Spice Grinders

1/30/2014 - Woman Strangled To Death By Escalator. Nightmares Are Real.

1/30/2014 - Pennsylvania McDonalds Accused of Selling Heroin in Happy Meals

1/30/2014 - Barneys' Spring Campaign Features 17 Transgender Models

1/30/2014 - Dude Asks What Women Think of Fedoras and the Answers Are Hilarious

1/30/2014 - Justin Bieber Keeps Making the Same Boring Music Video Over and Over

1/30/2014 - 50 Years Of 'Equal Pay' Lip Service From Presidents

1/30/2014 - Cop Allegedly Forced Woman to Give Him a Blow Job to Stay Out of Jail

1/30/2014 - Experts Say the Monarch Butterfly Migration Is in Trouble

1/30/2014 - Leg Envy Alert: Ballerina Misty Copeland's Fierce New Under Armour Ads

1/30/2014 - Meet The Woman Who Walked On A Wire Between Two Speeding Trucks

1/30/2014 - Detox and Lose Weight on the 'Werewolf Diet'

1/30/2014 - Target Card Breach Linked To Outside Vendor

1/30/2014 - Time to Get Excited About the Cher Tour Featuring Cyndi Lauper

1/30/2014 - Rand Paul Thinks Unmarried Poor Women Should Just Stop Having Sex

1/30/2014 - WTF: Utah Elementary School Seizes Lunches from Indebted Kids

1/30/2014 - Madonna's Cameo on Miley's 'Unplugged' Was Beyond Uncomfortable

1/30/2014 - Scientists May Be Close to a Peanut Allergy Cure

1/30/2014 - Bruce Jenner, Transitioning or Not: You're Reporting It Wrong

1/30/2014 - Overweight Kindergarteners More Likely to Become Obese Teens

1/30/2014 - Controversial Song 'Alone But Not Alone' Booted From Oscar Ballot

1/30/2014 - Your Morning Cry: The Painful, Sweet 'Fault in Our Stars' Trailer

1/30/2014 - Scarlett Johansson's SodaStream Partnership Turning into a Nightmare

1/29/2014 - Florida Judge Kicked Off Case Over Facebook Friend Request

1/29/2014 - Cee Lo Looks Really, Really Freaking Cold

1/29/2014 - Gladys The Baby Gorilla Devours Her First Birthday Cake

1/29/2014 - Jennifer Lawrence Got Dorito Dust All Over Her American Hustle Dress

1/29/2014 - Watch The First Clip Of Nicolas Cage In The Remake Of Left Behind

1/29/2014 - Justin Bieber Charged with Assault for Attacking Toronto Limo Driver

1/29/2014 - Suddenly Ubiquitous Madonna Will Intro Pussy Riot at New York Event

1/29/2014 - Dean Sheremet Has Some Good Advice for Keeping Your Girl Happy

1/29/2014 - Puppy Tries To Free Dog Twin From Evil Mirror Prison

1/29/2014 - Nurse Shares Truly, Horribly Ghastly Medical Experience on Reddit

1/29/2014 - Harvard Business School Dean Apologizes to the Ladies

1/29/2014 - Watch These People Lie About Watching the State of the Union Address

1/29/2014 - Fashion Blogger Stages Stupid Shoot in Jewish Mausoleum [Updated]

1/29/2014 - Bold Lips and Lots of Cleavage at the Stand Up To Cancer Event

1/29/2014 - This Man Thinks the 'Mentally Retarded' Would Gladly Work for $2/Hour

1/29/2014 - BBC Declares Red Lipstick Will Make Children Turn to Lives of Sin

1/29/2014 - This Week in Tabloids: Kim Doesn't Want Bruce in Wedding If He's Trans

1/29/2014 - MSNBC Adds Another Woman of Color to Their Lineup

1/29/2014 - Woman Sees the Face of Jesus in Her Dirty Messed Up Toe

1/29/2014 - Nigerian 'Queens of Africa' Dolls Give Girls What Barbie Can't

1/29/2014 - Anna Kendrick Doesn't Think She's 'Beer Commercial Hot'

1/29/2014 - Cheerios Awesomely Brings Back Biracial Family for Super Bowl Ad

1/29/2014 - My Vagina Smells Like Shame

1/29/2014 - Melissa McCarthy Is Olympic-Level Ready in Her SNL Promos

1/29/2014 - Happy Birthday Oprah!

1/29/2014 - The Hottest Thing in Mannequin Design Is Back Fat

1/29/2014 - Get Psyched for the First Stoner Super Bowl

1/29/2014 - Portlandia's Hilarious NPR Tailgate Is Killing Me Softly

1/29/2014 - Bristol Palin Is Trying to Pick a Pointless Fight With Wendy Davis

1/29/2014 - Courtney Love Is on YouTube and Pinterest. Enjoy.

1/29/2014 - We're Jealous of the Orange is the New Black Roller Skating Party

1/29/2014 - Republicans Let a Woman Talk So Obviously They Don't Hate Women

1/29/2014 - A Person's Height Does Play a Role in Paranoia and Self-Esteem

1/29/2014 - College Offers Course on Beyoncé

1/29/2014 - Daughter Whose Dad Offered Millions to Marry Is Like, 'Stop, I'm Gay'

1/29/2014 - The White House Is Hosting the Virtual Big Block of Cheese Day Today

1/29/2014 - Read Lorde's Awesome Handwritten Thank You Note to New Zealand

1/29/2014 - Awww, Toddlers Are Obsessed With Taking Selfies, Too

1/29/2014 - Madonna's Tongue Guest-Stars on Miley's Twerk-Filled Unplugged Special

1/29/2014 - Rep. Michael Grimm Threatened A Reporter Tonight

1/28/2014 - Katy Perry Is Here For Vin Diesel

1/28/2014 - Joe Biden Seems Pretty Happy With The State Of The Union

1/28/2014 - Wendy Davis's Daughters Pen Epic Defense Of Their Mom

1/28/2014 - Today in Fart News: German Cow Farts Cause Shed to Explode

1/28/2014 - This Woman Makes More Than $9000 A Month Letting People Watch Her Eat

1/28/2014 - Sienna Miller Told Daniel Craig 'I Love You' While Engaged to Jude Law

1/28/2014 - Maybe Don't Hire Someone to Hack Into Your Spouse's Email

1/28/2014 - Here Are Two Kittens Playing With A Straw

1/28/2014 - Jon Stewart and New York City Hilariously Beg Sean Hannity Not to Move

1/28/2014 - Queen Elizabeth's Castles Are Crumbling and She's Low on Ready Cash

1/28/2014 - Amber Rose, Ed Sheeran, Iggy Azalea and Waka Flocka Reenact 'Mean Girls'

1/28/2014 - Malala Yousafzai's Book Party Gets Cancelled in Pakistan

1/28/2014 - Annie Lennox Is Ready for her Intergalactic Close-Up

1/28/2014 - First Fifty Shades Movie Poster: a Bleak View and a Lonely Salaryman

1/28/2014 - Colorado Pastor Impersonates US Marshall, Solicits and Attacks Gay Man

1/28/2014 - Plastic Surgeon Fined for Displaying Towers of Jawbones in His Office

1/28/2014 - Groan: GoDaddy to Air Real Woman Quitting Job During Super Bowl

1/28/2014 - Janet Jackson's Nipple: A Retrospective

1/28/2014 - This Etiquette Guide for the Oakland Raiderettes Is Ridiculous

1/28/2014 - Dame Judi Dench Needs a Script Reader, Still Gets All the Nominations

1/28/2014 - Contest: Name The Pope's Non-Existent Rock/Rap/Pop Album

1/28/2014 - Katy Perry Attacked by Highly Aggressive Shower Curtain

1/28/2014 - Florida Man Tricks Pregnant Girlfriend Into Taking Abortion Pill

1/28/2014 - 'Sexercise' Workout Routine Comes Complete With Music Video

1/28/2014 - Post-Breakup Rebound Sex Is Real and It's Spectacular

1/28/2014 - The Lesbian Version of Those Axe Body Spray Commercials Is Perfect

1/28/2014 - Barbie's Plastic Surgery and Beyond: The Worst iPhone Apps for Kids

1/28/2014 - Penn State Under Federal Investigation for Response to Sexual Assaults

1/28/2014 - Soon You Will Be Able To Pay for Marc Jacobs Perfume With Tweets

1/28/2014 - New Trojan Ads for Condoms and Sex Toys Are Unexpectedly Sweet

1/28/2014 - Michelle Obama Hosted Puppy Bowl Training Camp and Didn't Invite You

1/28/2014 - Watch This Anita Hill Documentary Trailer and Remain Calm, I Dare You

1/28/2014 - The Future of Weight Loss Could Involve Balloons in Your Stomach

1/28/2014 - The Great Selfie Prohibition May Be Upon Us

1/28/2014 - How Often Do You Really Need to Shower?

1/28/2014 - The Disney Channel Just Featured Its First Gay Couple

1/28/2014 - Grown Woman Weeps at the Sight of Beloved Teddy Bear Restored

1/28/2014 - Super Bowl Weekend Means Big Sex Trafficking Numbers

1/28/2014 - Here's Vin Diesel Dancing Alone to Beyoncé for Seven Minutes

1/28/2014 - It's Rarely Women Who Are Taking Companies Public

1/28/2014 - Kristen Bell Calls for Boycott of Mags That Run Pics of Celebrity Kids

1/28/2014 - What the Hell Is Going On With Macklemore's Twitter History?

1/27/2014 - Jerk Used Dead Soldier's Identity To Pick Up Women Online

1/27/2014 - Kristin Scott Thomas Dons Dark Blue for The Invisible Woman Premiere

1/27/2014 - Place All Your Bets; Teddy The Porcupine Picks The Super Bowl Winner

1/27/2014 - This Ke$ha-fied Version of Les Mis' 'The Confrontation' Is Great

1/27/2014 - College Students Throw Racist Fit Over Being Denied A Snow Day

1/27/2014 - Backstreet Man A.J. McLean Wants to Mentor Justin Bieber

1/27/2014 - What If Queen Latifah Had Announced She's Gay?

1/27/2014 - Everyone Is Very Happy For Lorde

1/27/2014 - Casting Director Reveals the Depressing Way Hollywood Sees Women

1/27/2014 - Shopping Makes You Happy. It's Science.

1/27/2014 - This Mormon Video on Masturbation is So Homoerotic

1/27/2014 - No One Thinks Macklemore Deserved Grammys. Not Even Macklemore.

1/27/2014 - These Dogs Disagree Over Pikachu Like Siskel and Ebert

1/27/2014 - By the Way, I Went to High School with Macklemore.

1/27/2014 - Madonna, What Are You Doing.

1/27/2014 - There Is a God: The Sequel To Pitch Perfect Is a Go

1/27/2014 - Eyebrow Implants Are Now a Thing

1/27/2014 - Watch Angel Haze Sing and Rap 'Drunk In Love'

1/27/2014 - Girls: Hannah Horvath Is a Jezebel Commenter

1/27/2014 - Hark! A Handy Guide to Medieval Banging

1/27/2014 - New App Makes It Easier to Publicly Call Out Sexist Crap

1/27/2014 - Hillary Clinton Says She Hasn't Driven a Car Since 1996

1/27/2014 - The Bachelor Wedding Was Just Sex, Sex, Sexy Sex

1/27/2014 - Meryl Streep and 50 Cent Were Turnt Up at the Knicks Game Last Night

1/27/2014 - The Complete Guide to Never Ever Ever Getting Fat

1/27/2014 - The Zooey Deschanel Dress Collection Looks Exactly Like It Should

1/27/2014 - Guggenheim Finally Honors a Black Female Artist With New Retrospective

1/27/2014 - Dad With Cancer Writes 800 Notes to His Daughter

1/27/2014 - Attention Soccer Moms: 14-Year-Olds Are Getting Full College Scholarships

1/27/2014 - Melissa Harris-Perry Remembers All of Her Hairstyles

1/27/2014 - Two Minutes of Quality Virtual Time with Lil BUB Will Soothe Your Soul

1/27/2014 - Mother Teresa Gets the Biopic Treatment

1/27/2014 - People Found Last Night's Grammys So, So, So Disgusting

1/27/2014 - Summer's Eve Bodywash Is Not a Threat to Manly Masculinity, We Promise

1/27/2014 - There Are No Gays in Sochi, Says Super Heterosexual Mayor of Sochi

1/27/2014 - Kim and Kanye's Fairytale French Wedding to Be Broadcast on Le TV

1/27/2014 - New Maleficent Trailer Features Lana Del Rey's 'Once Upon a Dream'

1/27/2014 - Sheers, Sparkles and Slinky Gowns at the Grammys Red Carpet

1/27/2014 - Pink and Nate Ruess Give You Everything At Last Night's Grammys

1/27/2014 - Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore Is Free On Bond For Now

1/27/2014 - Behind-the-Scenes Grammys Gossip: Food Fights and Photo Bombs

1/26/2014 - Grammys Featured Mass Wedding During "Same Love" Performance

1/26/2014 - Pharrell + Stevie Wonder + Daft Punk = Best Grammys Performance Ever

1/26/2014 - Here Is Katy Perry's Bewitching "Dark Horse" Grammy Performance

1/26/2014 - Benedict Cumberbatch's Award Acceptance Speech Is Predictably Adorable

1/26/2014 - Beyoncé and Jay-Z Open Grammys With a Hot-Ass 'Drunk' Performance

1/26/2014 - Terrifying Clown Spotted On The Grammys Red Carpet

1/26/2014 - Your 2014 Grammy Awards Open Thread

1/26/2014 - Sunday Sign Off: Ellen's Hair Has Come a Long Way Since 1986

1/26/2014 - (Muppet) Fur Is Murder

1/26/2014 - Broadway Stars Find the Funny in Russia’s Anti-Gay Propaganda Law

1/26/2014 - The Unwittingly Attractive Things Men Do

1/26/2014 - Rand Paul Basically Admits That the GOP Was Waging a War on Women

1/26/2014 - Mysterious Cruise Ship Plague Has Ruined Caribbean Vacay for 281 People

1/26/2014 - Pope Francis Presides Over Some Really Bad Auguries

1/26/2014 - Floor Plans of the Girls Apartments Seem Almost Believable

1/26/2014 - Jonah Hill & Brompany Touched Each Other All Over SNL

1/26/2014 - Florida Cops Suspended for Giving Justin Bieber an Unofficial Escort

1/26/2014 - François Hollande and Valerie Trierweiler Are Breaking Up

1/26/2014 - Apparent Stalker Arrested Creeping Around Selena Gomez's House

1/25/2014 - Saturday Night Social: Jonah Hill Hosts SNL for the 3rd Time

1/25/2014 - New York City Rat Map Is Helpful, Mildly Terrifying

1/25/2014 - Meet DaVinci, the Geriatric Pit Bull Who Wears Bow Ties

1/25/2014 - Heartbreaking: 14-Year-Old Stabbed Younger Sister for Being Ungrateful

1/25/2014 - Your Evening Jam: Britney and Sia Strip Down Perfume

1/25/2014 - Lady Gaga Is a Beautiful Superhero in Amazing Cape Dress of Wonder

1/25/2014 - Swedish Marines Go All Out for Greased Lightning Parody

1/25/2014 - You Won't Believe What Happens When You Install This Plugin!

1/25/2014 - The Myth of the Fag Hag and Dirty Secrets of the Gay Male Subculture

1/25/2014 - Here's Every Time Linda Belcher Has Said 'All Riiiight' on Bob's Burgers

1/25/2014 - Justin Bieber's Mugshot in Prada Is Everything

1/25/2014 - PSA, y'all.

1/25/2014 - Internet Solves Grandma's Secret Code 18 Years After Her Death

1/25/2014 - Frozen Asks: Do You Wanna #%{* a Snow Man?

1/25/2014 - Teacher Confused by Meaning of Potluck, Arrested for Bringing Pot

1/25/2014 - Amanda Bynes Gets 'Lifestyle Makeover'

1/24/2014 - Justin Bieber Secretly 'Cried His Eyes Out' After Macho Court Hearing

1/24/2014 - Frankie Muniz Feels Like a Teenage Girl But Can Admit It Like a Man

1/24/2014 - Serkan Cura, for the Exhibitionist Theater Nerd Drama Queen in You

1/24/2014 - Tom Hiddleston Swordfights and Jumps Rope for the Sake of Shakespeare

1/24/2014 - Investigation Into The Sluttiness Of Tweens Proves Inconclusive

1/24/2014 - Sharon Stone Will Star in a New National Treasure-Like Show

1/24/2014 - Cat Overlord Demands To Be Set Free Of Ridiculous Human Barrier

1/24/2014 - My Friend Won't Stop Telling Me About All the Awesome Sex She's Having

1/24/2014 - Mizzou Completely Fails Athlete Who Killed Herself After Alleged Rape

1/24/2014 - Selfie Loathing: Rihanna's Trip to Brazil Is All Blunts and Bikinis

1/24/2014 - Robyn Lawley Would Prefer You Not Label Her a 'Plus Size' Model

1/24/2014 - January Has Actually Been a Decent Month for Reproductive Rights [Updated]

1/24/2014 - Mindy Kaling is French and Pretentious in B.J. Novak's Book Trailer

1/24/2014 - Gird Your Loins for Lean In: The Movie

1/24/2014 - Ralph & Russo: For the Very Glamourous Old Hollywood Star in You

1/24/2014 - Make All the Bears Laugh at You With Anthropologie's $9,000 Tent

1/24/2014 - If a 'Moonlighting Curse' Exists, It's the Viewers' Fault

1/24/2014 - Pedi Alert: Sarah Jessica Parker's Shoe Collection Debuts in One Month

1/24/2014 - Chloë Sevigny’s New Cop Drama Bloodies Everyone but the Kitchen Sink

1/24/2014 - Man Claims Physical Contact With Angelina Jolie Almost Ruined Him

1/24/2014 - How to Make a Period Tracker App We'd Actually Want to Use

1/24/2014 - Prominent Tech Investor and Alleged Rape Victim Reach Settlement

1/24/2014 - Elizabeth Vargas Opens Up About Her Alcoholism

1/24/2014 - Generous Men Will Pay $250 for You to Blow Them During Poker Game

1/24/2014 - Jennifer Hudson Looks Fab and 'Feels So Good It Hurts' in New Video

1/24/2014 - These Disney Villain Perfume Bottles Will Please Your Inner Vixen

1/24/2014 - Dudes, Stop Putting Women in the Girlfriendzone

1/24/2014 - Zuhair Murad, for the Romantic Springtime Bride in You

1/24/2014 - Meet the Woman Behind All of Your Favorite Bigfoot Erotica

1/24/2014 - Attention, Hipsters: Hunting Is the New Beekeeping, So Get on That.

1/24/2014 - Jon Gosselin Caught Jerking Off on Camera

1/24/2014 - MSNBC Cuts Off Congresswoman Mid-Sentence for Breaking Bieber News

1/24/2014 - Arizona State Expels Frat Responsible for Racist MLK Day Party

1/24/2014 - High School Student Takes Selfies of Himself as Every President

1/24/2014 - Neurotics, Rejoice: FDA to Make Nutrition Labels Bigger and Better

1/24/2014 - Apparently Whole Foods Has a TV Show Now, and It's Full of 'Artisanal'

1/24/2014 - Texas Woman Forced to Stay on Life Support Likely Has Nonviable Fetus

1/24/2014 - Justin Bieber's Team Desperately Wants Him in Therapy

1/23/2014 - Chicago GOP Candidate Thinks Gays And Abortions Cause Autism. OK.

1/23/2014 - Celebrate Justin Bieber's First Arrest With Cake, Naturally

1/23/2014 - Watch A Parody of Her That Imagines Seth Rogen As Him

1/23/2014 - Nicki Minaj Is Not Happy With ESPN Magazine About Her Retouched Photos

1/23/2014 - Coke Sponsors Winter Olympics By Not Really Telling America About It

1/23/2014 - Mary J. Blige's Father Critically Injured After Stabbing

1/23/2014 - BLECH: Oreo's Rolling Out Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy Flavors

1/23/2014 - Drake Is Just Living His Raps, Every Last One of Them

1/23/2014 - 'Frozen' Sing-a-long Screenings Coming Soon

1/23/2014 - Today In Awful: Village Council Votes To Punish Woman With Gang Rape

1/23/2014 - American Horror Story: Get Witch or Die Trying

1/23/2014 - Sochi Olympics Sounding More and More Like a Death Trap

1/23/2014 - Mike Huckabee: Denying Women Contraception is Part of a War For Women

1/23/2014 - Angela Lansbury is Thrilled the Murder, She Wrote Reboot Is Kaput

1/23/2014 - Canadians, Please Come Pick Up Justin Bieber and Take Him Home.

1/23/2014 - Sherri Shepherd Gives Weirdo Non-Apology for Antigay Remarks

1/23/2014 - Soda Drinkers, the FDA Is Coming for Your Caramel Coloring

1/23/2014 - OMG, San Francisco Is Getting a Cat Cafe

1/23/2014 - Underboob Sweat Is a Real Thing and It's Awful, So Back Off

1/23/2014 - I'm a Gigolo and Here's a Secret: It's Not ALL About Sex

1/23/2014 - Why the Hell Did Sherlock Star Amanda Abbington Get Death Threats?

1/23/2014 - Disney's Polynesian Princess to Debut in 2018; We're Already Excited

1/23/2014 - Revenge Porn Purveyor Hunter Moore Finally Arrested by the FBI

1/23/2014 - Your Afternoon Jam: Mary J. Blige and Disclosure Play the Fool for You

1/23/2014 - Only One Percent of Americans Think Abortion Is Our Biggest Problem

1/23/2014 - 100 Years of Noxema Jars in One Handy Gif

1/23/2014 - When It Comes to Pubes, You Have the Following Options

1/23/2014 - Awesome Nursing Home Residents Dress Up as Movie Icons

1/23/2014 - Story of Teen Killing 43-Year-Old Boyfriend Is 11 Flavors of Bonkers

1/23/2014 - Broad City Is Fucking Awesome

1/23/2014 - Jimmy Fallon Has Audience Member Throw Hot Dogs in Juan Pablo's Mouth

1/23/2014 - Seriously Pretty Party Dresses at the Elle Women in Television Event

1/23/2014 - This New York Times Magazine Cover of Hillary Clinton Is...Interesting

1/23/2014 - With Political Wives Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

1/23/2014 - ABC Picks Up Soapy 'Upstairs/Downstairs' Drama From David O. Russell

1/23/2014 - U.S. Birth Rates Hit an All-Time Low

1/23/2014 - Drunk Driving Turd Justin Bieber Looks Pretty Cute in His Mugshot

1/23/2014 - The Adderall and ADHD Controversy Is Different When You're a Woman

1/23/2014 - Anna Chapman, Deported Russian Spy, Is Now a Fashion Designer

1/23/2014 - Syrian Women Demand a Place in Talks to End Conflict

1/23/2014 - Meet the Nigerian Heiress Who's Chasing Rihanna's Throne

1/23/2014 - Jenelle Evans Gets Abortion on Teen Mom 2 Premiere

1/23/2014 - NFL Cheerleaders Sue Oakland Raiders Over Crap Wages

1/23/2014 - Justin Bieber Arrested for DUI and Drag Racing

1/22/2014 - Noted Fabulist James Frey Sells YA Book Series to HarperCollins

1/22/2014 - Wendy Davis Has A Republican BFF Defending Her From Right Wing Attacks

1/22/2014 - Love Is Dead

1/22/2014 - Here Is The Mean Girls Parody Starring Cats You Asked Santa For

1/22/2014 - Noel Gallagher's Commentary On Old Oasis Videos Is Glorious

1/22/2014 - Anne Hathaway Took Time Off Because 'People Needed a Break From Me'

1/22/2014 - Sarah Palin Remembers Roe v. Wade by Reminding You She's Abortion-Free

1/22/2014 - For the Last Time, Dana Perino Was Not Born In a Log Cabin

1/22/2014 - Fierce Woman in a Wheelchair Stars in New Diesel Ad

1/22/2014 - Spirit Airlines Advertises Discounts With Overt Pussy Joke

1/22/2014 - Maison Martin Margiela: For the Eccentric Art-Hoarder in You

1/22/2014 - Woman Confronts Alleged Rapist on YouTube; The Result Is Jaw-Dropping

1/22/2014 - Watch Michelle Obama Dunk on the Miami Heat

1/22/2014 - Watch Zabu the White Tiger Have Way More Fun Than You

1/22/2014 - Obama to Create a Task Force on Campus Sexual Assault

1/22/2014 - A Freezing Office Might Help You Lose Weight? SO NOT WORTH IT.

1/22/2014 - Armani Privé, for the Stoned Heiress Partying in Morocco in You

1/22/2014 - Happy Cry: Deaf NFL Player Gets Adorable Note From Deaf Twin Girls

1/22/2014 - Parents Hope Their Sons Are Geniuses and Their Daughters Aren't Fat

1/22/2014 - Sarah Silverman and Jesus Sat Down for an Honest Talk About Abortion

1/22/2014 - How Female Chefs Are Breaking Barriers

1/22/2014 - This Downton Abbey Board Game Will Destroy Your Friendships

1/22/2014 - How Long Do You Have to Wait for Sex on an HBO Show? Not Long at All!

1/22/2014 - Week in Tabloids: Kerry Washington Asks Obama to Be Baby's Godfather

1/22/2014 - The ACLU Kicks Up a Fuss About Sex-Segregated Middle School Classes

1/22/2014 - Idris Elba's Sexiest Facial Expression Is a Real Panty-Dropper

1/22/2014 - Don't Actually Go Paragliding, Just Watch This Intense Video Instead

1/22/2014 - This Is the Golden Age of Dating

1/22/2014 - Uh, What the Hell Is a Third-Level Orgasm?

1/22/2014 - 8-Year-Old Boy Dies After Rescuing 6 People From Burning Home

1/22/2014 - Our Imaginary Boyfriend Mark Ruffalo Speaks Out For Women's Rights

1/22/2014 - Elie Saab, for the Breathtaking, Oscar-Winning Ethereal Beauty in You

1/22/2014 - Daily Show Introduces You to the Most Homophobic Olympic Contenders

1/22/2014 - Male Art Student Gets Dolled Up, Channels His Mom's Younger Days

1/22/2014 - The Number of Women Hitting Up Infertility Services Has Dropped

1/22/2014 - Your BFF Jennifer Lawrence Loses Her Mind Over Awful Homeland Spoiler

1/22/2014 - Your Grandparents Are Totally Dominating Facebook Now

1/22/2014 - The Men of Full House Reunite to Eat Yogurt at the Super Bowl

1/22/2014 - Mannequins Are Finally Starting to Look Like Real Women

1/22/2014 - Animal Planet Show Accused of Drugging and Killing Animals

1/22/2014 - Anne Hathaway Never Almost Drowned But Appreciates Your Concern

1/21/2014 - Female Tennis Player Makes History, Has To Answer Sexist Question

1/21/2014 - This Is How Amber Tamblyn Dresses Now

1/21/2014 - Patti Smith Says Her Favorite Song Of 2013 Was Rihanna's "Stay"

1/21/2014 - Lupita Nyong'o Just Admitted To Playing Too Much Final Fantasy 8

1/21/2014 - Ke$ha Promises that She'll Be 'Back Soon and Better than Ever'

1/21/2014 - No One Knows If It's a 'Date' or Not Anymore

1/21/2014 - Kirstie Alley Wants You to Literally Follow Some Other Literal Idiot

1/21/2014 - Opponents Offer Unhelpful Critique of Wendy Davis: She's A Bad Mom!

1/21/2014 - Walter The Sea Otter Survives Being Shot And Blinded

1/21/2014 - Stéphane Rolland: For the Cyberpunk Sun Goddess In You

1/21/2014 - Two Yogurt Companies Will Duke It Out in This Year's Super Bowl Ads

1/21/2014 - The Fifty Shades Movie Will Be 'Tamer' Than The Book? BORING.

1/21/2014 - Pussy Riot is Coming to America

1/21/2014 - Kanye West Debuts Second Collection for A.P.C. With Lengthy Speech

1/21/2014 - Suspected Black Widow Terrorist Spotted in Downtown Sochi

1/21/2014 - It's Not Fake to Be Polite: A Defense of Etiquette

1/21/2014 - Fuck, Marry, Kill: Zac Efron, Michael B. Jordan, Miles Teller

1/21/2014 - Handkerchiefs Are Awesome and You Should Carry One Always

1/21/2014 - Women Try Twice as Many Diets as They Do Sex Partners

1/21/2014 - Comedian Celebrates MLK Day by Tweeting 'I Love You' at Racists

1/21/2014 - We Watched Flowers in the Attic So You Didn't Have To

1/21/2014 - Rich Idiots Will Pay Nearly $30K a Night to Sleep in Luxury Hotels

1/21/2014 - Shit, Cosmo Says on New Cover

1/21/2014 - Russian Socialite on Black Lady Chair Offers Hearty Nonpology

1/21/2014 - Gabby Douglas to Deliver That Super Bowl Coverage You Were Missing

1/21/2014 - Cyber-Harassment Is Real: Share Your Worst Online Creep Stories Here

1/21/2014 - Ryan Reynolds Talking Cat/Serial Killer Movie Sounds Effing Bonkers

1/21/2014 - Please God Do Not Make Me Take Pre-Wedding Marriage Ed

1/21/2014 - Katy Perry Thinks Geishas Are 'The Masters of Loving Unconditionally'

1/21/2014 - Chanel Couture, For the Gym-Addicted Space Empress in You

1/21/2014 - Your Spanx Are Squeezing Your Bowels and Messing With Your Digestion

1/21/2014 - Stoners Are Accidentally Weed Poisoning Their Pets

1/21/2014 - Expiration vs. Sell-By Dates: Debating the Shelf Life of Food

1/21/2014 - Kirsten Gillibrand Warns Women Against Following Their 'Nature'

1/21/2014 - What Lady Gaga Wears to Loiter at the Louvre

1/21/2014 - Oh Dear Heavens, Pinterest Users May Soon Have The Power Of GIFs

1/21/2014 - Robin Thicke Photographed Nuzzling a Woman Who is Not His Wife

1/21/2014 - Fraternity Suspended After Throwing MLK Day Party with Watermelon Cups

1/20/2014 - Alabama Football Star Kenyan Drake Thinks Women Can't Follow Football

1/20/2014 - Keira Knightley Is Scary Gorgeous In Basic Black

1/20/2014 - Sleepy Puppy Is Really, Really Sleepy

1/20/2014 - If Your Wedding Costs More Than Your Car, You Might Want to Insure It

1/20/2014 - SPYONVegas Wants You To Get Your Mad Freak On In Las Vegas For MLK Day

1/20/2014 - Justin Bieber's Mansion Was 'Strewn with Drugs,' Say Cops

1/20/2014 - Don't Worry: Texting Won't Make You a Bad Writer

1/20/2014 - How Celebs Celebrated MLK Day on Twitter

1/20/2014 - 'Girls' Recap: 'I Don't Read Comments'

1/20/2014 - Everything Is A Toy To Kittens, Even Your Old Jeans

1/20/2014 - Dior Haute Couture, for the Fragile Modern-Day Princess in You

1/20/2014 - GQ's Ridiculous Sexy-Preggo Shoot With Eric Decker and Jessie James

1/20/2014 - Finding a Gym That Fits You Is the Newest Trend of 2014

1/20/2014 - Subliminal 'Noise Generator' Tricks Women Into Professional Self-Promotion

1/20/2014 - Pubic Hair Grooming Injuries Have Increased Fivefold

1/20/2014 - Today In WTF: Russian Socialite Poses On Chair Made Of A Black Woman

1/20/2014 - Versace Couture, for the Domineering Space-Age Sexbot in You

1/20/2014 - What Happened to the Female Victor of This Sherlock Story?

1/20/2014 - Enjoy a Brooklyn Girls Tour with Sasheer Zamata

1/20/2014 - Kindergarten Teacher's Class Pic Shows Up on Her Tinder Profile

1/20/2014 - #RichKids of Beverly Hills Is So Bad It's Bad

1/20/2014 - Scientists Create Swimming 'Sperm-Bots,' So MEN ARE ABOLISHED

1/20/2014 - Sarah Palin Tells Obama to 'Stop Playing The Race Card' on MLK Day

1/20/2014 - Lorde's Younger Sister Sings, Too

1/20/2014 - Celeb Culture Skewered by Canadian Social Services Campaign

1/20/2014 - Brewer Behind 'Mouth Raper' Beer Denies Any Involvement

1/20/2014 - The Best and Worst Looks from the SAG Awards Red Carpet

1/20/2014 - Cosmo Generously Teaches Ladies How to Look Hot for the Super Bowl

1/20/2014 - Gay Porn Studio To Handle Enormous Task of Digitally Removing Condoms

1/20/2014 - Daisy Coleman's Family to Start a Rehab Center for Trauma Victims

1/20/2014 - Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace Dress Up for Some Midnight Witchcraft

1/20/2014 - Bruce Jenner's Skin Cancer Creates Reality TV Continuity Problems

1/20/2014 - Forget MLK, Let's Go Shopping!

1/20/2014 - Cigars For Women: Because Ladies Can Get Man Cancer, Too

1/20/2014 - Singer Gets a Major Photoshop Makeover in Music Video

1/20/2014 - Alleged Texts Between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Are Terrible

1/20/2014 - Master of Sex: The Anxious Day of a Real Life Sex Scientist

1/20/2014 - Engagement Season Is Almost Over. Time for Divorce Season!

1/20/2014 - Male Teacher Punishes Six-Year-Old Girl by Making Her Remove Her Shirt

1/20/2014 - Amy Poehler and Natasha Lyonne Are Making Sweet Television Together

1/20/2014 - Mega-Inclusive Swiffer Ad Features Interracial Couple and an Amputee

1/20/2014 - Beyoncé Performed at Michelle Obama's Bday With Tutu-Clad Blue Ivy

1/19/2014 - Mother Kills Two Of Her Children While Performing An Exorcism

1/19/2014 - A Pregnant Kerry Washington Rocks The Hell Out Of A Crop Top

1/19/2014 - Watch Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock Fall Into Everything Everywhere

1/19/2014 - This Is The Most Obnoxious Fortune Cookie Fortune I Have Ever Received

1/19/2014 - Let's Watch Babies Make A Total Mess of Themselves Eating Chocolate

1/19/2014 - Sunday Sign Off: Dolly Parton Is Probably Having a Great B-Day Party

1/19/2014 - Lion Club Adorably Tries to Murder a Football

1/19/2014 - Cate Blanchett Wasn’t Thrilled About Being Played Off at SAG Awards

1/19/2014 - Police Investigating Crap Letters from a Creepy Stalker in Canada

1/19/2014 - Maybe Clean Your Gym Bag and Yoga Mat Every Now and Again?

1/19/2014 - Pregnant Women Who Smoke and Drink Turn Kids Gay, Says Science Troll

1/19/2014 - Jared Leto Narrowly Beat Out Sofia Vergara for the Shiniest Hair Award

1/19/2014 - NBC Will Air a Live Version of Peter Pan in Less Than a Year

1/19/2014 - Actress Booted from Vagina Monologues After Ad for Tea Party Candidate

1/19/2014 - Sasheer Zamata Debuts on SNL with a Rihanna/Blossom Impression

1/19/2014 - Nun Who Didn’t Know She Was Pregnant Gives Birth in Italy

1/19/2014 - North Korea Pitchman Dennis Rodman Checks Into Rehab

1/18/2014 - Saturday Night Social: Jimmy's on SNL!

1/18/2014 - Woman Tears Down Memorial Because 'There's Been Enough Mourning'

1/18/2014 - The Bachelor Thinks Gays Are 'More Pervert', Shouldn't Be on Show

1/18/2014 - Trans Woman Commits Suicide Amid Fear of Outing by Sports Blog

1/18/2014 - Kittens Perform Dramatic Re-Enactment of Toy Story

1/18/2014 - Madonna Deletes Racial Slur, 'Apologizes'

1/18/2014 - Kristen Bell Will Let Her Daughter Watch Her Sex Scenes

1/18/2014 - One Crazy Trick For Selling A House: Don't List It as 'Slightly Haunted'

1/18/2014 - The Art and Science of Retouching: What Really Happens to Those Photos

1/18/2014 - Male Spiders "Twerk" to Avoid Being Eaten

1/18/2014 - Transgender Woman Invites Councilman to Stone Her, Even Brings Stone

1/18/2014 - Meryl Streep Goes Into Labor While Reading Traffic Report

1/17/2014 - Sherri Shepherd 'Isn't Anti-Gay,' She Just Knows Gays Will Burn in Hell

1/17/2014 - Is Nicholas Hoult Ever Gonna Happen?

1/17/2014 - The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Tyra Banks

1/17/2014 - The Man Who Edits 'Modern Love' Reveals the Secrets of the Column

1/17/2014 - Dear God, Terrifying Cat Overlord Spy Spotted In Human Sanctuary

1/17/2014 - Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal Sure Watch a Lot of Gay Porn

1/17/2014 - De Blasio Staffer Loses Job for Being a 'Bimbo' Who Dates Eliot Spitzer

1/17/2014 - I Secretly Hate My BFF

1/17/2014 - Selfie Loathing: Lupita Nyong'o Even Looks Amazing in a Bathrobe

1/17/2014 - All-Male Law Firm Woos Clients With Woman-Hating Holiday Card

1/17/2014 - Lena Dunham Responds to Unretouched Images From Her Vogue Shoot

1/17/2014 - Evil Tom Hiddleston Is Here to Scoop You Up in His Dope-Ass Ride

1/17/2014 - Miley's 'Bangerz' Tour Costumes Revealed, Are Heavy on the Underbutt

1/17/2014 - 'Illegal' Children Face Tough Lives as China Relaxes One-Child Policy

1/17/2014 - For the Love of Doge, Please Do Not Get a Shiba Inu

1/17/2014 - The Fight for Black Rights Needs to Include Black Women

1/17/2014 - Putin Asks Incoming Gays to Kindly Leave Russia's Children Alone

1/17/2014 - Ugly Ruffles and Bright Colors at the Critics' Choice Awards

1/17/2014 - Women More Likely to Leave the Doctor's Office Feeling Like Crap

1/17/2014 - Jon Stewart Painfully Embraces the Official Feminization of America

1/17/2014 - H&M Touts New Sportswear With Fierce Parkour Video

1/17/2014 - Italian MP Wore Blackface in Parliament to Make Terrible, Racist Point

1/17/2014 - Follow Elephants On Twitter Now Because Why Not

1/17/2014 - 'Couples Therapy' Cast Calls Bullshit on Farrah Abraham's 'Sex Tape'

1/17/2014 - American Apparel Explains Its Merkin-Clad Mannequins

1/17/2014 - Happy Birthday, Michelle Obama

1/17/2014 - Missoula County Attorney Pushes Back Against Justice Department Demands

1/17/2014 - YES: Lupita Nyong'o Wins at the Critics' Choice Awards

1/17/2014 - Here Are the Unretouched Images From Lena Dunham's Vogue Shoot

1/17/2014 - Sorry, God: Catholic Schoolgirls Use Birth Control

1/17/2014 - 'Bad British NFL Commentary' Is the Best Sports Thing I Know

1/17/2014 - Kim Kardashian Shows Ellen Pics of Kanye Giving Nori a Piggyback Ride

1/16/2014 - Dude, "Mouth Raper" Is Not What You Should Call Your Beer

1/16/2014 - The Back Of Amy Adams' Dress Is Especially Beautiful

1/16/2014 - Meet The Lady Director Behind The Tonya Harding Doc, The Price of Gold

1/16/2014 - Play The Random Oscar Winner Generator And Win All The Awards Now

1/16/2014 - Watch Eight Dogs Do "Yappy," Their Version Of Pharrell's "Happy"

1/16/2014 - Brandi Glanville Says She 'Wanted to Be Molested' but Was 'Passed Up'

1/16/2014 - James Deen Is Staying In and Watching Clueless

1/16/2014 - Don't Be Jealous, but This Dog Is a Way Better Dancer Than You

1/16/2014 - Men Use Anger as a Manipulative Tool to Get What They Want

1/16/2014 - Sallie Mae Publicly Shamed For Harassing A Dead Law Student's Family

1/16/2014 - American Horror Story Baddest Witch: An Eye for a Seeing Eye

1/16/2014 - Hershey's Is Making Their Own Chocolate Spread to Take Down Nutella

1/16/2014 - Mutts Now Welcome at the Westminster Dog Show

1/16/2014 - Time Hillary Clinton Cover Features Giant, Mean Lady High Heel

1/16/2014 - Your Guide to Mindfulness, the Next Hot Luxury Marketing Trend

1/16/2014 - 13-Year-Old Gosselin Twins Give the Today Show the Silent Treatment

1/16/2014 - Did Vanity Fair Lighten Lupita Nyong'o's Skin?

1/16/2014 - Rich People Say They're Having Better Sex Than You

1/16/2014 - How Janet Jackson Opened the Door for Beyoncé

1/16/2014 - Female Director Says Hollywood Isn't Actually Trying to Hire Women

1/16/2014 - The Terrible Tale of the Sexting Gyno

1/16/2014 - Inside the Minds of People Who Get Plastic Surgery to Look Like Celebs

1/16/2014 - Martha Stewart's Secret Message In Commercial Decoded

1/16/2014 - Tip: Don't Use Martin Luther King's Image to Promote Your Twerk Party

1/16/2014 - Overlook Women in Finance and You're Cheating Yourself

1/16/2014 - Designer's 'Stop Racism' Headdress Calls Out Industry Appropriation

1/16/2014 - American Apparel Now Accessorizing Mannequins With Full Bush

1/16/2014 - We're Offering $10,000 for Unretouched Images of Lena Dunham in Vogue

1/16/2014 - Women in China Are Really Into Gay Sherlock Fan Fiction

1/16/2014 - JC Penney To Cut 2000 Jobs And Close 33 Stores Across The Country

1/16/2014 - Attention Casting Directors: Uma Thurman Says She 'Needs a Job'

1/16/2014 - Meet the Lady Who's Addicted to Smelling and Chewing Dirty Diapers

1/16/2014 - Everyone Hates McDonald's, and McDonald's Probably Hates You Too

1/16/2014 - Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd Star in a Very Perfect RomCom Parody

1/16/2014 - Judge Sets June Trial Date for Renisha McBride's Killer

1/16/2014 - Oscar Nominees Announced; American Hustle and Gravity Dominate

1/16/2014 - Jennifer Lopez Might Marry for 4th Time: 'I Don't Like to Be Alone'

1/15/2014 - Danish Tourist Gang-Raped In New Delhi, India

1/15/2014 - Behold Jennifer Lopez In All Of This Fishnetted Dress

1/15/2014 - Sarah Palin Thinks You Should Hold A Fish In Your Photos, Ladies

1/15/2014 - Bless Everything, The Razzie Nominations Are Out

1/15/2014 - Cat Overlord Falls In Love With Spirited Yet Still Unalive Bag

1/15/2014 - Trace Adkins Got in a Fist Fight with a Trace Adkins Impersonator

1/15/2014 - Carrie Brownstein Is Willing to Give a Hug to a Certain Car Owner

1/15/2014 - The Latest How I Met Your Mother Features Some Meta-Orientalism

1/15/2014 - Someone Finally Uncovered the Boy Meets World/Illuminati Conspiracy

1/15/2014 - GOP Candidate Thinks It Shouldn't Be a Crime to Rape Your Wife

1/15/2014 - White Skin Isn't Just Right, It's More Successful, Too

1/15/2014 - OMG Logan Echolls Pined for Veronica Mars IRL

1/15/2014 - Hey McDonald's, Adventure Time Is Also for Girls

1/15/2014 - Afghanistan Promotes First Female Police Chief

1/15/2014 - The Five People You Stand Next To at a Concert

1/15/2014 - Yale Frat Guys Sued for Fatal Tailgating Accident

1/15/2014 - DC Newspaper Ad Welcomes Howard Students With Photo of White Woman

1/15/2014 - This Week in Tabloids: Khloe Kardashian Is Pregnant! Who's the Daddy?

1/15/2014 - Little Black Dresses and Bright Lips at Drew Barrymore's Book Party

1/15/2014 - WTF Is Going on in France? A Presidential Love Triangle, Explained

1/15/2014 - The Daily Show's Ode to Fox News' The Five Is Batshit and Incredible

1/15/2014 - Happy 'Conservative Dudes Shit On Your Rights Day,' Ladies!

1/15/2014 - Singer JoJo Is Now Free to Jam

1/15/2014 - The 'Evolution' of Sexy: Every Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Ever

1/15/2014 - Successful Women Make Insecure, Sad Men Feel Insecure and Sad

1/15/2014 - Your Boyfriend Drake's SNL Promos Remind You That He Can Act, Too

1/15/2014 - Litter of Sickly Kittens Find Unlikely Home at Maximum Security Prison

1/15/2014 - Simon Cowell Prepares for Imminent Fatherhood by Partying With Exes

1/15/2014 - The US Is Still the Only Industrialized Nation Without Maternity Leave

1/15/2014 - Lena Dunham's Long-Rumored Vogue Cover Is Here

1/15/2014 - Flirtatious Female Monkeys Throw Stones at Potential Mates

1/15/2014 - If You Want to Get Botox, Michelle Obama Has Your Back

1/15/2014 - Female Authors Top the New York Public Library's Charts

1/15/2014 - Bruce Springsteen and Fallon Did an Amazing Chris Christie Parody

1/15/2014 - Meet the Orthodox Woman Behind 'Move the Fuck Over, Bro' Blog

1/15/2014 - Kim Kardashian to File Police Report Against the Heckler Kanye Punched

1/14/2014 - Seminar To Empower Women Teaches Women How To Care For Fetuses

1/14/2014 - Tyra Banks Smized Her Way Into This Gorgeous Little Black Dress

1/14/2014 - Your Evening Cry: A Life Told Through Twitter

1/14/2014 - Meet The Man Who Has Not Taken A Bath In Sixty Years

1/14/2014 - Behold Three Bunnies In Three iPhone 5S Boxes

1/14/2014 - Cops Raid Justin Bieber's House Looking for Eggs, Find Cocaine Instead

1/14/2014 - Evening Dance Party: The Glittery Weirdness of 'Can't Get Enough'

1/14/2014 - Hayden Panettiere Wants You To Know That She and Tom Ford Are Tight

1/14/2014 - Why Give Your Baby A Bath When This Cat Will Do It For Free

1/14/2014 - Willow Smith's New Song Features Wind Chimes, Smoking and Jaden

1/14/2014 - The Uplifting Tale Of One Bro's Fledgling Japanese Sex Toy Addiction

1/14/2014 - No Black Kids, Latinos, or Girls Took AP Computer Science in Montana

1/14/2014 - Janelle Monáe Is in Her Element on Sesame Street

1/14/2014 - Did Mirai Nagasu Lose Out on the Olympics Because of Her Race?

1/14/2014 - This Season's Garnet Hill Catalog Cover Model Is A Vagina

1/14/2014 - Cosmo Begs For Pictures of Your Butt

1/14/2014 - Forget Dinosaur Erotica: It's All About Bigfoot Erotica Now

1/14/2014 - Nashville Creator Wonders Why We're Still Discussing Likable Women

1/14/2014 - A Tuxedo-Clad Tom Hiddleston Will Visit You During the Super Bowl

1/14/2014 - Black Actors Ruled 2013, Black Actresses Not So Much

1/14/2014 - Weird-Ass Equinox Ads Do Not Make You Want to Go to the Gym

1/14/2014 - These Whack Job Vines By the Westboro Baptist Church Are Totally Nuts

1/14/2014 - iTunes Removes Awful Plastic Surgery App For Tween Girls

1/14/2014 - Medicare Spends a LOT of Money on Penis Pumps

1/14/2014 - For the Love of Shallow: Yes, Women Are Attracted to Hotties

1/14/2014 - Titanic II Luxury Cruise to Feature Festive Confetti Delousing

1/14/2014 - Study Says Obesity Is a Poor People Problem

1/14/2014 - One of Motocross' Most Popular Athletes Is a 33-Year-Old Woman

1/14/2014 - Judge Rules That 'No' Means 'Yes'

1/14/2014 - Cat Overlords Now Preparing Themselves For Proper Battle With Armor

1/14/2014 - Maybe Don't Bring Your Baby to 3-Star Restaurant

1/14/2014 - Your Morning Cry: Star of 'Life According to Sam' Film Dies at 17

1/14/2014 - Ian McKellen and 27 Nobel Laureates Protest Russia's Gay Rights Record

1/14/2014 - Male Models Stomped Down a Runway Made of Fur at the Fendi Show

1/14/2014 - The Instagram Account of Ru Paul's Makeup Artist Will Blow Your Mind

1/14/2014 - WTF, Texting is On The Way Out, NBD, LOL

1/14/2014 - Prince to Make Funky Purple Appearance on New Girl (He's a 'Huge Fan')

1/13/2014 - Man Poses as Woman on Online Dating Site; Barely Lasts Two Hours

1/13/2014 - Helena Christensen Works Basic Black Just For You

1/13/2014 - OMG Everyone Please Stop Worrying, J-Lo Hasn't Changed, OK?

1/13/2014 - Whatever, Let's Just Watch A Litter Of Golden Retriever Puppies Play

1/13/2014 - Die Over This Gorgeous Magazine Cover Featuring Lupita Nyong'o

1/13/2014 - Kanye West Accused of Punching Man Who Called Kim an '[N-Word]-Lover'

1/13/2014 - 'Cool' Pope Decries Abortion, Reminds Us Why Popes Are Not So Cool

1/13/2014 - Rita Wilson Uses Jay Z Lyrics to Describe Some Dapper Gentlemen

1/13/2014 - Cat Overlords Now Building Their Own Forts; Be Warned

1/13/2014 - Lady Gaga and Hot Manfriend Kiss and Make Out at Golden Globes Party

1/13/2014 - Skater Ashley Wagner Chokes at Nationals, Still Makes Olympic Team

1/13/2014 - The Best Loser Faces from Last Night's Golden Globes

1/13/2014 - 'Dads' Rights' Bill Author Is Rich Guy Who Hates Paying Child Support

1/13/2014 - Rashida Jones Is Your New Relationship Advice 'Expert'

1/13/2014 - Teenage Models Working in China Endure Horrible Conditions, Says Model

1/13/2014 - You're Getting Super High-Def Porn Whether You Like It Or Not

1/13/2014 - 'Downton Abbey': The Worst House Party Ever

1/13/2014 - Bing's Girl-Power Ad Is A) Pandering and B) Just Strange

1/13/2014 - RuPaul's Drag Race: Teardrops, Death Drops, Khloe Kardashian

1/13/2014 - A New Miniseries About Anne Frank Scheduled for 2015

1/13/2014 - Girls: Fuck It, Here's a Sitcom

1/13/2014 - America Gets An Embarrassing C- In Women's Reproductive Health

1/13/2014 - Deranged Taylor Swift Fans Attack Tina Fey and Amy Poehler on Twitter

1/13/2014 - Thelma and Louise Is Even More Awesome Than I Remembered

1/13/2014 - 4Chan Declared War on Feminism without Finding Out What Feminism Is

1/13/2014 - 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom Are Actually Preventing Teen Pregnancy

1/13/2014 - Sheryl Sandberg Revises Lean In for College Grads (Men Too)

1/13/2014 - So Much Creatively Exposed Skin at the Golden Globes After-Parties

1/13/2014 - Trans Woman Cece McDonald Released Early From Men's Prison

1/13/2014 - Shakira and Rihanna's New Single Is an Underwhelming Island Party

1/13/2014 - Sorry, Parents: Childless Couples Say They're Happier Together

1/13/2014 - Dartmouth Sorority Leaders Threaten Boycott, Prompt Rush Overhaul

1/13/2014 - Prisoners to Lose Conjugals Because Who Needs Rehabilitation?

1/13/2014 - Swedish Doctors Have Pulled Off Womb Transplants for 9 Women

1/13/2014 - Six Moments From the Golden Globes That Made Me Question Reality

1/13/2014 - Neiman Marcus Is The Latest Store To Have Credit Card Data Hacked

1/13/2014 - Mia and Ronan Farrow Publicly Slam Woody Allen Golden Globes Tribute

1/12/2014 - The Complete List of 2014 Golden Globes Winners

1/12/2014 - Dogs With Sticks Cannot Master Small Openings

1/12/2014 - OK, Let's Discuss Paula Patton's Mess Of A Golden Globes Dress

1/12/2014 - Meet Tina Fey's Secret, Horrible Teenage Son Randy

1/12/2014 - We Now Know Why It's Taking So Long To Get To The Stage At The Globes

1/12/2014 - Jacqueline Bisset Was Probably Wasted During Her Acceptance Speech

1/12/2014 - Here's Tina Fey and Amy Poehler's Golden Globes Opening Monologue

1/12/2014 - Advanced Tedious Parenting Is The Parenting Magazine We All Deserve

1/12/2014 - Jennifer Lawrence Almost Pushed Taylor Swift Down the Stairs

1/12/2014 - All the Looks From the Golden Globes Red Carpet

1/12/2014 - Sunday Sign Off: Lady Edith Is Going to Have a Great Decade

1/12/2014 - Golden Globe Awards: Live Coverage

1/12/2014 - Watch This Cat Drop Some Nip, Get Really Weird on Camera

1/12/2014 - You're Darn Tootin' Meghan McCain Is Excited About Her New Talk Show

1/12/2014 - Brooklynites Are Mad That Girls Paints Brooklyn as Lazy Person Paradise

1/12/2014 - Woman Must Give Back the Renoir She Found in a West Virginia Junk Pile

1/12/2014 - How The Full House Girls Grew Into Full House Women

1/12/2014 - Meet the Paparazzo Who Took Those Awful Photos of Nigella Lawson

1/12/2014 - Pope Francis Casts the Jesus Water Charm on This Cute Baby

1/12/2014 - Maria Shriver’s Report on Financially Insecure Women Is Pretty Grim

1/12/2014 - There’s No Earthly Way You Can Watch All the TV Tonight

1/12/2014 - Enjoy a Medley of Period Drama and Scifi in the New Outlander Trailer

1/12/2014 - Katniss Is the First Woman in 40 Years to Win the Annual Box Office

1/12/2014 - Madonna and Adele Will Team Up to Write Ballads for Old People

1/11/2014 - Saturday Night Social: Melissa McCarthy Gives Zero Fucks About Football

1/11/2014 - Ke$ha's Mom Will Join Her in Rehab

1/11/2014 - Did Stephen Moyer Accidentally Spill the Beans on a True Blood Movie?

1/11/2014 - Models and Fluffy Dogs Pass a Lazy Saturday Together

1/11/2014 - The 15-Second GoT Teaser Will Leave You Completely Unfulfilled

1/11/2014 - Men Killed Masculinity All by Their Big Strong Selves

1/11/2014 - South Beach Strip Club Shut Down Amid Human Trafficking Allegations

1/11/2014 - Brazilian Dude Pissed About His Lulu Rating Sues the Company

1/11/2014 - Philly Has a Street Harasser Who Drapes His Dick in Swiss Cheese

1/11/2014 - The Dude-Bra Market in Japan Is Surprisingly Robust

1/11/2014 - Comedian Chris Hardwick Mocks TV Censorship with Pregnant Cat Lady Card

1/11/2014 - Women Filled ALL of the (Mostly Low-Wage) December Job Openings

1/11/2014 - Detectives Really Want Justin Bieber to Be Charged with Felony Egging

1/10/2014 - Hilary Duff and Husband Mike Comrie Split Up, Remain 'Best Friends'

1/10/2014 - Shia LaBeouf is Really Going Away This Time

1/10/2014 - Craigslist Ad Seeks '2 Coachella Boyfriends' Who Are '30% Bro'

1/10/2014 - John McCain's Got An Adorable New Running Mate

1/10/2014 - This CHVRCHES Cover of Janelle Monáe Is Actually Pretty Awesome

1/10/2014 - Here's Proof That Nicki Minaj Is Secretly Your Mom

1/10/2014 - Virginia Republican Wants to Outlaw Oral Sex Between Teenagers

1/10/2014 - Selfie Loathing: Katy Perry Finds Enlightenment via Mosquito Bite

1/10/2014 - Someone FINALLY Made a Search Engine for Wedding Venues

1/10/2014 - Beyoncé Loves Blue Ivy's Hair, So What's It to You?

1/10/2014 - Seriously, How Many Times Does Lena Dunham Have to Explain Her Nudity?

1/10/2014 - Last Year's Increase In STD Infections Was Entirely Due To Men

1/10/2014 - Sarah Palin's Patriotic Stripper Heels Are Downright Magnificent

1/10/2014 - South Koreans Use the Alphabet to Describe Ideal Body Types

1/10/2014 - U.S. Justice Department Announces Gay Marriage Support in Utah

1/10/2014 - Did Dance Moms Leak a Fake Arrest to the Media?

1/10/2014 - Pantsless Miley Cyrus Booted From French TV Before 10 P.M.

1/10/2014 - I Have a Dream That Someday a Picture Like This Won't Be a Big Deal

1/10/2014 - Kristen Wiig Had a Very Creepy First Date on Kimmel Last Night

1/10/2014 - Candy Crush Saga Is Turning Kids Into Wild-Eyed Gambling Addicts

1/10/2014 - How to Make Your Boring Face More Memorable

1/10/2014 - America Loves Butter More Than Ever, Probably Because It's Delicious

1/10/2014 - Artist Draws Disney Princesses As World of Warcraft Characters

1/10/2014 - Hide Your Good Snacks and Other Rules for How to Have Casual Sex

1/10/2014 - Ain't No Mountain High Enough: Meet Erykah Badu's New Hair

1/10/2014 - Farrah Abraham Is Freaking Out Her Cast Members on 'Couples Therapy'

1/10/2014 - Jerk Reporter Annoyed at Tamron Hall for Talking About Sister's Death

1/10/2014 - Bobbi Kristina Announces She's 'Happily Married'

1/10/2014 - Cameron Diaz's Body Book Is Actually Pretty Good

1/10/2014 - Ke$ha's Mom: My Daughter Is Bulimic and Her Producer Was a Bully

1/10/2014 - Meet the First Black Woman to Write for a Network Late Night Show

1/10/2014 - Camera In Crab Net Captures Mesmerizing Life Underwater

1/10/2014 - Wear 'Mean Girls' Jewelry While You're Trying to Make Fetch Happen

1/10/2014 - Is Polygamy the New Gay Marriage? This Polygamist Thinks So.

1/10/2014 - Beyoncé and Jay-Z Rent Out an Entire Zoo for Blue Ivy's Birthday

1/10/2014 - ​Disney Indoctrinating Ohio Kids With The Gospel Of Fracking [Updated]

1/9/2014 - Arrests Made In The Murders of Former Miss Venezuela and Her Ex-Husband

1/9/2014 - Let's All Pretend We're Michelle Dockery Going Out To Lunch Like This

1/9/2014 - Man's Stunning Rendition of 'Wuthering Heights' Moves World to Tears

1/9/2014 - Behold "Bachmann Abbey," Michele Bachmann's Downton Abbey Tribute

1/9/2014 - Adorable Baby Polar Bear Cub Takes Even More Adorable First Steps

1/9/2014 - Your Imaginary Boyfriend Jesse Williams Had a Baby Girl

1/9/2014 - Susan Orlean Changes Her Allegiance from Colin Firth to Oscar Isaac

1/9/2014 - Let Drew Barrymore Teach You How To Make a Classy Egg Sandwich

1/9/2014 - Indian Diplomat Accused of Underpaying Housekeeeper Leaves USA

1/9/2014 - Stevie Nicks Has Officially Twirled onto American Horror Story

1/9/2014 - Fashion Scavenger Hunt: Help Find a Vintage Old Navy Bag Under $5000

1/9/2014 - Marissa Alexander May Go Back to Jail for Shopping. Yes, Shopping.

1/9/2014 - Watch This Woman Devour a 4.5 Pound Steak in Under 3 Minutes

1/9/2014 - 'Feeling Black All the Time' Stresses Jessica Williams Out

1/9/2014 - A Man Is Facing Jail for Harassing Women Online, and It's a Big Deal

1/9/2014 - This Bracelet Is Designed to Protect You From Sunburns

1/9/2014 - Alleged Rapist of Daisy Coleman Gets 2 Years Probation

1/9/2014 - These Vagina Decals Are Extremely Literal

1/9/2014 - Rihanna and Shakira Are Beautiful Photoshop Femmebots in New Song Art

1/9/2014 - Amanda Knox's Ex Uses Odd 'Not a Puppy' Defense in Re-Trial

1/9/2014 - A Detailed Accounting of Martha Stewart's $2000 Daily Beauty Regimen

1/9/2014 - Women Forced To View Their Ultrasounds Will Have Abortions Anyway

1/9/2014 - The Amazing and Multifaceted Jean Grae Is Here to Take Your Questions

1/9/2014 - The Incredible Instagram World of Prison Wives and Girlfriends

1/9/2014 - You May Hate the Snow, But These Dogs Most Certainly Do Not

1/9/2014 - V Magazine Wonders Aloud Why Kate Upton is Always Naked

1/9/2014 - Marc Jacobs' Go-To Photographer Refused to Photograph Miley Cyrus

1/9/2014 - Why I'm Already Breaking Up With Being Mary Jane

1/9/2014 - Cute Dresses, Hideous Hair and Innerboob at the People's Choice Awards

1/9/2014 - Young People in the U.K. Are Now Markedly Less Drunk

1/9/2014 - Mary-Kate and Ashley Cast 65-Year-Old Model for Pre-Fall Lookbook

1/9/2014 - Jameis Winston's Accuser Will 'Absolutely' Sue FSU QB and Police Dept

1/9/2014 - Couple Hilariously Mocks Stereotypes in Cheesy Engagement Pics

1/9/2014 - Credit Agencies Want to Facebook Stalk You Like a Drunk Ex-Girlfriend

1/9/2014 - Your Winter Reading List, as Curated by Judy Blume and Lena Dunham

1/9/2014 - Awful Diet Pills Got a Woman Committed, Claims Lawsuit

1/9/2014 - Here's What Your Cat Thinks of You

1/9/2014 - Watch Gabrielle Giffords Skydive on the Anniversary of the Tucson Shooting

1/9/2014 - Brace Yourself: Matt Smith Could Join Benedict Cumberbatch On Sherlock

1/9/2014 - Kim Kardashian Denies Photoshopping Her Clearly Photoshopped Butt Pics

1/8/2014 - Vermont Wants To Pass A Bill Affirming Abortion As A Right

1/8/2014 - Sandra Bullock Wins Everything At The People's Choice Awards

1/8/2014 - Want to Go Viral? Just Make Up Some Bullshit About an Evil Fat Person

1/8/2014 - Get Ready For A Day In The Life Of Every Cat Person

1/8/2014 - Beyoncé Crashed Someone's Karaoke While They Were Singing Beyoncé

1/8/2014 - The Witches of Coven Look a Little Preoccupied

1/8/2014 - Why One (Male) Aussie Politician Is Getting Tampons in the Mail

1/8/2014 - What Watching 100 Episodes of Jeopardy Tells Us About Uptalk

1/8/2014 - Here Is a Parody of Girls Starring Kittens--You're Welcome

1/8/2014 - Amazing! SNL Adds Two Black Women Writers to Staff

1/8/2014 - Olive Garden Is Probably Worse For You Than McDonalds

1/8/2014 - 7-Year-Old Girl Writes To Scientists Asking Them To Make Her A Dragon

1/8/2014 - Human Innovation Has Yielded Bluetooth-Connected Vibrating Pantyliner

1/8/2014 - What Is UP With This Gone Girl Magazine Cover?

1/8/2014 - Jennifer Weiner, I Love You But You're Smothering Me

1/8/2014 - Definitely Do Not Throw a 12 Years a Slave Golden Globes Party

1/8/2014 - Kristen Wiig's Dress Is Sheer Chaos

1/8/2014 - ‘Bikini Bridge' Is the Latest Arbitrary Thinspo Craze--And It's a Lie

1/8/2014 - Dreams Come True at a Store for Horse Paraphernalia and Wine

1/8/2014 - Rabid, Man-Eating Feminist Emma Thompson Wins at Awards Show Speeches

1/8/2014 - This Week in Tabloids: Beyoncé Refuses to Be a Kardashian Bridesmaid

1/8/2014 - Chris Christie Is a Petty Asshole

1/8/2014 - FYI: There Are at Least Two Female Motley Crüe Cover Bands

1/8/2014 - Job Searching? Try Slapping a Fake Beard on Your Profile Pic

1/8/2014 - Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Person Abandons Cat in 5°F Weather

1/8/2014 - We Must Not Shut Up About How Women Are Treated on the Internet

1/8/2014 - Sex Ed Expert Says Kids Shouldn't Kiss Adult Relatives, People Freak

1/8/2014 - Apparently a Thing: Crop-Top Wedding Dresses

1/8/2014 - Lena Dunham Will Reportedly Be on the Cover of Next Month's Vogue

1/8/2014 - The Real Housewives of NYC Season Six Trailer Is Amazing

1/8/2014 - Sensa, L’Occitane, HCG Diet Direct and LeanSpa Charged With Fraud

1/8/2014 - The Mindy Project: Asymmetrical Boobs, Knee Fat and Sex Without Nudity

1/8/2014 - This Message From Jimmy Fallon About His Vanity Fair Cover Is All That

1/8/2014 - The Entire Internet Agrees: The New Muppet Movie Will Be Awesome

1/8/2014 - Amazing Video of Geyser in Subzero Temperatures

1/8/2014 - Michelle Rodriguez & Cara Delevingne Drunkenly Make Out at Knicks Game

1/7/2014 - Rush Limbaugh Thinks The Polar Vortex Is a Liberal Hoax, Naturally

1/7/2014 - Jessica Chastain Is a Gorgeous, Shiny Vision in Yellow

1/7/2014 - These Netflix Suggestions for Shows Like Scandal Are Hilariously Bad

1/7/2014 - Boy With Cancer Gets Dream Bedroom From Teen Volunteers

1/7/2014 - President Barack Obama Snuggled This Baby To Make Your Ovaries Explode

1/7/2014 - Blue Ivy Carter Got a $75K Arabian Horse for Her 2nd Birthday (Maybe)

1/7/2014 - Mindy Kaling's Elle Cover Made Her Feel 'Glamorous & Cool'

1/7/2014 - You Will Be Shocked at What This Year's 'Best Diet' Requires of You

1/7/2014 - Terrifying Velveeta Shortage Threatens to Ruin Dip Season

1/7/2014 - Fifth Circuit Judges Hear Arguments on Texas' Restrictive Abortion Law

1/7/2014 - London Fashion Week: The Future of Menswear Is Feminine

1/7/2014 - Former Miss Venezuela Shot and Killed in Roadside Robbery

1/7/2014 - What We Can Learn From the Worst Online Dating Profile in the World

1/7/2014 - W's Best Performances Portfolio: All Your Fave Actors Looking Glorious

1/7/2014 - Looking for Gold? Have a Baby in Iran.

1/7/2014 - Today's Best Directors Are Men, According to Martin Scorsese

1/7/2014 - Teen Boys Reek of Cologne and Teen Girls Can't Stand It

1/7/2014 - This Amy Poehler/Tina Fey Interview Will Make You Flinch, Laugh, Wince

1/7/2014 - Academics Gone Wild: This MLA Conference Craigslist Ad Is Delightful

1/7/2014 - Flying Anywhere This Week Is Absolute Hell on Earth

1/7/2014 - Sharon Jones Is Bald and Beautiful in New Post-Cancer Music Video

1/7/2014 - Six Movie Villains Desperately in Need of Their Own Films

1/7/2014 - Watch the Cast of Parks and Rec Talk About Their Favorite Episodes

1/7/2014 - Urban Outfitters' Not-So-Great 'Depression' Shirt Pulled From Stores

1/7/2014 - Beyoncé Loves Chloe and Halle, and You Will Too

1/7/2014 - Every Single One Of These Olympic Mom Ads Made Me Cry

1/7/2014 - Glenn Beck Supports Melissa Harris-Perry and The World is Crazy

1/7/2014 - Here's an Idea: Turn the Pythons Invading the Everglades into Handbags

1/7/2014 - Awkward Hemlines and Slinky Slip Dresses at the Girls Premiere

1/7/2014 - Kim Kardashian Totally Photoshopped Her Workout Selfies

1/7/2014 - This Is How (and How Not) to Talk About Trans Issues

1/7/2014 - This Man Gets Paid By The Wall Street Journal To Be Sexist

1/7/2014 - CVS Selling Handcuffs With Plan B So You Can 'Keep It Sweet' [UPDATED]

1/7/2014 - How to Stay Warm When Nature Clearly Wants You To Freeze To Death

1/7/2014 - Spanish Princess Forced to Answer Awkward Questions About Tax Fraud

1/7/2014 - It's So Damn Cold In Chicago, If You Blow a Bubble It Will Freeze

1/7/2014 - Daisy Coleman Hospitalized After Suicide Attempt

1/7/2014 - Polar Vortex and Congress Join Forces to Screw Poor People

1/7/2014 - Emma Roberts Engaged to Evan Peters 6 Months After Arrest for Violence

1/6/2014 - Don't Tell Idris Elba He Would Make A Good "Black" James Bond

1/6/2014 - Melissa McCarthy Is Wrapped Up In A Flowery Dream

1/6/2014 - All You Winos Drink Is Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot

1/6/2014 - I Love These Robots Covering Miley Cyrus' "Wrecking Ball"

1/6/2014 - Mindy Kaling's Elle Cover Looks Different Than the Others

1/6/2014 - Evander Holyfield Is Your Latest Anti-Gay Celebrity Bigot

1/6/2014 - Nonprofit Gives Free Plastic Surgery to Kids Bullied for Deformities

1/6/2014 - Wayne Brady and Chilli Are Unfortunately Not Dating

1/6/2014 - Sorry, Harry Styles Will Not Appear on Keeping Up with the Kardashians

1/6/2014 - New 'House of Cards' Trailer: Frank Underwood is Even More Evil

1/6/2014 - New Campus Rape Bill Written With Help From Sexual Assault Survivors

1/6/2014 - Allison Williams Positioned to Be the Breakout Star of Girls Season 3

1/6/2014 - A Fix for Male-Dominated Businesses: Hire Three Women ASAP

1/6/2014 - Gwyneth and Tracy Anderson's New Series Is All About Concern Faces

1/6/2014 - Meet Your Newest SNL Cast Member: Sasheer Zamata

1/6/2014 - Cats and Dogs Versus Mirrors Proves Pets Will Take On Any Enemy

1/6/2014 - Apologizing When You're Not Sorry Is an Insult to Apologies

1/6/2014 - Downton Abbey Is Back and Everything's Coming Up Edith

1/6/2014 - King Tut Was Embalmed With an Erection

1/6/2014 - Get Ready For Some Ultra-Crappy Olympic Figure Skating Coverage

1/6/2014 - Today Is Blue Monday Except It's Not and There Is No Such Thing

1/6/2014 - Sexting Is the Panic du Jour, but Are Teens Really Having More Sex?

1/6/2014 - Hilarious 8-Year-Old Writes an Epic Amazon Review

1/6/2014 - ABC Airs Gross Tribute to Dead Bachelor Contestant

1/6/2014 - This Is What -40°F Feels Like

1/6/2014 - Siri Is Not Down with the Movie Her

1/6/2014 - Footwear Trend Alert: Pay Hundreds of Dollars for Shoes That Look Used

1/6/2014 - What's It Like as the First Transgender MMA Fighter? Meet Fallon Fox.

1/6/2014 - ​A Wish for the Man Who Took a 5-Year-Old to See Wolf of Wall Street

1/6/2014 - Steubenville Rapist Ma'lik Richmond's Lawyer Is Tone-Deaf, Incoherent

1/6/2014 - Filthy Jokes on 2 Broke Girls Result in Outraged Viewer Complaints

1/6/2014 - Channel 4 Doc Explores the Men Who Turn Themselves into Living Dolls

1/6/2014 - Queen Takes Royal Prerogatives Too Far, Demands Harry Shave Sexy Beard

1/6/2014 - The Cast Of The Good Wife Made A Music Video For "Thicky Trick"

1/6/2014 - How to Build the Perfect Bachelor Contestant

1/6/2014 - Gross New Food Fads for 2014

1/6/2014 - General Accused of Sexual Assault to Begin Court-Martial on March 3

1/6/2014 - Snapchat No Longer Allowed on Private School's Prim and Proper Wi-Fi

1/6/2014 - Sherlock Holmes Spoils All Your Shows, Dammit

1/6/2014 - The Word of the Year Is Because Because

1/6/2014 - Madonna Defends Pic of 13-Year-Old Son Posing With Booze: 'Calm Down'

1/6/2014 - Liz Cheney Drops Bid For U.S. Senate Seat

1/5/2014 - Watch This Cat Do The Daytona 500 Under A Table

1/5/2014 - Jon Hamm Narrates Tough Justice Starring Lady Mary As A Badass Cop

1/5/2014 - We Might Be Getting A Loki Mini-Movie Starring Tom Hiddleston

1/5/2014 - Target Thinks "Plus-Size" Means Being Pregnant, Apparently

1/5/2014 - The Glue That Ties Beyoncé's Album Together Is "Honesty"

1/5/2014 - Sunday Sign Off: Downton Abbey, Rise of the Machines

1/5/2014 - Chihuahuas Get All Fancied Up for 'Dog Vogue' Photo Shoot

1/5/2014 - Julian Fellowes Hints That Downton Abbey Might End After Season Five

1/5/2014 - Sex Sent Me to the ER Featured a Woman Who Orgasmed for 3 Hours

1/5/2014 - Sandra Bullock and Gena Rowlands Enjoy a Nice Walk Together

1/5/2014 - These Cookie Stand Entrepreneurs Are the Most San Francisco Kids Ever

1/5/2014 - Here’s Your Daily Dose of Wild Wonder Woman Speculation

1/5/2014 - Breaking News! Female Protagonists Are Still Rare in Gaming and Movies

1/5/2014 - Three-Year-Old Girl Dies After Horrifying First Visit to Dentist

1/5/2014 - Adorable Kid Busts Out a Nonsense Solo During Christmas Pageant

1/5/2014 - Science Gel Could Help Dieters Caulk Their Own Bowels

1/5/2014 - Texas Will Keep a Dead Woman on Life Support Just to Incubate Her Fetus

1/5/2014 - Ian McKellen May Have Accidentally Outed More Than One Hobbit Co-Star

1/4/2014 - Saturday Night Social: The Night Belongs to Jessica Lange

1/4/2014 - Can Penises Get Stuck Inside Vaginas? MAYBE!

1/4/2014 - When Bama Mom Meets Miley Cyrus, Magic Happens

1/4/2014 - Melissa Harris-Perry Overtaken by Emotion During On-Air Apology

1/4/2014 - Now You Can Rent Expensive Clothes for Your Child to Sneeze All Over

1/4/2014 - Painfully Honest Version of Let It Go Says What We Are All Thinking

1/4/2014 - Fresno Is the Place to Be for the Young and Fabulous

1/4/2014 - Dogs Frolicking in the Snow Will Melt Even the Iciest Hearts

1/4/2014 - Surge in Abortion Restrictions Awful, May Be Gaining Momentum

1/4/2014 - Man Hands Out Beautifully Designed Dating Cards to Women on the Street

1/4/2014 - ​The Year of the Clean Person: Your 2014 Cleaning Calendar

1/4/2014 - Man Has Tender, Loving Relationship With a Local Applebee's

1/4/2014 - 27-Year-Old Mega-Producer Megan Ellison Could Win All The Oscars

1/4/2014 - Ke$ha Rolls Out of Club, Rolls Into Rehab

1/3/2014 - Lacey Chabert Got Secret-Married Over the Holidays

1/3/2014 - Cher Is One Obtuse, Opinionated, Out There, Obviously Unstable Bitch

1/3/2014 - Lady Mary of Downton Abbey Is Also a Crime-Fighting Cop

1/3/2014 - Girl's Big Butt Brings Her Fame, Mine Just Gives Me Trouble With Jeans

1/3/2014 - Obama Administration Rejects Nuns' Challenge to Birth Control Mandate

1/3/2014 - Businessman Pretends to Be Homeless So He Can Give Money Away

1/3/2014 - Farrah Abraham Faked Having a Boyfriend to Get on 'Couples Therapy'

1/3/2014 - Selfie Loathing: Kat Dennings Shows Off Her Horrible Manicure

1/3/2014 - Is Prince William Just a Big, Dumb Queue-Cutter?

1/3/2014 - Woman Who Was Never Vaccinated: I've Had Measles, Mumps, Meningitis

1/3/2014 - Bethenny Frankel's New Boyfriend Is No Rapist, No Siree

1/3/2014 - Kitty App Allows Cat Overlord to Dictate Your Mood About Weather

1/3/2014 - I'm Rich, He's Poor, and I Feel Like an Asshole

1/3/2014 - Want to Be Seen as a Man in Albania? Quit Sex.

1/3/2014 - Woman Attorney Launches Saudi Arabia's First All-Lady Law Firm

1/3/2014 - The Obamacare Website Cannot Handle You Having a Baby Right Now, Ok?

1/3/2014 - 9 Things Wrong With This Disney Princess Lingerie

1/3/2014 - Old-Timey Anti-Cat Letter to the Editor Is Amazing and Sexist

1/3/2014 - In Fashion, Black Is Still the New Black

1/3/2014 - Jay Mohr Apologizes (Sorta) to Alyssa Milano for Calling Her Fat

1/3/2014 - Model-Slash-Coder Shatters a Dozen Tired Stereotypes

1/3/2014 - The Best Moments From a Long-Ass Interview Between Tavi and Lorde

1/3/2014 - In Houston, the City and Its Strip Clubs Call an Uneasy Truce

1/3/2014 - These YouTube Stars You've Never Heard of Have Millions of Teen Fans

1/3/2014 - This Insane Video Meticulously Chronicles the True Love That Is Kimye

1/3/2014 - Beware, Artists: Lisa Frank Is Hiring

1/3/2014 - Lonely People: January 5 Is the Your Best Chance to Find Love Online

1/3/2014 - Abortions Now Legal In Ireland Under Extremely Limited Circumstances

1/3/2014 - Oh Dear God, People Are Worried Nicolas Cage Will Cause the Rapture

1/3/2014 - Moms Who Drink While Pregnant Have 'Better Behaved' Kids

1/3/2014 - And Now for Some Vintage Shade From Beyoncé

1/3/2014 - The Pull-Up Test for Female Marines Has Been Delayed Again

1/3/2014 - The Veronica Mars Movie Trailer: Murder, Intrigue and Dick's Flat Abs

1/3/2014 - Women Busted Smuggling Drugs Under Their Wigs

1/3/2014 - This Photo of Taylor Swift With Bruno Mars Is Giving Me Nightmares

1/3/2014 - Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunite for Romantic Segway Excursion

1/2/2014 - Duck Dynasty Family Has Their Own Line Of Guns Now

1/2/2014 - A Woman Named 'Beautiful' Ate Nothing But Starbucks Food For One Year

1/2/2014 - Nightclubs Try to Ban Cellphone Pictures. Yeah, Good Luck with That.

1/2/2014 - Faint For Robb Stark And Professor Snape In The Trailer For A Promise

1/2/2014 - Working with Lindsay Lohan Is a 'Cyclone of Insanity,' Says Chris Pine

1/2/2014 - Welcome Brooklyn, Naythyn and Adilyn, the First Baby Names of 2014

1/2/2014 - Debbie Reynolds Doesn't Know What the Hell Throwback Thursday Is

1/2/2014 - Rihanna's New Year's Eve Had More Liquor, Luxury and Lashes Than Yours

1/2/2014 - Miley Cyrus Says She Didn't Go on That Ill-Informed Anti-Beyoncé Rant

1/2/2014 - I Can't Stop Watching This Hilarious Compilation of Cat Videos

1/2/2014 - Random Woman Gets an Obama Christmas Gift By Mistake

1/2/2014 - Cape Town Vigilantes Beat, Stone Alleged Rapist to Death

1/2/2014 - A Good Thing About Being Fat Is You're Less Vulnerable to Hypothermia

1/2/2014 - The Best Potheads Who Legally Bought Recreational Weed in Colorado

1/2/2014 - Jilted Woman Warns the World About Her Ex With Tragic/Awesome Flyers

1/2/2014 - This Might Be the Most Romantic and Pee-Soaked Missed Connection Ever

1/2/2014 - The Fitness Trends That Will Torture You in 2014

1/2/2014 - Expect to Kiss an Average of 15 Frogs Before You Get a Prince

1/2/2014 - This Week in Tabloids: Miley Cyrus Partakes in Secret Lesbian Trysts

1/2/2014 - Latest Obamacare Birth Control Cases Aren't as Bad as They Seem

1/2/2014 - The Secret to the Perfect Online Dating Profile

1/2/2014 - Dogs Poop in Line With the Earth's Magnetic Field

1/2/2014 - Creative Dad Makes the Best Sandwich Bag Doodles

1/2/2014 - Here Is the True Story of a Man With Two Dicks

1/2/2014 - Ani DiFranco Issues a Real Apology for Plantation Event

1/2/2014 - UK Hospital Staff Wear Fat Suits to Better Understand Obese Patients

1/2/2014 - Incontrovertible Proof Movies With Strong Female Characters Make Bank

1/2/2014 - One-Third of American Women Are on Pinterest, Love Cheese Dip Recipes

1/2/2014 - Grab Your Girdle: 'Downton Abbey' Returns on Sunday

1/2/2014 - 2013 Is Over, So Let's Never Hear These Crappy Songs Ever Again

1/2/2014 - Cast of Duck Dynasty 'Learned a Lot' from Phil Robertson Scandal

1/2/2014 - Fox News Personality Proclaims That MARRIAGE IS DEAD, OVER, KAPUT

1/2/2014 - Notable Inclusions on Town & Country's List of Top 50 Bachelors

1/2/2014 - Oscar-Nominated Actress From Imitation of Life Juanita Moore Dies

1/2/2014 - U.S. Government Seeks 'Decades' In Prison for Jihad Jane

1/2/2014 - Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco Marries in Floofy Pink Princess Dress

1/1/2014 - Baby Panda Riding On A Pony, Need We Say More

1/1/2014 - Janelle Monae Had The Most Fashionable New Year's Eve

1/1/2014 - NASA Responds To Use Of Challenger Audio In Beyonce's Song

1/1/2014 - Watch One Second Of Every Day in A Year Of A Celeb Photographer's Life

1/1/2014 - 19 Arrested At Tournament of Roses Parade In Protest Against Sea World

1/1/2014 - New Year's Sign Off: Let Britta Help You Mourn 2013

1/1/2014 - Couple Finds a Dying Snake in a Free Curbside Couch Because Of Course

1/1/2014 - A Proud Parading Tradition

1/1/2014 - Kittens Get Adorably Confused by Robot Cat Toy Present

1/1/2014 - L.A., Soon to Be Drowning in Dog Poop, Bans Plastic Grocery Bags

1/1/2014 - A Lady's Defense of The Wolf of Wall Street

1/1/2014 - So What Are the Soothsayers Saying About 2014?

1/1/2014 - Rumble Tooth: A Haptic Connected Fork Gets Reviewed

1/1/2014 - Ke$ha Dances Around in Her Laundry Day Outfit in the ‘Dirty Love’ Video

1/1/2014 - Barbara Bush Hospitalized for Vague ‘Respiratory Related Issue’

1/1/2014 - Justice Sotomayor Pumps the Brakes on the Birth Control Mandate

1/1/2014 - Alyssa Milano Douche-Shames Jay Mohr for Fat-Shaming Her