9/30/2007 - Live Blogging 'Rock Of Love': Who Will Rock Bret's World?

9/29/2007 - OMG! There's More Elizabeth Taylor Red Carpet Footage!

9/29/2007 - Is Elizabeth Taylor Going To Marry Her Gay Boyfriend?

9/28/2007 - We Are Really Glad It's Friday

9/28/2007 - This Picture of Posh Spice Makes Us Sad

9/28/2007 - Tyra Banks Holds In Her Farts Around Her Boyfriends

9/28/2007 - Chanel Iman's Mom: Look But Don't Touch

9/28/2007 - Mary Louise Parker, Adopted African Daughter

9/28/2007 - A Gay Man Spends A Week Sniffing Vagina — And Finds It 'Hard' Not To Like!

9/28/2007 - Slate's Sex Issue: Incest, Big Butts, Vibrators & Elder Sex

9/28/2007 - Our Sponsors Are Hotter Than Ahmadinejad

9/28/2007 - Keanu Reeves, In Case You Care

9/28/2007 - Did Pepa From Salt-N-Pepa Get A Nose Job?

9/28/2007 - Every Little Girl Dreams Of Dressing Like Paris Hilton

9/28/2007 - Jessica Alba Takes Newly-Painted Toes Out For Test Drive

9/28/2007 - Sampling The Shenis, Or How Women Can Pee On Two Feet

9/28/2007 - Rumer Willis' Unfortunate Dye-Job

9/28/2007 - That 'Vogue' Writer With The "Son" In The Army? It's Actually Her Boyfriend's Son, Explains Actual Mom

9/28/2007 - Shiloh Jolie-Pitt: Wide-Eyed And Open-Mouthed At The Toy Store

9/28/2007 - Tech Geeks, Hot Model Create Sidewalk Bra & Panty Parade

9/28/2007 - "To Me, There Was A Certain Protocol That Was Lacking"

9/28/2007 - Britney Spears Accessorizes Skull & Bones Belt With Strange Hand

9/28/2007 - How A Barack Obama-Less Tyra Banks Broke My Heart

9/28/2007 - Italy Orders Stilettos For Lady Cops. And It Gets So Much More Ridiculous!

9/28/2007 - Rehabber Lindsay Lohan Prefers Pedicure Lounger Set To "High"

9/28/2007 - Gucci Sucks, Marni Full Of "Sad Sacks": The Critics Speak

9/28/2007 - Hilary Duff, Label Whore

9/28/2007 - Women Are Tired, Says Study; We Say "No Shit"

9/28/2007 - Kirsten Dunst: Scratching Her Hump Or Secretly Handcuffed?

9/28/2007 - Angelina Jolie Gets Teary, 'NY Times' Staffer Gets Blinky

9/28/2007 - Dear Sienna: The Weather In London Yesterday Was 57 Degrees And Sunny

9/28/2007 - Angelina Jolie & St. John: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

9/28/2007 - Drew Barrymore Dines With New Mac (Groan) Daddy, Justin Long

9/28/2007 - Mariah Carey's Not-So-Private Bathroom Break

9/27/2007 - Are There Any Virgins Left In America? We Sure Couldn't Find Any

9/27/2007 - When Was The Last Time You Saw Matthew McConaughey Fully Dressed?

9/27/2007 - The Ultimate Cell Phone For Women: Not Pink, But With A Pregnancy Test!

9/27/2007 - Donatella Versace Designs For The Donatellas Of The World

9/27/2007 - Not Liking Katherine Heigl's Pastel Prepster Look

9/27/2007 - Paris Hilton's Jekyll & Hyde Voice

9/27/2007 - Tyra, Obama, Obama, Tyra: We (Tried To) Live-Blog Barack's "Tyra" Appearance

9/27/2007 - Jessica Alba's Pretty Funny Mani-Pedi

9/27/2007 - 'The Fashionista Diaries': Bridget Wets Her Pants

9/27/2007 - How Many Bags Does Mom-To-Be Milla Jovovich Have To Haul Before Someone Lends Her Hand?

9/27/2007 - "You Know, When You Get To Know Ahmadinejad, It's Sort Of Like What Happens With Spencer Pratt"

9/27/2007 - Would You Trust A Guy Who Said, "It's Okay, I'm On The Pill"?

9/27/2007 - Britney: One For The Road?

9/27/2007 - 9/11 Made Our Men Macho Pigs, Or How To Sell A Book About Gender Roles In Wartime

9/27/2007 - These Days, Everyone's A Style Expert

9/27/2007 - Standing Next To Angelina Jolie Must Kinda Suck

9/27/2007 - Why Be A Mom Now When You Can Be One In Ten Years?

9/27/2007 - Punk Princess Vivienne Westwood: Fuck Fashion

9/27/2007 - Did Whoopi Goldberg Have A Vaginal Spasm On 'The View'?

9/27/2007 - Ever Sent A Text Message You Wished You Could Abort?

9/27/2007 - Alicia Keys: Black, White, & Hot All Over

9/27/2007 - 'America's Next Top Model': The First Fight!

9/27/2007 - Rich People Have Dating Problems; 'The New York Times' Pretends To Care

9/27/2007 - Kate Hudson's Perfect Indian Summer Ensemble

9/27/2007 - Victoria Beckham Wants To Rearrange Your Face

9/27/2007 - Three Drinks Can Cause Breast Cancer. But What About Six Drinks?

9/27/2007 - Amanda Peet's Daughter Usurps Shiloh Jolie-Pitt As Cutest Tinseltown Tot

9/27/2007 - Lindsay Lohan, Cocaine Kleptomaniac

9/26/2007 - From Africa To Burma To Organized Labor, An Ode To Hope

9/26/2007 - Sienna Miller Unaware That Weather In London Yesterday Was 60 Degrees & Sunny

9/26/2007 - Men Create Study That Shows Men Are Smarter Than Women

9/26/2007 - 'Project Runway''s Timmy Gunn Also Known As "Uncle Nag Bag"

9/26/2007 - Angelina's Stylish, Take-The-Kids-To-School Ensemble

9/26/2007 - Are Childless Career Women Saving Civilization As We Know It?

9/26/2007 - Audrina Balks Trend, Hearts J.B.'s Belching

9/26/2007 - Kirsten Dunst, Matching Boyfriend

9/26/2007 - 'Glamour': Jenna Bush And BFF Are Thoroughly, Excruciatingly Normal

9/26/2007 - Martha Stewart Gives Shout-Out To Not-So-Stealthy Bloggers

9/26/2007 - Amy Winehouse's New Shoes, Maybe Mom

9/26/2007 - When An Engagement Gets Called Off, Who Gets The Ring?

9/26/2007 - Women Love Fashion, So Why Aren't There More Female Fashion Designers?

9/26/2007 - Madonna's Near-Crotch Shot: 20 Days Later

9/26/2007 - The Dangers Of Dressing Down In Vegas

9/26/2007 - Nike To Native Americans: Your Moccasins Are Making You Fat

9/26/2007 - Lindsay Lohan's All-American '80s Aesthetic

9/26/2007 - This Week In Hollywood: Boobs, Babies, Bust-Ups & Booze Battles

9/26/2007 - Fairies At Prada, Nipples At Jil Sander: The Critics Speak

9/26/2007 - Why The Long Face, Ben? The Red Sox Are Going To The Playoffs

9/26/2007 - Sherri Shepherd's Wigged Out Week

9/26/2007 - Anorexic Model Admits Some People Find Her Unpretty, But Anorexics Totes Disagree!

9/26/2007 - Rachel Bilson Curbs Dog, Curbs Herself

9/26/2007 - Ann Curry Learns How To Pop And Lock On 'Today'

9/26/2007 - Women Less Happy Than Men About Performing Every Single One Of Those Multi Tasks

9/26/2007 - A Modest Proposal To Britney Spears: Lose The Crazy Contacts

9/26/2007 - "You Are My Favorite Halloween Witch": Kooky 'Cosmo' Editor Helen Gurley Brown

9/26/2007 - Women Make Dads Out Of Dudes With Deep Voices

9/26/2007 - Jake Gyllenhaal: Better With Beard Or Without?

9/26/2007 - Michael Jackson Back In Fashion

9/26/2007 - How Anne Hathaway's Boyfriend Got Clinton To Underwrite Their Fabulous Romance

9/26/2007 - Nicole Richie's Schoolkid-Sized Security Pillow

9/26/2007 - Hotel Rwanda To Become (Paris) Hilton Hotel

9/25/2007 - Heidi And Spencer's Tiffany Registry Is Only The Tip Of Our Melting Arctic Absurdity Iceberg

9/25/2007 - White Koala Killing Us With Cuteness

9/25/2007 - Computer Geeks Auction Themselves To Sorority Girls

9/25/2007 - If Sienna Miller Wears Uggs, Does That Mean They're Back In Style?

9/25/2007 - The Bachelor Begins!

9/25/2007 - Martha Stewart Has Never Heard Of Bong Water

9/25/2007 - Matthew McConaughey Chooses Ripe Pear Over Luscious Brazilian Babe

9/25/2007 - 'Glamour''s Suze Yalof Schwartz Hates Black Butts, Cannot Lie

9/25/2007 - Spencer & Heidi's Wedding Date: Emotional Highs, Sex, Death And Beheadings

9/25/2007 - One Easy Step To A Life Of Riches And Leisure

9/25/2007 - Diane Keaton Adds Bird Accessory To Arresting Ensemble

9/25/2007 - Teen To Ad Agency: "Why Are These Herbal Essence Girls So Bitchy?"

9/25/2007 - Dear Jane: I Feel Like God Brought Us Together...(Because He Hates You)

9/25/2007 - Kate Bosworth's Beautiful Boyfriend Points Out The Obvious

9/25/2007 - Prada Spring/Summer '08 As Gloriously Mismatched As It Wants To Be

9/25/2007 - 'The Pick Up Artist': The Students Become The Teachers

9/25/2007 - Christina Aguilera Finally Stops Hiding Her Baby Bump

9/25/2007 - What Nintendo's Rise Means For Those Of Us With Tits

9/25/2007 - Robot Sex: Maniacal, Mechanical!

9/25/2007 - What's Cuter: Bluebell In The Stroller Or Bluebell At The Beach?

9/25/2007 - Mon Dieu! C'est French LOLVogue: Shoulders, Champagne and Cigarettes

9/25/2007 - Courtney Love Talks Crazy, Designs Clothing Line

9/25/2007 - Brooke Shields? Or Katie Holmes?

9/25/2007 - 'Page Six Magazine': The Glossy Publication Of Our Functionally Retarded Generation

9/25/2007 - Even With Breasts, Black Women Get Short End Of The Stick

9/25/2007 - Coco Cox Arquette's Monogrammed Tote As Big As She Is

9/25/2007 - 'The Hills': Rehabbed Ex-Con Jason Wahler Gets Engaged

9/25/2007 - Does Exercise Make You Hungry Instead Of Thin?

9/25/2007 - Isla Fisher's Pregnancy Looks Painful

9/25/2007 - Will Call Girls Be The New Carrie Bradshaws?

9/25/2007 - Milan Subtly Reminds Fashion Week Attendees To Occasionally Eat Food

9/25/2007 - Injured David Beckham Does Fancy Footwork At Fred Segal

9/25/2007 - Marc Jacobs Shoes: A Step In The Wrong Direction

9/25/2007 - World Goes Crazy For Crazy Iranian President's Crazyass Speech

9/25/2007 - George Clooney, Girlfriend's Post-Motorcycle Crash Chic

9/25/2007 - Reese & Jake: I'll Stop The World And Melt With You

9/24/2007 - Missy Elliott Is The New Face Of Doritos

9/24/2007 - Milo Langdon To Mom Liv Tyler: "Grandpa Stevie Scares Me"

9/24/2007 - An Ode To Kombucha, An Alcoholic's Only Healthy Habit. But Why Does It Cost So Much?

9/24/2007 - Violence Against Teen Girls: It Happened To You, It's Happening To Them

9/24/2007 - Victoria 'Posh Spice' Beckham, Fashion Police Officer

9/24/2007 - Francesca Versace: The Little Versace Who Could

9/24/2007 - Shrinking Violets Have Shrinking Life-Spans

9/24/2007 - Britney: New Hair Color, New Dress... Same Boots?

9/24/2007 - Many Soldiers Enlist In Army For Lack Of Options, 'Vogue' Reveals

9/24/2007 - 'Rock Of Love': When A Stripper And A Porn Star Kiss

9/24/2007 - Audrina & Dirty, Sexy, JustinBobby

9/24/2007 - The Miseducation Of Adrianne Curry

9/24/2007 - French 'Vogue': Devil Worship Is The New Black!

9/24/2007 - Marcia Cross Remakes Famous WWII-Era Photograph

9/24/2007 - Hairy Pits: Appealing Or Appalling?

9/24/2007 - So Is Ahmadinejad Kind Of Hot?

9/24/2007 - Owen Wilson Blissfully Unaware Of Killer Wave Coming His Way

9/24/2007 - Yup, It's True: Girls Play Games

9/24/2007 - What Do Gay Men Think Of "Vulva", The Ladyparts Perfume?

9/24/2007 - Kate Moss: A Study In Monochrome

9/24/2007 - Scared To Give Birth? Uh, Don't Read This Story

9/24/2007 - Britney's Bodyguard Implies Cocaine Use On 'Today'

9/24/2007 - Getting Naked Around Your Kids: How Old Is Too Old?

9/24/2007 - Lindsay Lohan's Don't-Fuck-With-Me Rehab Rear-View

9/24/2007 - Do Guys Have A Problem When You Pay For Shit?

9/24/2007 - Bikini-Clad Nicole Richie Confronts The Reality Of The Post-Baby Body

9/24/2007 - Oprah Winfrey: Still Obsessed With Bowel Movements

9/24/2007 - Gwen Stefani, Son Kingston Salute The Paparazzi

9/24/2007 - What Does The Perfect Breast Look Like?

9/24/2007 - Get Set For The Todd Oldham Navy!

9/24/2007 - Sun-Starved Ellen Pompeo Plays Striptease At SoCal Seashore

9/24/2007 - The 'Other' Miss South Carolina Story, Or, Being Smart Will Get You Nowhere In This Life Exhibit LMVXI

9/24/2007 - There's Nothing Attractive In This Photo Of Brad Pitt

9/24/2007 - Britney Spears: Drugs, Drowning, Tears

9/21/2007 - Have Women Advanced Since 'Thelma & Louise'? It's The Next Great Political Debate!

9/21/2007 - VH1 Saves The Music, Not The Fashion

9/21/2007 - Is This Day Over Yet?

9/21/2007 - Daily Candy's Positively Pedicure-Laden, Yeast-Infection Giving, Very Bad Weekend

9/21/2007 - New Week, New Straight-Haired Brunette On Clooney's Arm

9/21/2007 - Status Meals Are The New Status Bags

9/21/2007 - How Should Sexual Offenders Be Punished?

9/21/2007 - Naomi Campbell & Friend: Knees Together, Lips Apart

9/21/2007 - Why America Should Be Thankful Those Nice Cops Didn't Send Star Simpson Straight To The Morgue

9/21/2007 - 'Boys Don't Cry' Back In The Spotlight

9/21/2007 - Affleck & Aniston On-Set: Where's His Hand Going?

9/21/2007 - Third Base Isn't What It Used To Be, And Other Stuff That Scares Us

9/21/2007 - London's Calling, And It Sounds (Er, Looks) Wonderful

9/21/2007 - Uh, Since When Does George Clooney Have Ridiculously Huge Feet?

9/21/2007 - In 'Cosmopolitan', White Women Have All The Fun

9/21/2007 - Why The Fuck Won't Teen Magazines Put Models On The Cover?

9/21/2007 - Trying To Tell Us Something? Hayden Panettiere Is Wearing That T-Shirt Again

9/21/2007 - Hard-Partying Women Choose Life Without Weens

9/21/2007 - Our Sponsors Are Generous Lovers

9/21/2007 - Marcia Cross Looks At World Through Child's Eyes

9/21/2007 - How To Get Perfect '90s Roots, The 'Vogue' Way

9/21/2007 - Douchebag Designer Tom Ford Attacks France

9/21/2007 - J. Lo & Mark: It Takes Two To Tango, Hide Baby Bump?

9/21/2007 - No Coffee, No Justice, No Peace: A Morning With Bill & Martha

9/21/2007 - Stella McCartney Adds Sporty Spice To Fashion Show

9/21/2007 - Socialites Are Just Self-Involved Slackers In Pretty Clothes

9/21/2007 - Britney's Ugly Extensions, Gorgeous Baby Boy

9/21/2007 - Terrence Howard Teaching Kim Kardashian How To Keep Her Famous Ass Clean?

9/20/2007 - Hillary Fundraiser Norman Hsu Is Kind Of Amazing; Indian Women Kinda Have It Rough

9/20/2007 - Debbie Harry Shows Young Hollywood How To Dress Sexy, Exit Car Chastely

9/20/2007 - Amy Winehouse's Performance Last Night Leaves Us Worried

9/20/2007 - On Jena And Jenna: God, This Country Is Fucking Stupid

9/20/2007 - Christina Aguilera's Perfectly Placed, Pregnancy-Hiding Piece Of Paper

9/20/2007 - Starlet Trades In Playing Dumb Blondes For Deep-Throating Brunettes

9/20/2007 - Dear Diana, Baby, I Love You!!!!!! So What Are You So Afraid Of????????

9/20/2007 - 'SATC' Spoiler, In Living Color: Charlotte Gets Pregnant

9/20/2007 - Benny, The Bikini-Waxed Intern: Hot New Internet Hunk

9/20/2007 - So You Like The Lipstick? Here Are Six Common Fuckups To Avoid

9/20/2007 - Uma Thurman, Boyfriend Give Brangelina A Run For Their Beauty Money

9/20/2007 - Man Living As A Woman Lacks Balls

9/20/2007 - 'The Fashionista Diaries': Whites Learn That Blacks Get Darker When Exposed To Sunlight

9/20/2007 - Uh, Why Is Helena Christensen Suddenly Skinny?

9/20/2007 - Think You've Got Candida? Maybe Not! We Consult An Ailing Vagina

9/20/2007 - Italian 'Vogue' Shocks, Awes, Makes Civil War Sexy

9/20/2007 - Ben Affleck Passes Up Craft Services Kettle Chips For Fresh Fruit

9/20/2007 - My Week With A $4000 Snakeskin Handbag

9/20/2007 - Who Really Wants A Photograph Of Their Marriage Proposal?

9/20/2007 - Zahara Looks Excited; Pax Looks Unenthused

9/20/2007 - 'Kid Nation' Might Be More Terrifying Than 'Lord Of The Flies'

9/20/2007 - 'America's Next Top Model': Gayer Than A Picnic And Twice As Fierce

9/20/2007 - Heidi Klum Fetches Child Without Help From Her Three Nannies

9/20/2007 - Even Incredibly Rich, Fabulous Women Get Nabbed Shoplifting From K-Mart

9/20/2007 - Is Prostitution Glamorous? A Hooker And A Slut Weigh In

9/20/2007 - Kelly Osbourne Tries To Break Record For Eating Jelly With Chopsticks; Looks Sick

9/20/2007 - 'Cosmopolitan' Celebrates "Plump" Women, 'Playboy' Style

9/20/2007 - If The Battered Wife Is A Christian Famewhore, Was She Asking For It?

9/20/2007 - If We Stare At Paris Hilton's "Magic Eye" Dress Will We See A Sailboat?

9/20/2007 - Fashion Writer Wears Fashionable Shoes, Loses Will To Live

9/20/2007 - Britney's "Secret" Fat-Dissolve Treatment May Or May Not Actually Work

9/20/2007 - Jessica Alba? Or Elizabeth Berkley?

9/20/2007 - A Kennedy Clothing Line At Last!

9/20/2007 - In Iraq, Brave Troops Open The Hotel Rwanda Of Puppies

9/20/2007 - Why The Long Face, Katherine Heigl?

9/20/2007 - Newsflash! Charlie Sheen Is Kind Of A Perv

9/19/2007 - Live Blogging America's Next Top Model Menstrual Cycle 9

9/19/2007 - Jesse Jackson, O.J., Fictional Rich Kids; Sometimes The World Surprises Even Us

9/19/2007 - His Name Is Prince. And He Is Funky.

9/19/2007 - 'Model For Christ' Brit Allows A Leper To Worship With Her

9/19/2007 - Breasts & Buffalo Wings: There's Now A Hooters In Beijing

9/19/2007 - Maddox Gets Picked Up From School By Mom, Army Of Paparazzi

9/19/2007 - Okay, That's It Ladies: Time To Buy A Playstation 3

9/19/2007 - What's Wrong With Britney Spears? Don't Ask Justin Timberlake

9/19/2007 - Somehow, Courtney Love Always Manages To Clean Up Nicely

9/19/2007 - 'Models For Christ': The Name Alone Is Just So Damn Inspiring

9/19/2007 - Size Zeros: Too Hungry, Fragile To Hump?

9/19/2007 - Jeremy Piven: Toupee? Or Transplant?

9/19/2007 - 30 Years of 'Cosmo': Sex, Drugs & Sperm-Killers

9/19/2007 - Are Childless Women Hostile To Working Moms?

9/19/2007 - Kate Moss Before Midnight... And After

9/19/2007 - Uranium Without An Amusement Park Ride Is Like Tinkerbell Without Paris

9/19/2007 - Britney & Brangelina: It's Been A Tough Week For Hollywood Moms & Dads

9/19/2007 - Holy Shit: Marcia Gay Harden Looks Hot

9/19/2007 - Paris Hilton Officially Announces Christina Aguilera's Pregnancy

9/19/2007 - They're (Ugh) Baaaaack: Carrie Bradshaw, Mr. Big Hit Streets Of New York

9/19/2007 - Did All That Whoring Make 'Washingtonienne' Jessica Cutler A Kind Of Genius?

9/19/2007 - Is George Clooney Is Sporting A Beard In Honor Of Talk Like A Pirate Day?

9/19/2007 - 'Gossip Girl': Depressing, Delicious Eye-Candy

9/19/2007 - Benny The Tech Geek Gets A Bikini Wax

9/19/2007 - Hayden Panettiere's T-Shirt Stark Reminder That She's Only 18

9/19/2007 - Alice Temperley For Target: Take The Sweater, Leave The Rest

9/19/2007 - Counting Sheep Is For Suckers

9/19/2007 - Paula Abdul's Boyfriend: Just As Bewildered, Glassy-Eyed As She Is

9/19/2007 - Do Teen Magazines Teach Girls To Hate Their Bodies?

9/19/2007 - Is America Ready For A Female President? Just Ask Carrie Bradshaw

9/19/2007 - Britney's Ice Cream Not What She Expected It To Taste Like

9/19/2007 - Cathy Horyn Still Talking About Marc Jacobs; London Fashion Week Sounds Fun

9/19/2007 - New Tampon Reduces Risk Of Toxic Shock, Bacteria

9/19/2007 - Angelina Jolie Looks A Wee Bit Happier, Healther

9/19/2007 - Judge To Britney: Quit Drinking & Learn To Parent

9/18/2007 - Nebraska Politico Sues God, And Other Shit To Be Thankful For

9/18/2007 - Vagina Power: Dick Wars

9/18/2007 - Yeah, Amy Winehouse Looks Whack. So What? We Look Worse While Blogging

9/18/2007 - Donatella Versace's Not-So-Gilded Designer Age

9/18/2007 - Scientists Find We Can't Stop Looking At Hot People Because They're So Damn Hot

9/18/2007 - Keri Russell's Infant Son Practices Best Cell-Phone Grip

9/18/2007 - So Give It Up, Why Are We Still Single?

9/18/2007 - Let Saudi Women Drive And Soon They'll Be Humping Oil-Slicked Mechanics

9/18/2007 - Sean Penn: Sunburned Or Stoned?

9/18/2007 - Dear Ally, I Love You Only Slightly More Than I Will Tomorrow

9/18/2007 - London Fashion Week: Slightly Tailored, Slightly Bound

9/18/2007 - Anna Wintour: The Only One Wearing White At Isabella Blow's Memorial

9/18/2007 - 'US Weekly's' Ken Baker Was A Nice Guy, Back When He Still Lactated

9/18/2007 - 30 Years of 'Cosmo' Ads: Scents, Spirits, Cigarettes & Sex

9/18/2007 - Mariska Hargitay's Son Has Bigger Eyebrows Than We Do

9/18/2007 - 'The Pick Up Artist': Now They're Insulting The Strippers

9/18/2007 - Delia's Deals: A Guilty Pleasure For The Young At Heart

9/18/2007 - Chin Up, Kelly...You Look Gorgeous

9/18/2007 - Rachel Zoe Transforms 'Teen Vogue' Intern Into It Girl You've Never Heard Of

9/18/2007 - Anorexic Says That Fear Of Men — Not Influence Of Fashion — Is To Blame For Eating Disorder

9/18/2007 - Ginger Spice's Baby Bluebell Gives Us Baby Blueballs

9/18/2007 - Have You Heard The Rumor About Tramp Stamps?

9/18/2007 - 'The Hills' Have Eyes With Crow's Feet

9/18/2007 - Britney's Sister Jamie Lynn: On Team Timberlake?

9/18/2007 - Red Lipstick Is Just Prettier: A Polemic Presented In Pictures

9/18/2007 - Breasts And Older Broads: Going, Going, Gone

9/18/2007 - Katherine Heigl Uses Sidewalk Bulls-Eye For Smoking

9/18/2007 - The Harvard Lampoon's Crazy-Eyed 'Cosmopolitan'

9/18/2007 - Friends Of 'Vogue': Too Emaciated And Weak To Hand-Carry Their Own Copies?

9/18/2007 - Tina Fey Bests Hollywood Boys Club With Talent, King-Size Emmy

9/18/2007 - Critics: TMZ Is The New C-Span, 'Das Kapital.' It Sure Beats Tucker Carlson

9/18/2007 - Scarlett Johansson, Ryan Reynolds Try To Hide Behind Crappy Hats & Sunglasses

9/18/2007 - Britney Spears' Very, Very, Very Bad Year

9/17/2007 - Britney, Bush, Blackwater: Still At A Loss

9/17/2007 - 'My Super Sweet Sixteen': Look What My Daddy Did With All That Money He Stole From Those Dumb Investors Edition

9/17/2007 - Adrien Brody's Refreshingly Low-Maintenace-Looking Girlfriend

9/17/2007 - Missy Elliott Got Verrrrry Drunk At The Lil' Kim Video Shoot

9/17/2007 - Manolo Blahnik Addict Defends Collection In 2,000 Words

9/17/2007 - Bridget Moynahan Continues To Hide Post-Baby Belly Behind Big Bags

9/17/2007 - Meet 'US Weekly''s Ken Baker. He'll Promote His Hot Nanny Instead Of You, Then Send The FBI To Your House

9/17/2007 - Your Marriage Might End Sooner Than You Think

9/17/2007 - Gwen & Kingston: Bring On The Dancing Horses

9/17/2007 - Age Is But A Number For Cougars And Their Prey

9/17/2007 - 'International Male': One Man's Shopping Site Is Another Man's Soft Porn

9/17/2007 - Paris Hilton: Out Of Jail But Still Climbing The Walls

9/17/2007 - Bill Maher Agrees With 'Facebook': Breasts Are For Fondling, Not Feeding

9/17/2007 - 'Life & Style': A Look Back At A Magazine That Was Ahead Of Its Time

9/17/2007 - Keira & Rupert's Matching Anya Hindmarch Bags

9/17/2007 - 'Cosmo' Cover Girl Ali Larter: Self-Involved, Stubborn, Easily Distracted

9/17/2007 - 'Rock Of Love' — Memo To Lacey's Dad: Your Daughter's A Slut

9/17/2007 - Gwen, Gavin & Kingston In The Park: Gwen Plays Photographer

9/17/2007 - Fashion Week Nightmares: Celebrity Seat-Fillers And Stamps That Don't Match

9/17/2007 - Does Getting Married Turn You Into A Selfish Bitch?

9/17/2007 - This Is An Olsen Twin On Drugs

9/17/2007 - Are Your Girlfriends More Important Than Your Boyfriends?

9/17/2007 - 30 Years Of 'Cosmopolitan': It's All About Sex & Hair

9/17/2007 - While Amy Winehouse Grows A Limb, Julia Roberts Loses One

9/17/2007 - Anna Wintour Cedes Throne To Rachel Zoe, The Worst Person In The World

9/17/2007 - Emmy Fashions: Mostly Pretty. Ryan Seacrest: Mostly Ugly

9/17/2007 - Gwen, Gavin & Kingston Hit The Park

9/17/2007 - New Study: A Dude's Stank Is In The Nose Of The Beholder

9/17/2007 - Black Fashion Industry Insiders Ask: Where Are The Black Models?

9/17/2007 - Justin Timberlake? Or Gollum From 'Lord Of The Rings'?

9/17/2007 - Designer Marc Jacobs Is Something Of A Narcissist

9/17/2007 - Sally Field, Alan Greenspan Weigh In On War, Politics. Who's More Right?

9/17/2007 - Amy Winehouse's Beehive Is Beginning To Grow Limbs

9/17/2007 - Today's "Secret Witness" Could Doom Britney Spears' Custody Battle

9/16/2007 - Live Blogging The Emmys: Britney Better Show Up And Make This Worth Our While

9/14/2007 - Judge Judy And The Case Of The Questionable Herpes

9/14/2007 - Our Sponsors Are Much More Reliable Than Our Servers

9/14/2007 - Dear Interns: When We Think Of You We'll Think Of Barf, Always

9/14/2007 - Turkish Cat Channels Britney Channeling David Bowie

9/14/2007 - Did 'Eat, Pray, Love' Sell Millions Because Elizabeth Gilbert Cheated On Her Husband?

9/14/2007 - Snap Judgment: Our Fashion Week Photogs Were Awesome

9/14/2007 - Tyra Banks: New Season, New Weave, Same 'Ol Crazy

9/14/2007 - Fashion Week: A Look Back At The Week That Swallowed Our Souls

9/14/2007 - The President Of Ford Models Speaks, We Provide A Translation

9/14/2007 - Helena Christensen: Still More Beautiful Than Any Model Walking Today

9/14/2007 - Pears, Pumpkin Cakes, & Homegrown Pecans

9/14/2007 - Remember When Tyra Banks Made A Music Video?

9/14/2007 - Stella McCartney: Definitely An "Innie"

9/14/2007 - Demi To Hollywood: Give Me A Chance, Dammit

9/14/2007 - Why Is The Word "Cunt" Still Such A Big Deal?

9/14/2007 - Is It Just Us Or Does Hilary Duff's Friend Look Like A Hybrid Of Paris And Nicole?

9/14/2007 - Will Britney Grovel for America's Forgiveness? Should She?

9/14/2007 - At Fashion Week, The Better The Access, The Worse The "Energy"

9/14/2007 - A Little Pale, But Charlotte Gainsbourg Is Back On Her Feet

9/14/2007 - Can You Tell If These People Are Gay Or Straight?

9/14/2007 - The Ten Commandments Of Dating Hypocrisy

9/14/2007 - Heidi "I Have Three Nannies" Klum Actually Pushes Own Pram

9/14/2007 - Girls Come To Blows, Fight Way Out Of Poverty

9/14/2007 - Chloe Sevigny Doesn't Buy High Fashion, Wants You To Buy Her Clothing Line

9/14/2007 - Marc Jacobs' Boyfriend Gives Him Much-Needed Blow To The Head

9/14/2007 - Diane Von Furstenberg Goes A Little Loco On Behalf Of Marc Late-cobs

9/14/2007 - This 14-Year-Old's Mom Invested 30 Grand In His Art Collection. Is That So Wrong?

9/14/2007 - Courtney Love, Friend Continue Crazy-Eye Look Across The Atlantic

9/14/2007 - Brad Pitt Drops Cash, Just As Angelina Predicted

9/14/2007 - The Hamster Races A Skydiver In A Porsche Cayenne

9/13/2007 - Iraq Is A Mystery Told To A Canadian Signifying Something Spiritual..

9/13/2007 - Marilyn Manson Has Eaten Evan Rachel Wood's Soul, Lent Her His Eyeliner

9/13/2007 - When Men And Women Work Together, Shit Gets Done

9/13/2007 - Walt Disney's 'The Story Of Menstruation'

9/13/2007 - Workplace Harrassment, The "Gray Rape" Of Your Sober Years

9/13/2007 - Kate Moss And New Boyfriend Look Exactly Like Kate Moss And Old Boyfriend

9/13/2007 - Britney Vs. Justin: A Case Study

9/13/2007 - Soup To Nuts: Pick-Up Lines "Mystery" Never Taught Guys

9/13/2007 - 'Vogue' Editor Anna Wintour Has A "BBF"

9/13/2007 - Is Pubic Hair Making A Comeback?

9/13/2007 - My Mid-Morning Conversation With VH1's "Mystery"

9/13/2007 - Dermot Mulroney: Living Proof That Divorce Is Unbecoming On Dudes

9/13/2007 - My Bloody Valentine: A Love Story

9/13/2007 - First Sienna, Kate, Kirsten & Nicole. Now Scarlett Johansson Has The Hat?

9/13/2007 - Feeling Sexually-Objectified? It Could Be Your Own Damn Fault

9/13/2007 - Hi Lindsay. Yeah, We're Looking At You

9/13/2007 - Kid Hookers A Thriving New American Employment Sector, State Dept Report Shows

9/13/2007 - Is A Home Stripper Pole Skanky? 'Cosmo' Says No

9/13/2007 - Jessica Biel Plays Nurse To Sick-Boy Justin Timberlake

9/13/2007 - 'The Fashionista Diaries': Mandie Erickson Is Still Acting All Cunty

9/13/2007 - Zac Posen, Donna Karan, Heatherette: The Critics "Speak"

9/13/2007 - Gael Garcia Bernal's Sexy Stubble

9/13/2007 - Fashion Week: If You Think The Clothes Are A Waste Of Time, Wait 'Til You Hear About The Hair

9/13/2007 - This Is The Future Of Reality Television. On The Plus Side, The War On Teenage Boy B.O. Continues!

9/13/2007 - Drew Barrymore: Yeah, Fuck If We Know

9/13/2007 - Rachel Zoe Shocks Universe, Proclaims Self More Important Than Anna Wintour

9/13/2007 - Douchebag Designer Marc Jacobs Is One Righteous Dude

9/13/2007 - Courtney Love, Glove-Clad Keystone Cop

9/13/2007 - Heath Ledger: Very Single And Looking To Mingle

9/13/2007 - This Country Is Big Enough For More Than One Jezebel, Y'all

9/12/2007 - Has The Whole World Lost Its Corset?

9/12/2007 - Fallen Foot Arches... So Hot Right Now!

9/12/2007 - Sienna Miller? Yeah, Fuck If We Know

9/12/2007 - Meet Midget Mac: 'I Love New York 2' Contestant

9/12/2007 - Ever Had A Boss Who Made You Hate Men?

9/12/2007 - Dear Tyra: Stop Slouching! Shoulders Back! Smile!

9/12/2007 - It's Barbie, Bitch

9/12/2007 - 'Harper's Bazaar' Editor Glenda Bailey Full Of Quips 'N Giggles

9/12/2007 - Back To School: Mad & Brad Put Their Best Foot Forward

9/12/2007 - Southwest Airlines Has Beef With Double-D's

9/12/2007 - Ivana Trump Looks Back On 9/11/2001, A Day She Went Business Casual

9/12/2007 - Cindy Crawford, Label Whore & Enemy To Reptiles Everywhere

9/12/2007 - 'Cosmo' Introduces: The "Blended" Orgasm

9/12/2007 - Growing Up, Everyone Did Dirty Things With Their Barbies

9/12/2007 - Unlike Anna Wintour, Scarlett Johansson Can Hold Her Own Umbrella

9/12/2007 - Elisabeth Hasselbeck Equates Blow Jobs With Polygamy

9/12/2007 - 4 Out Of 5 Tabloids Agree: Angelina Jolie Loves Her Kids; Either Loves Or Hates Brad

9/12/2007 - Dear Bridget Moynahan: Stop Hiding The Post-Baby Belly...You're Gorgeous

9/12/2007 - Fashion Week Attendees: We Might Actually Vote, If The White House Was A Less Boring Color

9/12/2007 - Britney Spears' 'VMA' Bomb: MTV, America And Britney Herself Are To Blame

9/12/2007 - Does Keira Knightley Pout Because Smiling Makes Her Squint?

9/12/2007 - Fashion Really Is Child's Play

9/12/2007 - Another Fucking Fashion Label Sues Forever 21

9/12/2007 - Dear Rose McGowan: You're Even Fiercier With Dark Hair

9/12/2007 - Gay People Look Different, Walk Different Than Straight People

9/12/2007 - Back To The Future: Women Will Shop Online But Still Have Sugar Daddies

9/12/2007 - Who Does 'Vogue' Editor Anna Wintour Think She Is? P. Diddy?

9/12/2007 - How Does Tanya Stay So Un-Chubko?

9/12/2007 - Marc Jacobs: Brilliant? Or A Bomb? The Critics "Speak"

9/12/2007 - Another Day, Another Angelina Sad-Face

9/12/2007 - Tom Ford Can Now Beat Off To His Very Own Internet Porn

9/12/2007 - Good News: Popping The Pill Fights Cancer

9/12/2007 - Jennifer Lopez's "Sweet" Smile, Silly Shoes

9/12/2007 - Angelina Jolie: Brad Should Be Quiet And "Look Pretty"

9/11/2007 - Finally Starting To Forget

9/11/2007 - Tim Gunn Worries About His Mom, Bad Dressing

9/11/2007 - Halle Berry's Bump Plainly Visible, Pretty Cute

9/11/2007 - Barbie And Ken: Amateur Porn Stars

9/11/2007 - Citigroup To Lady Investors: Take It From Us, Markets Are Tough!

9/11/2007 - Kate Bosworth: All A-Blush, Pretty In Pink

9/11/2007 - Narcisco, Diane, Oscar: The Critics "Speak"

9/11/2007 - Kanye West Loses His Shit After Losing At The VMAs

9/11/2007 - First Impressions: Someone Left A Drag Queen Out In The Rain At Heatherette

9/11/2007 - Clive Owen: A Little Fuzzy Around The Ears, But Hot

9/11/2007 - Dear Gia, How Could The Hundreds Of Women I Have Fucked And Left Crying Be Wrong?

9/11/2007 - The Guys Are Too In Touch With Their Feelings On 'The Pick Up Artist'

9/11/2007 - Balding Crew Member Makes Charlize Theron Look Like A Boob

9/11/2007 - Agency To Model: Eat

9/11/2007 - Holy Crap! 'The Tyra Show' Is Back!

9/11/2007 - Katie Holmes, Behind Bars Again

9/11/2007 - Paris Hilton Teaches Brandon Davis About Energy Policy (No, Really)

9/11/2007 - First Impressions: Betsey Johnson Show Looks Like "A Bistro In A French Whorehouse"

9/11/2007 - Mischa Barton? Or Jesus Of Nazareth?

9/11/2007 - The Do's And Don'ts Of Chick Gadgets, According To 'Wired'

9/11/2007 - WaPo Fashion Critic Robin Givhan's Dog Molests Shoes; Marc Jacobs Is To Blame

9/11/2007 - Victoria Beckham's Bandage Dress

9/11/2007 - 'The Hills': We're High On "Lo"

9/11/2007 - Newsflash: Trying To Be A Superhero Makes You Sick

9/11/2007 - Brandon Davis Downplays His Political Views

9/11/2007 - Courtney Love's Contact Lenses... Inspired By Britney?

9/11/2007 - Marc Jacobs Channels 'Grey Gardens'? We Beg To Differ

9/11/2007 - Do Bouncy Breasts Make Women Skip Workouts?

9/11/2007 - Zahara Smiles While Angelina Yearns For Adoption #4

9/11/2007 - Never Forget.

9/11/2007 - Paging Dr. Jezebel: Amy Winehouse Needs Another Appointment

9/11/2007 - Natalie Portman: Pissed? Or Pensive?

9/11/2007 - Molly Sims Doesn't Think Before She Speaks

9/11/2007 - It's More To Love Britney, Bitch!

9/11/2007 - Madonna & Guy Ritchie Have A "Sexy" Secret

9/11/2007 - Britney's Performance: Are Frozen Margaritas And Poorly Made Boots To Blame?

9/10/2007 - Future Of Democracy In Iraq Slightly Less Dismal Than Future Of Nicky Hilton's Clothing Line

9/10/2007 - Milly Spring/Summer 2008

9/10/2007 - 'The Salt-N-Pepa Show' Sneak Peek!

9/10/2007 - Heidi Klum Gets Fresh With A Fella Among Fresh Fruits, Veggies

9/10/2007 - Should MTV Change Its Name?

9/10/2007 - 'Rock Of Love': What Happens In Vegas Makes You Look Bad On Reality TV

9/10/2007 - Courtney Love: Channeling Janice The Muppet Or Mary-Kate Olsen?

9/10/2007 - Fashion Week Bloggers Flaunt, Shrug Off Access, Limited-Edition DHL Bags

9/10/2007 - Pregnant And Smoking? You're Probably Depressed... Or Famous

9/10/2007 - Drew Barrymore? Or Ashlee Simpson?

9/10/2007 - Did Misshapes Leigh Lezark Blackball Fellow Internet Celebrity Cory Kennedy?

9/10/2007 - The MTV Video Music Awards: Britney Spears' Outfit Wasn't The Worst Of It

9/10/2007 - Reese & Jake Engage In What Body-Language Experts Call "Mirroring"

9/10/2007 - Animal Research Indicates Female Promiscuity Is A Plus

9/10/2007 - Chanel Iman: Just Your Regular 16-Year-Old 'Vogue' Cover Model

9/10/2007 - Criss Angel: Worse Than Winehouse?

9/10/2007 - First Impressions: What's Up With The Turbans At Milly?

9/10/2007 - Anna Wintour Has Really Bad PMS Right Now

9/10/2007 - Our "Barbie Electric Chair" Is A Bust; We Interview The Inventor

9/10/2007 - Loving Everything About Ryan Gosling Except The Shades

9/10/2007 - 'The Daily': Just Like 'Us'!

9/10/2007 - Meet "Slut Machine": Jezebel Spiritual Leader, No Longer In Hiding

9/10/2007 - Tobey Maguire Looks Hunky: Is It The Tan Or The Tot?

9/10/2007 - Angelina Jolie Hints That She'll Never Marry Brad?

9/10/2007 - Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley: Also Great From Both Angles

9/10/2007 - Vera Wang, Proenza Schouler, Catherine Malandrino: The Critics "Speak"

9/10/2007 - Still-Life With Britney Spears: It's The VMAs, Bitch

9/10/2007 - Angelina & Brad: Great From The Front And The Back

9/10/2007 - Magazines Targeted To Black Women Suffer & Die

9/10/2007 - Katie Holmes Looks Aghast At Daughter Suri's Bowl-Cut

9/10/2007 - 'NY Times' Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn Trash-Talks Vera Wang; Gets Herself Banned From Carolina Herrera

9/10/2007 - Too Many Shots Of Tila Tequila And I'm Gonna Throw Up

9/10/2007 - America Ferrera's 'Glamour' Treatment, Revisited

9/10/2007 - Lindsay Lohan's Daddy Dearest: Simultaneously Sweet & Scary

9/10/2007 - Britney's VMA Performance: How Many Different Ways To Say "It Sucked"?


9/9/2007 - BREAKING MTV VMA LIVEBLOG: Britney Needs To Get In On Our Ass-Action Lawsuit

9/9/2007 - The Clothes Were Beside The Point At Frank Tell

9/8/2007 - Karen Walker: "The Brady Bunch" Meets "The Stepford Wives"

9/8/2007 - Max Azria Spring/Summer '09 Show & Scene

9/8/2007 - First Impressions: Although Anna Wintour Is Not In Attendance, Rodarte Is Hot As Hell

9/8/2007 - Gottex Spring/Summer '08 Show & Scene

9/8/2007 - J. Mendel Spring/Summer '08 Show & Scene

9/8/2007 - First Impressions: Rosa Cha Show "Kind Of Like A Joke From Zoolander"

9/8/2007 - Behnaz Sarafpour Spring/Summer '08 Show & Scene

9/8/2007 - First Impressions: Catherine Malandrino's Big Sleeves, Feminine Frocks Make A Pretty Woman Out Of Moe

9/7/2007 - The Fashion-Filled Week That Was

9/7/2007 - First Impressions: A "Peanuts" Gallery In 5 Acts At The Snoopy Show

9/7/2007 - Weekend Homework Assignment: Kill Barbie

9/7/2007 - Yeah, We Heard: Lindsay Lohan "Made Up" With Her Dad

9/7/2007 - First Impressions: It's A Shitshow At Baby Phat

9/7/2007 - Hillary Clinton Can Win The Presidency, Sez Chimp

9/7/2007 - Condé Nast's Fashion Rocks Event: Spy Sees Anna Wintour, Nicole Richie & Bump

9/7/2007 - Amy Winehouse, Hubby Prove That Tans Make Everyone Look Healthier

9/7/2007 - Old Lady Shows Others Lost In The Wilderness How It's Done

9/7/2007 - Our Sponsors Are Like Canada Dry To Our Fashion Weak Stomachs

9/7/2007 - Whoopi Goldberg's Welcome Wagon

9/7/2007 - Naomi Watts's Simple, Chic "New Mom" Haircut

9/7/2007 - Madeleine L'Engle, Beloved Author Of Fifth-Grade Erotica, Dies

9/7/2007 - Our Barf Bags Were A Hit, Except With, You Know, The Models

9/7/2007 - Jake Gyllenhaal Fills Out Pants, "Dresses" To Right

9/7/2007 - First Impressions: Chaiken Is "Fa Fa", "A Little Target"

9/7/2007 - Zahara Jolie-Pitt: My First Handbag

9/7/2007 - What Do You Fear Most About The Terrorists Winning?

9/7/2007 - Retro Fashion: Edie Beale On The "Best Costume For The Day"

9/7/2007 - Baby-Wipes Obsessed Terrence Howard Wears Sienna/Kate/Nicole/Kirsten Hat

9/7/2007 - Pass The Mammaries!

9/7/2007 - Tyra Banks: Recycling Old Weave Tracks For Sleeves?

9/7/2007 - Maddox, Mom Angelina Head To Big Kid's School

9/7/2007 - Julia Allison Asks: What About Fashion Makes You Want To Hurl?

9/7/2007 - Welcome To The Gunn Show

9/7/2007 - First Impressions: Hot Guys & Star Jones At Tracy Reese Show

9/7/2007 - Diane Keaton Pulls A Britney, Fills Up Barefoot

9/7/2007 - Terrence Howard Continues To Freak Us Out

9/7/2007 - L.A.M.B., Marchesa, BCBG: The Critics "Speak"

9/7/2007 - Anne Hathaway, Patricia Field Grimace At Miss Sixty Model

9/7/2007 - Giorgio Armani Pulls A Valentino, Randomly Asserts His Non-Retirement

9/7/2007 - First Impressions: Ports 1961 Fashion Show Smells Better Than Our Hotel Room

9/7/2007 - Facebook: Boobs Are For Body-Shots, Not Baby-Feeding

9/7/2007 - Britney Spears Gives Up Double-Fisting Red Bull For Versace Handbags

9/7/2007 - Pete Doherty's New Drug Buddy: A Kitten

9/6/2007 - A Fashion Accessory For All Seasons: Ex-Lax, Mints & Vomit Bags

9/6/2007 - Pete Wentz Is Sorry He's So Tastemaking; Maggie Rizer Is Sorry She Didn't Shave

9/6/2007 - Ben Affleck Wearing Foundation, Peach-Colored Blush?

9/6/2007 - Retro Fashion: '90210' Mother-Daughter Fashion Show

9/6/2007 - Calvin Klein Underwear Party: Richie Rich Is No Djimon Hounsou

9/6/2007 - Mischa Barton Arrives At Fashion Show Wearing Best Vacant, Model-Like Expression

9/6/2007 - Hollister: Sort Of Like "Girls Gone Wild", Only With Girls Too Young For Joe Francis

9/6/2007 - Baby Borat May Be About To Get Its First (And Hopefully Only) Bris

9/6/2007 - Amy Winehouse's Hair? Or Middle-Eastern Excavation?

9/6/2007 - Fashion, Weak: Get These Ladies Some Barf Bags, Stat!

9/6/2007 - Break-Ups Are Ugly

9/6/2007 - Oops! Madonna Almost Pulls A Britney

9/6/2007 - Baby Doll Keeps Foreskin, Loses Nuts

9/6/2007 - Avon Gets A Lashing From Ad Experts

9/6/2007 - The Duchess Of York's Disconcertingly Sheer Blouse

9/6/2007 - Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson: To Know Her Is To Loathe Her

9/6/2007 - Fashion Week Make You Want To Hurl? We're Here To Help

9/6/2007 - Amy Winehouse, As Interviewed By Kelly Osbourne

9/6/2007 - We Have A Winner! L'Wren Scott Is 6 Inches Taller Than Mick Jagger

9/6/2007 - Why Is It Weird When Your Boyfriend Is Not As Tall As You Are?

9/6/2007 - 'Grey Ant' Less Offensive, More Intricately Nuanced, Than "Gray Rape"

9/6/2007 - The Fashion Police Of The Friendly Skies

9/6/2007 - Dear Sienna, Nicole, Kate And Now Kirsten: Enough With The Hats & Sunglasses

9/6/2007 - First Impressions: Despite Techno-Soundtrack, Cynthia Steffe Puts Everyone To Sleep

9/6/2007 - Ugh, Enough With The Sluts Already!

9/6/2007 - 'Glamour' Explains How To Beat Cancer, AND Your Dead Big Sister

9/6/2007 - Erin Fetherston, 'Vogue' Editor Anna Wintour Thank Heaven For Little Girls

9/6/2007 - Clive Owen Knows We Want It

9/6/2007 - 'The Fashionista Diaries': Devora Rose Gives Mandie "Cunt Face" Erickson A Run For Her Money

9/6/2007 - First Impressions: Belt-Tightening And Facelifts At Bill Blass

9/6/2007 - Sharon Stone? Or Posh Spice After A Rough Night?

9/6/2007 - Chopping Your Hair Off For Charity Often Helps No One But You

9/6/2007 - Michelle Obama Won't Let Hubby Run Again Because It Makes Him Too Smelly And "Snore-y"

9/6/2007 - Journalist Quits Job At Paper To Open Whorehouse

9/6/2007 - Jessica Simpson Matches Famous Funbags To High-End Handbag

9/6/2007 - Maddox Jolie-Pitt Has The Hottest Maman Et Papa In His Class

9/6/2007 - Very-Pregnant Milla Jovovich Looks Miserable; Perks Up When Spotting Paparazzo

9/6/2007 - We're Having Serious Problems!

9/5/2007 - First Impressions: Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. Line

9/5/2007 - Smiling With Eyes + Metal Swim Cap - Weave = Another Tyra 'ANTM' Promo Shot

9/5/2007 - Catholic Blowhard Says Women Seeking Or Having Abortions Should Get 15 Years To Life

9/5/2007 - Heidi Klum's Casual, Off-Duty Look

9/5/2007 - Retro Fashion: 'Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's Dead'

9/5/2007 - First Impressions: Despite (Or Because Of) Visible Hipbones & Nipples, Vena Cava Is "Orgasmic"

9/5/2007 - Emma Snowdon Drinks Away Her Fashion Week Yeast Infection

9/5/2007 - Johnny Depp Takes Fashion Cues From Idol Hunter S. Thompson, Mary Kate Olsen

9/5/2007 - Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Prove The Experts Right

9/5/2007 - Cougars, Models & Magazine Editors; Everyone Loves Lanvin's Alber Elbaz

9/5/2007 - Jessica Simpson Travels In Comfort

9/5/2007 - Killer Crocs: The Summer's Fugliest Shoes... Banned!

9/5/2007 - BCBG: For Girls Who Like Their Dresses "Blonde"

9/5/2007 - Orlando Bloom's "Kid Toucher" Mustache: For Real? Or For A Role?

9/5/2007 - Marc Jacobs and Jason Preston: Togeths Forevs

9/5/2007 - 'Details' Cover Boy Brad Pitt Hates Paris Hilton; Gets "Warm" Often

9/5/2007 - Britney Spears Hits Liquor Store; Buys Ham Sandwich, Snapple; Eats, Spills Snapple On Self

9/5/2007 - Carlos Campos: Menswear Tries Not To Be Boring

9/5/2007 - The 'Glamour' Malaria Party: Full Of Fashion Icons, None Of Whom We've Heard Of

9/5/2007 - Cameron Diaz's Great Arm Gives Girls A Good Name

9/5/2007 - Angelina & Brad Are Still Going Strong; Larry Birkhead May Be Lying

9/5/2007 - Katie Holmes Looks Sweetly-Sad (Sadly-Sweet?)

9/5/2007 - Retro Fashion: Mr. T's Style Tips

9/5/2007 - Ashley Judd: Mental Case Off-Screen And On

9/5/2007 - First Impressions: At BCBG, Belts, Bodices Are In

9/5/2007 - Reese Witherspoon's Billowing Dress Sure To Start Pregnancy Rumors

9/5/2007 - Shameless September Ladymags: We Have A Winner, And It's Not 'Vogue'

9/5/2007 - 'Vogue' Editor Anna Wintour To See Sunlight, Breathe Real Air

9/5/2007 - Thandie Newton: Gorgeous, But Too-Matchy-Matchy?

9/5/2007 - Fasten Your Seatbelts, Girls; It's Fashion Week

9/5/2007 - Brad, Maddox Break Our Hearts, Root For The Yankees

9/5/2007 - Take A Picture Of Jude Law, Get Punched

9/4/2007 - Newsflash: Skinny People Are Born That Way

9/4/2007 - Charlize Theron's All-White Outfit Goes Well With Pigeon-Poop

9/4/2007 - 'The Pick Up Artist': Boys Don't Cry... But Men Do

9/4/2007 - 'Glamour' Just Loooooves America Ferrera For Undermining The Whole Skinny Blond Hollywood Stereotype It Helped Create

9/4/2007 - Justin Timberlake's Shorts: Plaid On The Inside?

9/4/2007 - We're All Straight Here, But Sperm Annoys Us

9/4/2007 - Bridget Moynahan & Baby: Tom Who?

9/4/2007 - Giving Birth Just Got A Lot More "Glamorous"

9/4/2007 - Another Rough Night? Cameron Diaz's On-Set Scowl

9/4/2007 - Maggie Gyllenhaal In Goth Lingerie: Ew

9/4/2007 - Boys In The Classroom Make Girls Stoopid

9/4/2007 - If Scott Baio And Liza Minnelli Had Great Sex, Is There Any Sense To Be Made Of The World?

9/4/2007 - Vivica A. Fox: Jessica Simpson's "Best Black Friend"?

9/4/2007 - Hey Teens: Let's Talk About Sex

9/4/2007 - Brad & Angie's Venetian Vacation: Checking The Diaper

9/4/2007 - Brad & Angie's Venetian Vacation: Boarding The Boat

9/4/2007 - Brad & Angie's Venetian Vacation: On The Boardwalk

9/4/2007 - Moody? Magazine Ads Got You Wondering If You're Manic-Depressive? Ask An Adolescent

9/4/2007 - Feminism's Fourth Wave: Fall Fashion?

9/4/2007 - Sienna Miller Had A Rough Night Too

9/4/2007 - 'The Hills' Have Allies

9/4/2007 - Fashion Is, Actually, Mostly About Vanity And Consumerism

9/4/2007 - Amy & Blake: Tanned, Rested And Ready

9/4/2007 - 'Rock Of Love': Heather Gets Inked

9/4/2007 - Where Have All The Good Girls Gone?

9/4/2007 - Dear George Clooney: Uh, Rough Night?

9/4/2007 - Breaking Fashion Week News: Ralph Lauren Holds Himself In High Regard

9/4/2007 - ABC's Martha Raddatz Interviews Bush In Iraq And, Oh Yeah, Katie Couric Does Too

9/4/2007 - Angelina, Brad Show The French What "Chic" Looks Like

9/4/2007 - Michelle Williams: Soon-To-Be-Single Mom

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