SiriusXM Fires Oppressed Racist Anthony Cumia

In other words, Sirius XM has done the right thing. Read the former Opie & Anthony host's history of racism here.



Plant Girl

Trying not to feed trolls here so I'm starting my own thread.

Nobody deserves to be assaulted - no one is saying that white men deserve assault or that it's not a big deal when a white man is assaulted.

But to believe that this dickhole was a victim of a hate crime assault and that speaking out about it is what got him fired? That is beyond delusional. He made that clear himself.

He digitally patted himself on the back about not murdering a woman who he was antagonizing, and taking creepy photographs of (when women are already routinely victimized, assaulted, and robbed of their dignity on a regular basis, WOC even more so than white women). He tweeted vicious, violent, disgusting hate speech. What he said was chilling in its awfulness.

To say that he has been victimized by this firing is hateful. It erases people and their experiences. It puts this man's hateful language above the safety and dignity of an entire group of people. He took this beyond the incident with the woman on the street. Fucking A. Pay attention. Read what he was saying. How can people defend this shit?

I am so tired of people trying to act like people like Anthony Cumia are fucking oppressed. I am so tired of people jumping in on shit like this, and the Hobby Lobby ruling, and countless other things, and acting like it's all about the oppression of white men. Are you kidding me?! Sit the fuck down. I am so done with this shit this week.