Tonight is a night to celebrate. This has been an extremely long road to the election, and it's not everyday that history is made. (Obama has this one in the bag, right?) If you're gonna park it in front of the TV tonight to watch the results and to hear pundits talk their heads off, then you'll probably want a stiff drink to make the fairly foreseeable results a little funner. So we've come up with a game to which you can sip (or strip, if you're on the wagon), to make the night a little less predictable.Sip or Strip:

  • If Joe the Plumber makes an appearance
  • Every time the term "Troopergate" is mentioned
  • Anytime Tina Fey is discussed, or if footage of her as Palin is shown
  • If someone from Ohio is interviewed
  • Every time the word "maverick" is uttered
  • Every time the term "battleground state" is uttered
  • When a "battleground state" has been decided
  • If you see footage of Palin walking around in those black boots
  • Whenever The View or any of its panel members are discussed
  • Whenever CNN's John King starts playing on his board

Sip twice/Remove two articles of clothing:

  • If a swing state goes blue
  • If you correctly call a state

Finish your drink/Remove all clothing:

  • If this thing gets called by 8 PM