Worried about seeing Fifty Shades of Grey? Have no fear! Every last ounce of humiliation at seeing the movie has been sucked up by this Danish man, who was caught leaving a showing and tried to hide it so poorly that you can feel the painful cringe all the way from America. Please press play now.


When I watch videos like this, I often want to try to figure out what the best part is. Is it the guy's terrified smile? Is it the fact that he tries to pass it off like he's just trying not to ruin the interview or is it the awkward moment when he desperately attempts to join two exiting women to let everyone know that "Hey, the ladies dragged me. I wouldn't see this by myself! Honest!"?

No, the best part is when the women are having absolutely none of it. You going to try to hide behind them, single Danish man? Well, you're going to have a bad time. But not like a sexy bad time. Like a bad bad time. You know what I mean? Hope the movie was worth it. And fly your mainstream box-office smash freak flag high next time. You've got nothing to be ashamed of.

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