Illustration for article titled Singer You Vaguely Remember From Middle School Wants To Fuck Sarah Palin

At least that's what we think Sophie B. Hawkins said. Slate, why must you tease us so?


Here is the reported dialogue between Sophie B. Hawkins and former RNC chair Michael Steele:

She explained her political philosophy to him.

"I'm not a conservative," said Hawkins, "but I'd like to [expletive] Sarah Palin."

Steele reacted quickly. "Well, she's very attractive," he said.

The occasion was a party co-sponsored by Andrew Breitbart and GOProud; the latter's presence had irked social conservatives. Clearly, their fears are already becoming true — at least if the feeling with Palin were mutual.


CPAC 2011 Big Ol' Gay Party [Slate]

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