Singer Behind '29 Celebrity Voices' Hoax Explains Why He Did It

WELP! Another day, another great Internet hoax. Why must you keep destroying our innocence, oh Great Internet Gods!

As many predicted, yes the "Guy Doing 29 Celebrity Voices" video was totally fake. After I banged my fists on the ground in pure outrage and dried my tears of heartbreak, I thought I would track down the guy who made the video and find out why he wanted to stab us all in the heart. Rob Cantor assured me he is not the Devil. He's just a musician looking for a clever way to promote his music and I guess it worked.


Tell me how the idea for this video came about.

The idea arose from a conversation with my friend and producer Greg Jenkins (AKA Gregtronic). We thought a video in which I do a bunch of impossibly good impressions would be an amusing thing to see.


Why did you want to lie to honest, hard working Americans who just want the freedom to click on things people share with them on Facebook without drowning in a sea of lies?

My intentions were noble — I only lied in order trick honest, hardworking Americans into giving me their time and money. JK OF COURSE. I just wanted to make something that would be fun to watch and spread my music.


So you can't sing in different voices. Can you really sing though? Are you even a real person?

Yes — I'm a real person, and I hire impressionists to put my pants one leg at a time, just like everyone else.


Is everything a hoax? Is this interview a hoax? Am I hoax?

There are quite a few hoaxes out there — for you and your readers, I listed off all the other hoaxes (at least as many as were discussed at the last Hoax Meeting). Jimmy Kimmel Twerking Girl — hoax Moon landing — hoax Global Warming — hoax Hulk Hogan's Death — hoax Simon & Garfunkel — hoax JIF Peanut Butter — hoax Squiggly Lines — hoax Hope that helps!


HA! I KNEW THERE WERE MEETINGS. ILLUMINATI + LIZARD PEOPLE = VIRAL VIDEO HOAXES. What's next for you? More lies or are you doing more music/videos/etc.?

I'll be continuing to promote my album "NOT A TRAMPOLINE" any way I can. If I put out another impressions video that seems even more absurd and impossible than the last, just know in advance: it's totally real. I swear.


If you want to tell Cantor how his hoax turned you into a bitter skeptic who will never be able to love again, you can find him on Twitter. I sent him a vial of my tears.

Here's a list of the real people behind all the impressions. You can see how they made it in the video above. One person may not have been behind all the voices, but that doesn't take away from the fact that all these people are pretty damn talented:

BROCK BAKER: Jack Black, Kermit the Frog, Smeagol / Gollum, Peter Griffin, Adam Sandler, Patrick Warburton, Jon Lovitz
AMANDA GARI: Cher, Flipper
REAGAN JAMES: Gwen Stefani
ANDREW LAURICH: Christopher Walken
PIOTR MICHAEL: Christopher Lloyd, Steve Buscemi, Gilbert Gottfried, Ray Romano, Ian McKellan, Jeff Goldblum, Bob Dylan
MARK SIPKA: Randy Newman, Louis Armstrong, Willie Nelson, Billie Holiday
MELISSA VILLASEÑOR: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Bjork

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So by my count, Cantor did exactly NONE of the voices. And how does help him promote HIS music? Boo, motherfucker, boo.