Since When Is It OK To Be Cheerfully Dumb?

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Between Sherri "the world is flat" Shepherd and Kellie "I thought Europe was a country" Pickler, ignorance is bliss right now. But, writes Christine Fenno on, it's time to ditch the ditzy girl image. "In a world where so many trailblazing, intelligent women — Hillary Clinton, Condoleezza Rice, Katie Couric, take your pick — try to make the world a better place with brainpower, you've got to ask yourself: Do Sherri and Kellie have any humiliation threshold?" she writes. "Do they even realize how vacant they sound?" One possible answer: They do, and they don't care! Watching Kellie Pickler on Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader? will make you embarrassed to be human. She doesn't know what country Budapest is the capital of, so she flounders... "I know they speak French there. Is it France?"


When she finds she is wrong, and the answer is Hungary, she exclaims, "Hungry? That's a country? I've heard of Turkey." And so Kellie follows in the foosteps of other "dumb blondes" like Anna Nicole Smith and Jessica Simpson, making women look bad. And when host Jeff Foxworthy says, "Kellie, focus," Kellie replies, "I'm listening to what you're saying, but I only hear what I want to," prompting Foxworthy to fire back: "That's just called being a woman." (Kellie boos, but only after the audience does.) She doesn't seem humiliated, and gleefully shrugs off the fact that she cannot answer a third grade geography question. Fortunately, a growing number of psychologists believe that happiness is overrated and cheerful people make less money. Yay?

Here's the reasoning: People who are never really content are restless.

The glass is never entirely full to them, and they always want more. They have an edge to them, and this edge may give them the competitive drive to excel in school and on the job. In short, a little bit of discontent sparks success.


And yet, bubbly dummies like Kellie, Sherri and Miss Teen South Carolina aren't exactly being laughed out of town by smarter, discontent people. Why do they have any say in the world, and how can we get them to shut up?

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As pathetically sad as this statement is, I'd rather Daughtry represent NC than Kelli Pickler. Oh who am I kidding, WE'RE DOOMED!