Simpsons Graffiti On Pagan Fields: Cute, But Where's Homer's Cock?

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  • We were feeling kinda blue today. Then we saw this. [Boing Boing]
  • Now that Isaiah Washington has a new job maybe he'll stop his pointless bitching. The former Grey's Anatomy cast member been cast in 5 episodes of the upcoming TV show based on The Bionic Woman. [E!]
  • In the UK curry laced with ecstasy = attempted murder. Over here curry laced with ecstasy sounds kind of like a fun Friday night! [BBC]
  • The Killers' Brandon Flowers and his wife now have a son. They are both 26. We were about to feel a little depressed about this, but then we remembered that all three of the Hansons are now married with children. And now we feel really depressed. [People]
  • The Catholic Church has been ordered to fork over $660 million to 500 alleged sexual abuse victims in Los Angeles alone. [CNN]
  • The X-Files Movie, Round II?! Oh 1998, it's as if we never left you! [Entertainment Weekly]
  • President Bush has pledged his support to Palestinian President Abbas. Oh, Georgie — way to play the Arabs both ways! [NYT]
  • So unacceptable: Celebrity The Apprentice. Any (has been) star who goes on this show will lose whatever piddling amount of respect we still hold for them. [USA Today]
  • 1 U.S. casualty identified over the weekend. [DoD]

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JessicaLovejoy: Laughing, riding, cornholing!

I keep telling people that my grandma's curry and dahl have to be laced with cocaine, but that story takes it a bit too far....