Simon Doonan & Jonathan Adler: Newlyweds!

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  • Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan and designer Jonathan Adler were wed yesterday at City Hall in San Francisco! This article states that they "sealed the union with a spirited sprint down the glorious grand staircase." Mr. Doonan wore a Liberty print shirt, Barneys Co-op jeans, a Prada V-neck and a Thom Browne velvet jacket. Mr. Adler wore Barneys Co-op jeans, V-neck, a Fred Perry sweater, and Adidas sneakers. [SFGate, Photo by Thor Swift]
  • If Prop. 8 passes in California, "it would be the first time in American history that an existing minority right would be taken away by the vote of a majority." The Christian conservatives are ahead, in terms of fundraising. Karen Ocamb's article indicates that Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Sir Elton John and Melissa Etheridge have not donated to the cause to fight Prop 8, according to the California Secretary of State's Campaign Finance website. Ocamb writes: "While their visibility as openly LGBT celebrities and entertainment power players is important, their financial absence from the specific fight to save the fundamental right of same-sex couples to marry is hurting." [In L.A. Magazine]
  • Katie Holmes made her Broadway debut in All My Sons last night and Tom Cruise loved it. "It was extraordinary," he says. [Yahoo News]
  • Heidi Klum is freaking out about hosting the Emmys on Sunday. She says: "I get nervous when so many people are looking at me. It's live and you go on stage and no one asks questions. To go out and just talk is terrifying." Heidi, when it doubt, say "deezigners." Everyone loves that! [The Sun]
  • BREAKING: Ivana Trump flew coach. [Page Six]
  • Pink's song about heartbreak, "So What," is her first No.1 song on Billboard's Hot 100. She says the track is not entirely autobiographical, but the opening line is, "I guess I just lost my husband." (Watch the video!) [Yahoo News]
  • Nicole Kidman speaks about her baby and her hubby! She says: "To be given the blessing of a child at this stage of my life was wonderful." She also claims she and Keith can't stand to be away from each other. "We start to hurt after seven days. I've never wanted to live my life apart from the person I love. If you're going to be with someone, you're with them, you're committed to them. I'm not sort of flitting around. If I fall, I fall - that's it. We gently fell into each other. We were two lonely people who went, 'Ah, there you are.'" [The Sun]
  • After shooting 30 Rock with Oprah, Tina Fey says: "I would like to announce that we are officially best friends." [Chicago Tribune]
  • You know how Amy Poehler is getting her own show? Will Arnett will be on it! Her husband! [Onion AV Club]
  • Justin Timberlake is planning on writing a song for his friend Ellen DeGeneres and her new bride Portia de Rossi. "I actually made them a promise and I'm gonna stick to it," he says. Let you whip me if I misbehave… [UPI]
  • Simon Cowell uses so much Botox he can no longer scowl. He says: "To me, Botox is no more unusual than toothpaste. It simply works. You do it once a year - who cares?" Um, Simon, do you only brush your teeth only once a year?? [The Sun]
  • George Clooney's character in Burn After Reading uses a sex ramp; apparently sales of this item are suddenly up. [Daily Express]
  • Katherine Heigl earns about 22 times what her Grey's Anatomy costar Ellen Pompeo makes, thanks to her film career. (Other Grey's salaries are compared here, too.) [Portƒolio]
  • Val Kilmer as the governor of New Mexico? Bill Richardson says yes! "I like the idea. Val Kilmer is a New Mexican; he was Batman. You know there have been successful actors going into politics." [Shakesville]
  • Last night, Audrina Patridge maybe moved out of the house that she shared with Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth. Plus: Rumors are swirling that she's getting her own spin-off show. Please let JustinBobby be in it! [TMZ]
  • Oooh the Jack White/Alicia Keys Bond theme! It's called "Another Way To Die." Listen here. [Concrete Loop]
  • So you know how Robert Downey Jr. is going to play Sherlock Holmes in a flick directed by Guy Ritchie? Jude Law will play Watson. [Ain't It Cool]
  • Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali will do another 13 episodes of their cooking show; this time in Italy. [Perez Hilton]
  • Contrary to reports, two of Paris Hilton's dogs were NOT eaten by a coyote. [Page Six, People]
  • Pat O'Brien is leaving The Insider. [People]
  • Ryan O'Neal's lawyer says: "Those were not Ryan's drugs, he doesn't use drugs." [People]
  • Gary Coleman's lawyer says "he did nothing wrong." This comes after Coleman allegedly ran over a dude who tried to take his picture with a camera phone. [People]
  • Janet Jackson's Rock Witchu tour: "Overloaded with blinding dazzle, pyrotechnics and gaudy style over substance. The myriad production numbers were reminiscent of a poor Vegas revue and emotionally distant, the band and backup singers bolstering her vocals hidden away, leaving one to wonder if some — or most — of it was prerecorded." [Reuters]
  • Is Britney Spears getting special treatment for her driving without a valid license trial? [AP]
  • Broke oil "heir" Brandon Davis owes money all over town. [Page Six]
  • Is Kathy Griffin moving her Life On The D-List show from Bravo to some other network? [Page Six]
  • Denise Richards' show: Getting canceled? [Page Six]
  • Joan Prather of Eight Is Enough was arrested after dragging an L.A. County Sheriff's deputy down the Pacific Coast Highway with her car. [TMZ]
  • China's Ugly Betty is not ugly enough. [Guardian]
  • Speaking of Ugly Betty, America Ferrera says Henry and Gio will be back on Season 3. [EW]
  • Alex and Cynthia Rodriguez: Officially divorced. That was quick! [TMZ]
  • LL Cool J is pissed because Jessica Simpson's album beat his on the charts. [MSNBC]
  • Ronnie Wood's estranged wife says: "I'm enjoying my new freedom." [The Sun]
  • Ashton Kutcher doesn't know how to spell step-daughter Tallulah's name. [Perez Hilton]
  • Does Playboy treat black women like crap? [TMZ]
  • The Spice Girls have beaten Led Zeppelin for an award for the best music reunion. Girl powah! [BBC News]
  • Tracy Chapman is releasing her first new album in years, and you can listen to a track here. [Perez Hilton]
  • "I do believe in marriage… But I just think for me, it's not a desperate kind of thing. In America it's definitely something that seems to be a major goal with every woman – the big wedding day. I don't need that. I want total commitment and spiritual connection, and I am lucky because that's what I've got. One of the things that first attracted me to my boyfriend is his brain. He's very well-read and really sexy to me. Brains are the most important thing to me, because I feel I lack them. I want them from the man I am with. I love a well-read man – that is such a turn-on." — Eva Mendes. [Mirror]



I adamantly like Eva...but I'm still thinking she and I need to have that chat about boundaries.

And COME ON, this prop 8 business...REALLY? The straight guy that lives in France is donating money and Hollywood's LGBT community is not? LAME. I wish I still lived in LA so I could vote on it.