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Simon Cowell will miss Whitney Houston not only because she had vocal cords made of platinum, but also because she was being considered as a judge and mentor on the X-Factor. Said Cowell about a Whitney Houston-infused talent show,

One of the names we were going to be talking about in [a Monday] meeting as a possible mentor on the new series of 'X Factor' was going to be Whitney Houston ... Given the choice, I would have liked to have taken her under my wing as well, because she would have been the ultimate, ultimate mentor to any contestant coming on the show ... She was undoubtedly the greatest superstars [sic] of all time. One of the greatest voices in our time we're likely ever to hear.


Not a terrible way for the Queen of the Night to forge a comeback, if only.

Whitney Houston Was Being Considered as a Judge on ‘X-Factor' [HuffPo]

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