Silver Linings?

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From the ashes of the economy rises a chic new phoenix: The Recessionista. "While the fashionista may have locked herself in the vault with her tiaras, her younger, hipper sister-recessonista-is at the mall finding designer threads (or diffusion designer threads) at discount prices." Recessionistas take advantage of discount designer lines at places like Target, H&M and Kohl's. Pre-recession, perhaps we were just cheap? []


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@athenaswisdom: Hmm...How to describe Stein Mart? It's like, part of the store is like TJ Maxx, where they have resale stuff from random brands that's been marked down. BUT they also usually have a "Boutique" section where there are legitimate designer labels (that have also been marked down!). Plus, they don't just have clothes, they've got all sorts of jewelry, purses, and home goods too. God, when did I turn into such a Stein Mart commercial?

Stein Mart... You should go!