Sigourney Weaver: We Need Women in Washington ASAP

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New USA show Political Animals features Sigourney Weaver playing the Secretary of State. And while Weaver is just acting like a political figure, she has a lot of thoughts about women in government.


Weaver feels that something lady-centric is in the air right now:

It's a women-in-general era. Something's afoot in this country. Besides Hillary Clinton and Madeleine Albright, proven is we're terrific and smart. Ready for women in politics. You can admire Angela Merkel of Germany, but maybe our nation isn't yet primed for a woman president… only… why not? We just aren't getting sufficient support.

She also believes that women have something unique to offer, when it comes to public service:

Time to have this conversation. Kick away old thinking. Why's ambition considered unattractive for us but not for a man? Women speak right out. From the heart, not a prompter. We're not in this for ego or power. We can work together. Ask questions nobody asks. Roll up our sleeves, don't intimidate, get things done in a different way. I know. I'm a mother.

Of course, dragging motherhood into it isn't necessary: Women who are not mothers have plenty to offer. Condoleezza Rice and Angela Merkel never had kids and somehow manage to get shit done. But overall, Weaver has a good point: If we want equal political, economic, and social rights for women, we need more women in legislature and government.

With 50 percent of the population, only 15 percent of us are in Congress. I wouldn't go into politics myself, but I'm definitely a feminist. Feminism is natural.

Business as usual isn't working. A female's needed to stir things up, get our country moving again. This stalemate in Washington can be broken by a woman.

Here's a trailer for Political Animals, in case you want to tune in. (She's convinced me to start watching. )


[Cindy Adams/NY Post]



Isn't it refreshing to hear a mainstream public figure declare herself to be a feminist? She isn't dancing around the topic. She says it's "natural." I wish more people would make declarations like this, instead of making lame-ass statements like, "I'm not a feminist, but I support equality" or whatever. Feminist and feminism are not dirty words. I was taking an education class a few years ago when I was working on my teaching credential. We were talking about bias in teaching, and teaching from different perspectives, and feminism came up. I was getting frustrated, and I asked the class (of about 25 women and 3 men) who identified as a feminist. About 4 of us (all women) raised their hands and the rest of the women looked shocked that I would ask. It made me so depressed. Especially because this was at a liberal state school in Northern California. Feminism! It's about equality!