Sienna Miller Attends "Kitchen Sink" School Of Fashion Inspiration

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  • Sienna Miller on the inspiration behind the first collection of her clothing line 'Twenty8Twelve by s.miller': "Dickensian London, French peasant style and Seventies New York rock 'n' roll." And, uh, what else? WAF Pilots, cavemen, scuba gear... [WWD]
  • Bag designer Anya Hindmarch caused quite a stir with her faux-environmentalist "I Am Not A Plastic Bag" bags. The designer insists, though, that the idea behind them was never retail-based self-promotion: "It genuinely wasn't a marketing thing when we started out... I hope, though, that it ends up being good for us." Subtle, Hindmarch. Subtle. [WWD]
  • WWD is even worse at crafting blind items than 'Page Six': "Rumors are rife in Paris that a major fashion house, under new ownership, offered [Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman] a hefty contract to become the house's creative director." Hmm, wasn't Halston just acquired? By Harvey Weinstein? Who is also Chapman's boyfriend? [WWD, 1st item]
  • Best-ever quote from a celebrity "designer": "I don't know how to sew and I'm not back there with all the fabrics or anything. But I do know what I like to see women wearing and I know what looks good on the streets." Because it's not like 50 Cent is in the fashion game because he's, like, gay. [WWD, 1st item]
  • Not-so-breaking news: Frye boots are back! Uh, didn't this happen 5 years ago? [WSJ]
  • Agent Provocateur founder (and spawn of designer Vivienne Westwood and Sex Pistol founding manager Malcolm McLaren) Joseph Corre draws attention to his fancy British medal by rejecting it on grounds of Tony Blair's complicity in the Iraq War. His wife and partner in whorish undergarment peddling, meanwhile, accepts hers, presumably because she actually doesn't have a problem with Tony Blair being so "morally corrupt". Or maybe because she doesn't take herself quite as seriously! Something tells us the breakfast table chats in the Corre household would make The View look pretty civil! [Guardian UK]
  • Robert de Keyser, founder of the distributor of Victoria Beckham's denim line in the UK: "The new Beckham range appears to be seriously overpriced for a line made out of a cheap fabric." Really, sir, don't hold back! [Sun UK]


That Ungaro has been looking for a new designer is one of the worst kept secret in Paris. Management has approached several designers at competing houses including, I believe, Marchesa's Georgina Chapman. (WWD posted a blind item asking which French house she had been recruited for.