Sick! The Daily Show Spoofs Glenn Beck

Poor Glenn Beck: First he goes into the hospital with appendicitis, then, when he can't fight back, Jon Stewart goes and uncovers Real America's vast internal organ conspiracy - and introduces the 11/3 project.

The full bit is here:


"The naysayers will say, 'Oh, Jon, the organs don't have thoughts! They can't hatch a plan and get together and execute that plan!' Oh, really, really? They can't organize?"

If you can't see the video, all you really need to see is this:

Sick! The Daily Show Spoofs Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck's appendix issues? Clearly, it's they're part of one giant plot, with ACORN(s), Van Jones, and Che Guevara trying to bring down the Fox News host through his own internal organs. He would know, of course: Watch him break down the pro-Communism propaganda at Rockerfeller Plaza:

They really need to rename this show "Leaps of Logic with Glenn Beck."

More leaps of logic? When Beck connects his own questions to link Obama and an Oligarchy...only, he forgot the C and the Y.


It's surprising Beck appears in public without his tinfoil hat.

It's even more surprising his show doesn't follow the Colbert Report.

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