Should You Get Plastic Surgery To Stay Competitive At The Workplace? Gordon Patzer PhD. Thinks So!

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Fun new trend being reported by two-thirds of plastic surgeons! People are getting it done to "remain competitive in the workplace," with eye jobs and teeth-whitening two of the most popular procedures. Hey, cheaper than going back to school and easier than learning Flash design! Maybe I should look into it? Gordon Patzer Ph.D, author of Looks: Why They Matter More Than You Ever Imagined, a book bemoaning this trend, would apparently advocate it. "It's a good investment for the workplace," he says, noting that investments that improve your physical appearance and make you appear younger can ultimately delay the decline of your workplace effectiveness as you age." Einstein and Napoleon, Patzer warns, are "exceptions, that do not disprove the rule."


Anyway. I've addressed this topic countless times, so extensively we have this tag "American Titocracy," so if you've been reading awhile you know I think that the American economy is so driven by "want creation" that all work performed by women is on some level gradually acquiring properties of sex work. Which is why I feel so adamantly that somebody needs to punch Gordon Patzer in his conventionally handsome still-boyish-at-50 face.

(Let's face it: is there anyone of whose intellect you are generally more suspicious than a really really pretty person? Later on in life, that can actually work to their advantage, since the pretty people find adoring boyfriends who will stay in while they catch up on all the reading they missed out on in high school. I know a bunch of really pretty people who have totally overcompensated in this way, to the point that I now consider it a neutral if someone is extraordinarily attractive, though there is still a lot to be said for having been ugly throughout most of your formative years.)

The point is, however, that Gordon Patzer's brand of dismayed resignation is NOT WHAT AMERICA NEEDS RIGHT NOW. The threat to American hegemony is not the superior skin and/or bone structure of the BRIC nations. (Well, Brazil maybe?) And we need our fucking science minds to stop going into plastic surgery.

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@Rooo sez BISH PLZ:

I am assuming she means in the current holistic paradigm, the disciplinary divides gets blurred and the perspective of a [insert humanities degree here] when applied to [insert different area of humanities] is a great idea. Hell, you can mix it up even further and throw in some exact sciences there too.

Can you tell I've heard that same thing from like, every single professor ever?