Should Women Support Hillary Because She's A "She"? Why Are People Allowed To Ask This Question?

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Occasionally we forget that there are things threatening feminism that are not spelled "MySpace" or "reality TV." For instance: idiot husbands. Idiot husbands put all sorts of ideas in otherwise smart women's heads, like the idea that wearing a thong is a good idea or in Salon Broadsheeter Carol Lloyd's case, that voting for Hillary will somehow have some sort of halo effect on other women, which we, as bloggers who have on occasion left our homes and met Republicans, know is not quite the way it works, with Hillary.

Despite the fact that there's plenty he disagrees with about Clinton's positions, he's leaning toward her simply because she's a woman. "I have two daughters and I want them to grow up in a country where it's possible for them to become president," he said. "I don't know when that's going to happen again."


Uh, Carol? If you'd had two retard children would you have voted for Bush that last time around? Didn't think so.

A Vote For Hillary, A Vote For Our Daughters? [Salon]

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