Should Women Stop Using The Word "Douchebag"?

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Megan's awesome post earlier reminded me of the fact that, personally, I don't use the word douchebag. I'm prone to "asshole" or "fucking jerk." And I like faux-swearing, like "mothertrucker" and "shut the front door, you son of a businessman." But it seems like "douchebag" has been growing in popularity lately. The same way I would never call someone who is not brave a "pussy," I don't know that calling a stupid, irritating or reprehensible guy a "douchebag" is a good idea, since the negative connotation comes from the fact that a douche is something only a woman uses.


Where "asshole" is not gender specific, "douchebag," "douchenozzle" and "twatwaffle" are specifically designed to insult a man by associating him with something feminine. A douche is for the vagina. Since when is being exposed to a vagina a bad thing? Is it okay to use "douchebag" because, as we all know, douching is not really necessary and actually can be harmful to your vaginal health? How many people who use the word actually know that?

On the other hand, I know that some words just become part of the lexicon and take on new meaning. So that when you think "douchebag" you just think "jerk" or "asshole" and not Summer's Eve feminine care. And I would never say something like "women should never use this word!" Freedom of speech is a beautiful thing.


But just like the Cleveland Indians logo, Darkie toothpaste, and those super-popular Sean John "No Bitch Ass Ness" T-shirts, "douchebag" makes me uncomfortable. Am I alone?

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So, for those of you who don't like female-specific insults, what about the male side? Would you say a guy is a "dick" or a "prick" or "has no balls"?