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Valerie Plame has a new book out in which she excoriates the Bush Administration, condemns the war, and blah blah blah finally apologizes for allowing that photo shoot since her CIA class voted her "Least Likely To Need A Makeup Team From Vanity Fair To Make Her Look Hot" anyway.

She describes arriving home one day to find 'Vanity Fair' photographers in her kitchen preparing a photo for the magazine's cover."I did not listen to my instincts and threw my extreme caution about public exposure to the wind," she wrote. "In no time, the beauty team had me made up."


Okay, first thought: disingenuous. She "arrived home " to find a bunch of strangers in her kitchen — if you were her, wouldn't you kind of wonder if they'd been sent by Karl Rove? Second thought: does she really need to apologize for that? Third thought: yes. Fourth thought: Oh for Chrissakes why?

5. Because if it was someone who had been victimized by a Democratic administration, we'd think it was vulgar. 6. But no one Clinton ever victimized was ever in the remotest danger of looking she was exploiting her brutal hotness for magazine photo shoots! 7. Oh, so we're going to equate this with Paula Jones, are we? 8. Well there's also the matter of Graydon Carter. 9. Seriously, you are one of those self-hating lefties who wants lefties to behave well at all times and not embarrass us because you know how it plays with the legions of idiots in the country and guess what: Bush is the Face of our Country right now so chew on that. 10. Also: One million pointless deaths and counting...


Plame Criticizes Bush For Leak Scandal [MSNBC]

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