Should MTV Change Its Name?

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Britney bombed. Justin used his time to ask that the channel play videos. Kanye worked the hardest at putting on a good show, then lost every category, pleaded, "give a black man a chance," and says he won't come back. MTV throws them a huge party every year, and still, people in the music industry hate MTV. We all know that the M is for music — the problem is that these days, there is no M in MTV. Their suck-cess story is stuff like The Hills and My Super Sweet Sixteen, which is fine, but is not Music Television. They need a new name. They've got accept their fate and replace the M. What should it be? TheHillsTV? PostTeenTV? The TV Formerly Known as M? Suggestions welcome.


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@Cutting Makes You Sexy: My roommates and I were talking about the ADD aspect of the show last night. You barely saw a full performance, they showed all these wacky graphics, and it didn't really seem like there were many awards. Is MTV's target demo so ADD that they had to use that format to keep an audience?