Should Depressed Little Rich Girl Just Give It Up And Go On Prozac Already?

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Hey guys, you can get out the machetes! It's a poor little rich girl, and she's writing in to a British advice column because she thinks her trust fund ruined her life. "I think it's good for me to be employed but... there is no motivation for me to stick anything out," Francesca writes the Telegraph's Lesley Garner. Francesca is 26, rich, depressed, disillusioned, dilletantish, and anxiety-plagued, but she doesn't want to go on antidepressants because she doesn't "want to surrender ownership of my emotions to some pharmaceutical company." (And isn't that just the bitch that is capitalism? It's much more fun to usher a pharmaceutical company to colossal riches on the backs of popular mood-altering drugs and sugar substitutes...but how to cope once you not only have access to all that dough and all you can think to look at it was, "Wow, that was a really worthwhile endeavor for society, amassing a multibillion dollar fortune convincing 30 million Americans they need depression meds for the rest of their lives." Whatevs.)


(Oh yes, and related, Johnson & Johnson heir Jamie Johnson's second movie The One Percent apparently debuts tonight, not that anyone thought to invite little old yours truly.) Anyway, I think Francesca should get off her high horse and get into ADD drugs. Lesley thinks Francesca should get a fun roommate and go to therapy. No seriously, I think Francesca should probably allow her depression to fester a little longer, get a job waiting tables because it's the quickest way to transfer feelings of self-loathing to others, and come to my house one day and answer all the calls I get from telemarketers, thus prompting the terrible cycle of realization: "Wow, a lot of people have to work in telemarketing for a living," followed by "Wow, I bet they thought telemarketing was bad until they all got replaced by computers." Then I'll sell you some ADD drugs and you'll be on the path to recovery.

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@Scoregasm: hahahaha! I am somewhat tired, but that made me laugh.