Short Men More Likely To, Uh, Cruise For Little Boys

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  • Short men are more likely to be pedophiles, according to a new Canadian study. Maybe they're just looking for someone their own size? Kidding. []
  • At least there's one Supreme Court Justice who will stand up for the rights of women. Ruth Bader Ginsburg has cautioned that if Roe v. Wade is overturned, such a decision "would have a devastating impact on poor women." [Feministing]
  • This is kind of awesome. A radiology facility in Orlando is hosting mammogram soirees in order to encourage women to get their breasts checked. [CBS News]
  • According to the UN secretary general, violence against women in post-conflict nations has reached "pandemic proportions." This is no surprise to anyone who read about those absurdly gruesome rapes in the Congo. [International Herald Tribune]
  • The WE network (aka the poor man's Lifetime) and are using their brands to get women educated about the election. That's nice, but can't they focus on getting Tori Spelling back in the mini-series business? [NY Times]
  • More women are electing to get double mastectomies, even when cancer is just in one breast. Lumpectomies are still the most prevalent treatment for cancerous tumors, but double mastectomies have increased by 150%. [USA Today]
  • Women who put on a lot of weight during adulthood are at an increased risk of developing breast cancer because estrogen hides out in the excess fat and encourages tumor growth. Sneaky bastards! [MSNBC]
  • A man was found guilty and sentenced to five years in prison for digitally raping a woman in Australia. We thought this story had to do with computers, like the guy raped her in a chat room or something, but apparently "digital rape" means he fondled her while she was asleep on a train. []
  • Lord Steel (sweet name), the British politician who campaigned for the UK's 1967 Abortion Act, says that there are too many abortions nowadays and women are, in some cases, using abortion as a form of birth control. [Guardian UK]



I just watched Jeffrey Toobin on Charlie Rose promoting his book about the Supreme Court. He and Charlie theorized that based on actuarial tables, Roberts could be Chief Justice for another thirty years, but perhaps much more interesting, Toobin said that he's heard Hillary might try to appoint Obama because he's smart, young and qualified.

BTW: The video is available, if anyone else is interested (38 mins)