Short, Delusional Would-Be Reality Show Contestants Possibly More Shallow Than Actual Cast Members

The New York Times continues its rigorous coverage of the modeling industry-focused reality television business by visiting the line of 1,550 would be America's Next Top Model contestants and emerges with what is pretty much the most depressing piece of citizenry pulse checking we've read since last week's poll of 2,000 Iraqis, winding its way through the mass of would-be reality TV approximations of "models" picking up retarded quote — 18-year-old Bianca Golden's "I love Naomi because she is a diva," to too-short-even-by-ANTM's-non-standards Trish Henson's "I'm, like, accorded 15 minutes, and I want to take it while I still look hot." to this impossible crescendo:

Pearl Testerman, 19 and 5 feet 9 inches, drove to New York with Natasha Latina, a co-worker from a Wilmington, Del., hair salon, who, "placed fifth in hair extensions at a competition last summer in Moscow that's like the hairdresser Olympics," Ms. Testerman said. "I was her model."


There are the sort of quotes you couldn't make up, and then there are quotes that would place, like, sixth in the "hackneyed and predictable depiction of the MySpace generation's attack on female intelligence" competition at the Jayson Blair Olympics, and, uh... yeah, anyway, click all you want but could you do us a favor and please not do anything that might, like, elevate this story to the Most Emailed list? Maybe, just maybe, our priorities are warped enough?? Maybe?

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