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Susan Curran, 58, is a regular at her local Marks and Spencer, where she frequently meets friends in the cafe of the British chain's nearest outpost. But after Susan, who suffers from cerebral palsy, got stuck in a bathroom and was forced to pull the emergency bell, she was banned from the store. After being told by a manager that "staff were not trained to deal with her and workers were being put at risk," she received a letter stating that "You are not permitted to enter into any of our stores again. If you choose to ignore this notice you will be asked to leave." [Telegraph]


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I don't necessarily have a problem with it. Places should be required to allow access for people with disabilities, not require their staff to be trained to handle the disabilities.

First of all, she looks to be a bit hefty. So you are thinking staff at a coffee shop should be required to possibly go into a bathroom and lift this woman off the toilet, or whatever she needed. Really? I sure as hell would not be willing to do that, I would find that incredibly uncomfortable and not part of my job description. Also what happens if someone strains their back?

She has a disability and that is a shame, but the staff should not be required to deal with it. Having a chaperone is a reasonable request if this is going to be a problem.

Whenever something like this happens everyone immediately attacks the store. As if min. wage employees should be trained and be required to deal with a myriad of things - however humiliating it might be for them.