Olivia Pope was shown getting an abortion in last year’s Scandal winter finale. Maybe President Fitz got her pregnant or maybe not. And maybe he’ll find out about it, but Shonda Rhimes’ thinking is: “Does he have to?”


The abortion episode came up during a PaleyFest Q&A with the cast on Tuesday in L.A., when a fan asked Rhimes whether Fitz will ever learn about Liv’s abortion.

“My question is, does he have to?” Rhimes replied. (The show never made it clear if it was Fitz who got Liv pregnant.) “A woman made a choice about her body that she legally has the right to make. I haven’t actually decided, but I wonder sometimes. We talk about it a lot.”

As for the irritating on-off romance between Fitz and Olivia, yes, there is a chance they’ll get back together at a time when they’re less toxic for each other.


“Olivia is on a journey and Olivia has been on a journey since we started. It’s interesting to me that her primary story is a romance—that’s what you’ve seen—because to me, her primary story has been discovering herself,” says Rhimes. “She went on the fantasy and she realized that the fantasy was not real. That does not mean that she does not love Fitz, that does not mean Fitz does not deserve love. It just means that Olivia does not know who she is yet.”

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