Shockingly, Most Americans Support Free Birth Control

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If social conservatives were hoping to ride to the White House on tide of unquenchable Puritan backlash against President Obama's birth control mandate, they'll find their hopes tragically dashed. According to a new poll, the majority of Americans like the idea of giving birth control to anyone who wants it.


The poll, conducted by Quinnipiac University, found that 54% of Americans support the administration's mandate that employer sponsored plans provide birth control at no cost to employees who wish to use it under the Affordable Care Act. Only 38% of poll respondents opposed the measure.

This marks the first time that two normally warring camps — women who like having sex without worrying about getting pregnant and crotchety misanthropes who hate it when people bring babies to restaurants or on airplanes — have joined forces to support a political cause. Also involved in this historic alliance are men who enjoy having sexual relations with the women on the birth control, women who need birth control for nonsexual reasons and are sick of having to explain themselves, and sensible people who find it really fucking creepy that politicians are evolving into state sponsored panty-sniffers before our very eyes.

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My microeconomics professor has lectured for the LAST THREE CLASS PERIODS on how insurance should not only not cover birth control but it also shouldn't cover doctor's visits or prescriptions. He says that insurance should only cover things you don't know are going to happen. so... surgeries and hospitalization because of accidents. he also regularly refers to Plan B as "chemical abortion." I have wanted to walk the fuck out every single time. This guy used to work for HARVARD, so it's not because I go to some terrible school. so frustrating.