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Shocking: People Are Using Airbnb to Get Laid

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You would never guess it, but lots of one-night stands and hookups are happening between Airbnb hosts and their guests.


The purpose of Airbnb, other than boning, is for people to rent a place to stay, which sometimes means an entire house but can also just be a room in someone’s crib. The latter is how many of these hookups are happening.

In a story about Airbnb sex, Business Insider spoke to a few hosts who’ve slept with their guests on a whim, and vice versa. There’s, of course, a Reddit thread dedicated to it. Stuart, a 25-year-old architect who hooked up with a 36-year-old Brazilian renter in July, tells BI:

“I asked if she would want to come to my bedroom. She did and we had amazing sex. Mind-blowing. She tip-toed back up to the other bedroom during the night and nobody noticed. This then continued every night for the rest of the week and we slept together every night.”


Simple enough. This 27-year-old French woman also had a one-night stand at an Airbnb in England last Easter. She was surprised to find out that her host was a hottie:

“I was not expecting our host to be a serious silver fox: a proper surfer dude in his early forties, no kid, no wife, full of good vibes. We shared a beer and had good conversations with him the first day. The next day we invited him for a drink in the evening. We were all quite drunk and my friends joked about the fact that he was interested in me. They left the pub to leave me alone with him. We came back home later in the night and shared a bottle of wine in his flat. Then he kissed me and we went to his bedroom to spend the rest of the night. We left the morning after. We kept in touch only for a very short time after that...It was totally unexpected, but fun.”

Boarding with a stranger has its risks. BI notes that sexual assaults are a legitimate concern, citing a case last December where an Airbnb host in Barcelona was sentenced to 12 years for raping two guests. Other offensive incidences have been reported, but casual sex doesn’t seem to be a major trend.

Airbnb reps stayed away from commenting on the hook-ups in particular. An Airbnb manager told BI, “We’re trying to ensure that people feel safe in sharing their space, but guests also feel safe in going to that space. The level of engagement those two people want to have is obviously up to them.”


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I dunno, that all sounds a bit creepy.

I’m just going to stick to secretly recording my Airbnb guests in the bathroom and masturbating to it later.