Shocking: More Women Gave Obama Money Than Romney

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Poor Mitt Romney; all of the money, self-tanner, and binders of women in the entire world couldn't get him into the good graces of America's ladies last month. Only 28 percent of his donors were women, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, while female donors made up 44 percent of the Obama campaign's donations. Looks like women do like being treated as equals after all!

Politico points out that these numbers don't include donations to super PACs, party committees affiliated with the campaigns, or people who gave $200 or less to either campaign. But something tells us there weren't a whole lot of low-income women showering Romney with their hard-earned cash.

Other donation data of note: Romney's top contributors were basically all financial companies. (I gotta sit down for a second, this news is blowing my mind!) Goldman Sachs and Bank of America both gave more than $1 million each, Morgan Stanley gave more than $908,000, and JP Morgan Chase gave more than $833,000. Why so stingy JP? The energy industry (oil, gas, coal) gave Romney $9.5 million.


In further mind-blowing revelations, Obama's campaign received most of its money from tech companies and universities. People and PACs connected to the University of California, Harvard University, Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Chicago and University of Michigan gave a collective $3.5 million to Obama for America. All together, Microsoft, Google, IBM and Apple gave $2.3 million. Thanks, smarties!

Big Bird was not available for comment.

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it wasn't an election, it was a popularity contest. the "cool guy" won, while the smarter guy was ridiculed. it's not "cool" to vote for the old white guy; it's cool to vote for the hip black guy, no matter how much he has destroyed this country so far...