We went out to Hooters' 10th anniversary of its Manhattan restaurant, and while fellow Jezebellian Jennifer chatted up Hooters employees, video dude Alex Goldberg and I focused on the buffalo-wing-eating clientele, which was about 98% male (duh). We approached each guy and simply asked, "Wings or breasts?" Unexpectedly (or expectedly) most of them assumed we were talking about women, not chicken parts, and instead responded by naming which parts of the female body they most favor. The whole thing was reminiscent of feminist critic Carol J. Adams' book The Pornography of Meat, [Read it! -Ed.] which compares the packaging and selling of meat to that of women, arguing that, much like meat, women are consumed and marketed in parts. But yeah, I'm not really that shocked that a bunch of meat heads at Hooters would be a bit piggish. It's in their nature.