Shocker! Reality TV isn't real! Rejected The Bachelor contestant Bettina Bell tells the Washington Post "You see us on a date, but we have five producers standing around. The producers say, 'If you give us a kiss on camera, then we'll leave.'" Ew. Also, shocking, the "love" might not really be "love"! "it was more of a crush, magnified by the fact that there are 24 other women who are digging the guy you dig. So it's blown out of proportion. . . . You're in this dreamland, and all of a sudden you come to reality again." Which is that you're single and have humiliated yourself on national television. [Washington Post]


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uhh, no shit?? I believe this is the typical post-Bachelor redux and not the show is like in the million-th season, there's no one who goes on not knowing this, and also not realizing that being seen on TV every week probably won't hurt business when you enter back into your real life (unless your job looks down upon fame-whoring)