Shit Republicans Say About Black People

At Monday's 352nd Republican presidential debate, the remaining candidates for the GOP Presidential nomination tackled the tough issues, like whether or not felons should be allowed to vote and what in the sam hill is going on with black people being poor all the time. As they veered between treating moderator Juan Williams like he was an acceptable substitute for the ire they'd like to direct at President Obama and talking like a civics paper written by a drunk guy who only watches Fox News, I started thinking: For being a bunch of rich white folk, Republican politicians sure do say a lot of shit about black people.

From Mitt Romney's robotic pandering to Newt's condescending paternalism to Rick Santorum's thinly veiled references to black women as out of control unmarried sex machines, there's a lot of Shit being said. And since the 'Shit People Say' meme hasn't quite been beaten all the way to death yet, the best way to digest it all at this moment in time is to view it in compilation form.


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the brain pain.

Special thanks to Madeleine Davies, who took a bunch of unconnected, long-ass clips and put this together for your viewing pleasure.


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