'Shit Girls Say' Scores a Book Deal

Oh, girls! Always sayin' stuff and feeling cold and being annoying. What a buncha girls. In the grand misguided tradition of internet-words being turned into physical-words, the Twitter-cum-YouTube sensation "Shit Girls Say" has landed a great big Harlequin book deal. It's Gay Guys Making Fun of Women: The Book. I hope they add a chapter about how yucky vaginas are! (JK, gays. "Shit Girls Say" is pretty funny. LYLAS.)

Quoth Mediabistro:

Here's more from the release: "In the irreverent spirit of Humphrey and Sheppard's YouTube videos and Twitter feed-which allows Graydon Sheppard to famously exhibit his feminine side-the book will feature full-color images that capture the hilarious essence of everyday phrases used by women. Quirky and fun, the print edition of Sh*t Girls Say will appeal to the millions of devotees of this pop culture phenomenon."


Um...sure! Sounds compelling. I'm sure it will "appeal to the millions of devotees," even though 100% of them have already read this book before WHEN IT WAS CALLED THE INTERNET. It's not that I mind blogs being turned into books in some sort of sour grapes way—hey, do whatever you want, publishers. Buy whatever you want at Urban Outfitters, devotees. But there's just something so sad-grandpa about the whole phenomenon. It's old media frantically trying to figure out how to monetize new media. But attempting to transform Twitter, a medium whose entire value lies in its transience and immediacy, into something static, heavy, and literally made of ground-up wood is the opposite of progress. It's backwards, and it's not the magic pill that's going to save literature. So put down that electric guitar, grandpa! Seriously! We love you just the way you are!

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Shit guys say.

"But don't you agree with me? How can you not agree with me?"

"I'm going to assume you're mentally unbalanced because you don't agree with me."

"It's ironic satire."

"You just don't like dumb blond jokes because you're so politically correct you have no sense of humor."

"But seriously, you agree with me, right?"