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'Shit Girls Say' Gets Yet Another Racial Twist

You've seen internet sensations "Shit Girls Say" and "Shit Black Girls Say;" now stick around for the latest iteration of this "girls saying shit" internet video subgenre— "Shit White Girls Say to Black Girls."


Comedian/actress/blogger/overall renaissance woman Franchesca Ramsey's video satirizing insensitive things white women say to black women is alternately hilarious and cringey, but it mostly makes me wonder: who are these idiots going around asking people if they can touch their hair? Why do people who start sentences with "not to sound racist, but..." have any friends at all, much less friends of other races? How long until ignorant fools start implying that Ramsey herself is racist for pointing out racist things that other people do?

Perhaps just as importantly: when will we get tired of this whole "girls saying shit" meme? Time will tell.

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I'm not sure if I can express how much I love it when people/friends say 'It's like you're not even black,' to me. Like, I love it.

It gets even better when I hear 'You're the whitest black girl I know.' It really warms my heart.

#sarcasmexplosion #ithurts