Shia LaBeouf Is Hitchhiking Through Colorado, If You'd Like to Pick Him Up

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For his next performance art piece, Shia LaBeouf—actor, producer, artist, scary maniac, former owner of one rat tail—will be hitchhiking across Colorado for the next month. Would you let him inside your car?

Gothamist reports that the project, titled #TAKEMEANYWHERE, is a collaboration with Nastja Rönkkö and Luke Turner, who were also responsible for that time Shia watched his own movies for three days straight, and #IAMSORRY, during which he claimed he was raped.

They’ll be tweeting out GPS coordinates for the next month, and whoever gets to them first will get to pick them up and—yes!—take them anywhere, which seems, frankly, like a great way to get murdered, but then again, getting murdered for the sake of art seems kind of like Shia Labeouf’s ideal end game?


“What’s trippy is, it’s the most expansive and most intimate thing we’ve done,” LaBeouf told Vice. Here is a video of that expansive intimacy that a Redditor posted, via Gothamist:

If you’re interested in picking up Shia LaBeouf and putting him in your car and driving him somewhere, the route will be tracked in real time on and LaBeouf will be tweeting out GPS coordinates.


And if you do, please email me and tell me everything.

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does he eat normal food because i would 100% drive out there, pick him up, and go to a diner and just talk to him about life.

to be fair, i’d do that with just about anybody that wouldn’t try to kill me.