Shia LaBeouf Explains His Weird Mom Comments, Still Thinks His Mom Is "Fly As Hell"

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  • Shia LaBeouf on his mommy comments: "It was Mother's Day coming up and I don't have any problems appearing crazy to make my mother smile, but she is the most beautiful woman on this planet and I love her. [Extra]
  • "She's fly as hell. I stand by that. My mom's awesome….I think the sickness is also on the other end to be able to twist the words and make it as ridiculous as that. Clearly, I'm not having sex with my mother. It's ridiculous." [Extra]
  • Sadness! Bradley Whitford and Jane Kaczmarek are divorcing after 16 years of marriage. The couple has three children. [People]
  • Robert Pattinson's sparkly vampire abs are reportedly painted on: "Rob had a team of makeup artists working on his stomach to make it appear as if he had a six-pack," says a source, "They used all their tricks - including liquid body paint, shading and airbrushing - to make his torso look toned. Whenever they stopped filming, Rob would duck back inside to get touched up by the makeup team." [ShowbizSpy]
  • "In my opinion this tape will not destroy her career," says Kevin Blatt the man currently shopping a Leighton Meester sex tape, "She looks around 18 years-old and is seen involved in an act with her boyfriend in a house. It's very playful actually." Ugh. [Radar]
  • Simon Cowell admits that he could have handled the Susan Boyle a bit better: "Sometimes I go too far, I admit it. And sometimes you just can't predict how events will unfold," he says, "Which brings us to Susan Boyle. Looking back on it all, it has become clear to me that we didn't handle the situation with Susan as well as we could have. Yet to be honest, when I analyse exactly what happened, I don't know that I could have done it any differently." [DailyMail]
  • "I usually just explain to my kids that there are other families in the world that aren't as fortunate as ours and other kids. So I tell them that it's important for all of us to do what we can and then go to these places and understand what's happening. Hopefully I'll take them to as many countries as I can and raise them with an education of the world."- Angelina Jolie [DailyMail]
  • Is Kanye West back with his former girlfriend, Amber Rose?[TheSun]
  • Gloria Vanderbilt is quite proud of her own son, Anderson Cooper, but says she "can't bear to look at Paris Hilton." [PageSix]
  • Madonna's boyfriend, Jesus Luz reportedly has a bit of an ego problem, according to models who worked with him on a recent Dolce & Gabbana shoot. [TheCut]
  • Here's a clip of Bjork performing "Sonnets/Unrealities XI" from her Volta tour, live in Reykjavik. [RollingStone]
  • Rihanna will face Chris Brown in court on Monday, and her lawyer says "She's fine. She's fully expecting she'll be required to testify. She will answer all questions asked of her truthfully." [E!]
  • Tallulah Willis' stint at Baazar is more of an observational exercise than an actual internship: "It's not really an internship," she says, "I'm just there for two weeks to see how it works. I'm listening to the editors, seeing what the fashion department does, what marketing does, what the photo department does. It's all over the place." [TheCut]
  • Nicole Kidman says her father helped her get through her divorce: "Dad's not only a good man, but a wise man. He's a psychiatrist, and when I was younger he was always trying to give me advice that I wouldn't listen to. Now that I'm older, I really value his insight." Anyone else read that "a wise man/psychiatrist" line as a big FU to Tom Cruise? [DailyMail]
  • When asked which young person she thought would make the "best daffy old person," Cloris Leachman replied: "George Clooney. He was very young on Facts of Life with me. I think he'll probably have a big career and get kind of daffy. Maybe Jack Black. He was an excellent kisser. Much better than he needed to be for our scene [on The Office]. It was a wonderful kiss. I think kissing is the most wonderful, intimate, sexy thing in the world. Much more than … what's it called … fornicating!" [NYMag]
  • Here's the trailer for Jennifer Aniston's latest film, titled (sigh) Love Mishap. [E!]
  • Lionel Richie will play himself on an upcoming episode of One Life To Live. [DailyExpress]
  • Blind Item:"Which fun-loving film star may play the part of the carefree chick on the surface, but is hiding a debilitating case of OCD behind closed doors? One of her high-profile relationships recently went caput because her man could no longer hack her obsessive ways."[BlindGossip]
  • "Today I walked out of a Judd Apatow movie crying. It was the scene where the obese homosexual is fortune-telling by looking at the bowels of a sheep that has been sodomized by a person. The movie was "Year One." I tried to be open-minded as I watched the first 20 minutes of masturbation, fornication, circumcision jokes, continual penis references, bestiality, violence, and Biblical blasphemy. I told myself this was a PG-13 movie and the writers were "lost" so they didn't know how vulgar they were being. I looked at the ten-year-old and his father sitting next to me. I must be old-fashioned or something. But, then I noticed no one was laughing. No one was walking out either. I was hoping that the crude jokes were flying over the heads of the poor children who were sitting there wide-eyed and innocent. My daughter is 15 and she loves Jack Black and the guy from "Juno," so I thought we could have a Mom/teenager date. I asked myself, "Vicki, is this movie making you feel good?" Myself replied, "This movie is making me angry, very sad, hopeless, and dirty-feeling." As the onscreen obese gay man poked at the bloody intestines and told the fifth anal sex joke, I looked at my daughter, and we got up and walked out. I started crying in the parking lot as we walked to our car. I am not from this world. I am an alien. No wonder me and Apatow never hit it off."- Victoria Jackson on "Year One" [ONTD]



The trailers for Year One on television in my area are the "I'm a slave" joke and the "raucous mating" joke. That's it. Nothing about raping animals. I'd be surprised too. I wouldn't cry or walk out, but I probably wouldn't bring my daughter, either.

Victoria Jackson may have overreacted, but let's not pretend movies aren't marketed differently in different areas/on different channels either.