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She's Spent Sixteen Years On Your Trail…

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  • Hillary suffered a coughing fit in South Dakota today and might give up altogether tomorrow. I have been suffering coughing fits all weekend and I haven't even managed to give up smoking, so I'm not placing any bets, but apparently there's a deal in the works for the Obama campaign to Bernanke her Bear Stearns. [Huff Po]
  • Speaking! Krugman defends Bernanke on the grounds that there are no unions in America sending inflation spiraling of control with their wage demands like there were in the seventies. But hello Paul, you know what the Chinese were making in the seventies? [NYT]
  • Also, I bet Americans had slightly less than a trillion dollars in credit card debt in the seventies. [WSJ]
  • Stuff we did have in the seventies besides unions: regulations and trade barriers. Without those things to eradicate economic growth may be so hard to achieve that Barack Obama can call himself the "growth candidate" with his proposals to focus on preschool. [Wash Post]
  • Ahmadinejad said something about how Jesus will come back and kill all the Jews this time. [Breitbart]
  • Sadr City: 110 degrees, lacking potable water or a decent sewage system, but — your boss will be so stoked! — there's totally decent BlackBerry service! [WSJ]
  • "I used to watch this mooncalf blunder his way through press conferences and think, Exactly where do we find such men? For the job of swabbing out the White House stables, yes. But for any task involving the weighing of words?" Hitch suggests you forego Scott McClellan's tell-all in favor of Doug Feith's epic defense of Don Rumsfeld, on account of a bunch of bullshit retorts to straw arguments no one seriously makes — "that there was no consideration given to postwar planning," for instance; oh please — and also, Feith's superior prose style. Natch. [Slate]
  • Can "parenting classes" save the next generation of inbred underage incest victims from the clutches of Fundamentalist Mormon mind control? Well… [AP]
  • Ted Kennedy's brain surgery was successful. Now comes the fun part: radiation and chemo. Good luck.[WSJ]
  • Matt Drudge as microcosm for the nation's ideological shift. [Politico]
  • Henry Louis Gates talks to James Watson and finds him to not be a racist but a "racialist"; Gates explores his own love-hate relationship with DNA; generally depressing story reveals James Watson has a low IQ. [TheRoot]

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bess marvin, girl detective

@SinisterRouge: and to add on, mccain lacks in many departments. it's like basic sense. how can any self-respecting democrat really switch for mccain? this is not the mccain of 8 years ago who gave his middle finger to that functionally retarded asshole bush. this is the new mccain. just watch when he starts to really pander to the conversatives. i swear to anything that if mccain wins because of a couple of crossover votes, "crazy" is going to be the only decent thing that comes out of my mouth. i'm sick of seeing this once great country go down the dumpster because people can't get their shit together. hillary needs to let them know what's up before november.