She's not fat, she's big boned.

Sometimes Kate Winslet looks like this:

And sometimes Kate Winslet looks like this:


And that's why we like her so much. She's reassuringly human, putting on a few pounds here, taking off a few pounds there and threatening to sue anyone who says she's hung up about her weight.

And unlike those fine upstanding hacks at the Daily Mail, we don't see any contradiction in her admission that when she was a teenager, she took laxatives for a few months to lose weight. When we were teenagers we thought it was cool to wear purple lipstick and kiss artistic boys who had no money.

Luckily we grew out of that, just like Kate grew out of giving a fuck about being skinny. We all live and learn.

Kate Winslet still doesn't care if you think she's fat [Daily Mail]

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