"She's Not Conformed To Speaking Planned Speech": What Sarah Palin Means For Women

For those who can't bear to watch Palin supporters talk about what Sarah Barracuda means for women, we've got a few choice quotes after the jump. Warning: be ready for vagueness and discussion of "life principles."

Washington City Paper's Sexist blog has a smart analysis of Palin's brand of "feminism," which "contains none of the messy political agendas of former feminist waves-it is all personality, all self-reliance, and no politics. It's about speaking your mind, even when you don't know what you're talking about." And frequently, Palin's supporters seem to be actually praising her incoherence. Here are some highlights:

On planning

I think she speaks her mind, and I think sometimes she speaks a little bit unguarded, so she is a little-she's not conformed to speaking planned speech. Planned. It's not planned.


On what Palin stands for

For women, she represents principles, life principles, and for the country she represents principles also.

On landscaping

As a younger female, I like the fact that she has her own opinions and is not afraid to share them with others. Also, that she can stand on her own and pave her own path and not really follow the line of any particular thing.

On beauty

[S]he's fairly attractive, and that doesn't seem to interfere with her being intelligent.


On cruelty

She's not out there like some of the past feminists-and I do not want to call names-that are bashing men and everybody around them. Feminists have a tendency to bash men. They're cruel, and she's not that.


On femininity

I'm not so sure I would put a label on her as a feminist. She presents herself feminine … The impression is that feminists are women who don't like to value their feminine qualities, and they like to put it down and be like a man, and I don't think that's appropriate for women. I kind of like her in that regard, that she's sort of celebrating her womanhood as well.


The statement that Palin doesn't "really follow the line of any particular thing" seems disturbingly apt, especially if "any particular thing" includes "coherent reasoning." Also, unlike mean feminists, Palin has never "bashed" anybody. I could say more about Palin's uncanny ability to turn a lack of experience or substance into an ideology, but instead I'll leave you with a quote from Palin fan Patrick Darby:

I think she's representing the women the way they should be. You know, independent, strong, capable of doing whatever she wants to do, standing up for moral issues. And rights.


Sarah Palin Supporters Talk Feminism [Washington City Paper: Sexist Blog]



I just realized that Sarah Palin is Chance the Gardener in 'Being There'. She is a blank slate who all these gullible mooks are assigning virture to.

They say that nature abhors a vacuum and the human brain abhors a fact vacuum (or factuum, if you will) and will fill in those blanks like so many Mad Libs.

"Sarah Palin has never expressly said she thinks Donna should cut her hair short, but I just know that's how she feels because Sarah's a real person, like me!"