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[New York, May 19. Image via Pacific Coast News]

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - Wednesday May 19, 2010. Sarah Jessica Parker signs autographs from the back seat of a car after promoting her new film "Sex and the City 2" at "Live with Regis and Kelly". Photograph: ©


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Can I go on a brief SATC tangent here? I watched the episode The Caste System from season 2 last night and I was floored by how deftly the show handled the topic of economic inequality in relationships and in the NYC social scene.

Back then, the topic of Big having more money than Carrie was on the table, whereas now, we're supposed to take it at face value and just admire the shoes he can afford to keep her in.

Back then, Steve left Miranda because she was more successful than him, rather than magically becoming successful in his own right and removing the conflict.

Back then, the brunch talk included serious questions about the meaning of terms like "working class" and questioned the social norms surrounding money and dating.

Back then, the show poked fun at the Park Avenue socialites from the position of the scrappy, Pat Field-styled underdog. Now, Carrie is one of them, complete with enormous penthouse and financier husband.

The success of the brand really has created a monster that is unrecognizable to people who were fans of the show way back when.

And PS - SJP looks great.

ETA: Okay, not so brief.