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"I decided on making cozies for empowering objects which happened to be very hard, masculine, recognizable objects. The covers kind of softened them up and changed their determined roles," explains extreme knitter Teresa Honeywell. She was, of course, inspired by a toilet-paper cozy at a flea market. "It kind of made me a little sad to see someone's handmade craft discarded and being sold for pennies, but it mostly saddened me because it was such a bizarre and useless object. I pictured a sad housewife with nothing better to do then knit up a cozy for a roll of toilet paper. I knew then that I wanted to use that same lonely technique, and meaningless process, to cover up an object that I wouldn't ever need or have the opportunity to use again in my new role as a housewife." [Andew Sullivan]


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half-baked "feminist" fiber art does no favor to feminism, fiber art, nor to art generally.

with that said, persons blog-commenting their qualms about "modern art" based on work like this do get my goat in a serious way. it's contemporary art, for starters, and if you think this kind of work is representative of contemporary art practice (feminist, fiber-based, or otherwise), i suggest you get off the internet and get thee to an actual gallery or museum.