Sherri Shepherd Unleashes Rubber-Necking Rage On Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Watching all this election stuff play out has made The View just as volatile and exciting as when Rosie O'Donnell used to rub her liberal lesbianism in the face of Elisabeth Hasselbeck's conservatism. Hasselbeck's last true ally on the show was fellow Christian Sherri Shepherd. But Sherri's been doing some reading since she got this job, and all this education has fired her up about politics, (hopefully she's gotten around to that article about how the world isn't flat) so she actually has facts to back her up when she's arguing about this stuff. Today she finally lost it when Elisabeth wouldn't shut up about Barack Obama's "radical affiliations," leading Elisabeth to tell her that this is "getting personal" and to "relax." Clip above.


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OMG, I never ever thought I'd say this, but GO SHERRI!