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Sherri Shepherd Must Keep Paying Child Support for Baby She Says She Never Wanted

Illustration for article titled Sherri Shepherd Must Keep Paying Child Support for Baby She Says She Never Wanted

Sherri Shepherd’s baby saga continues. The actress, who’s been trying to get out of paying child support for a baby she had by surrogate, has been ordered to keep making payments—despite her continued claim that the baby was a way for her ex to commit fraud against her.


TMZ reports that Shepherd’s latest appeal to stop paying for the child’s expenses has been denied and she must now pay Lamar Sally, the father of her baby, $4,100 a month. That number goes up to $4,600 when the kid turns 13, likely because he’ll need to go to therapy twice a week to deal with the fact that his parents are awful and all his stuff is paid for by a mom who refuses to acknowledge his existence.

This is allegedly the end of the line for Shepherd, who’s been fighting to have nothing to do with the child (now one year old) since birth. She claims that while she was initially into the idea of having a baby via surrogate, she quickly changed her mind when she realized that it was just a way for Sally to get a child support check from her when they divorced.


No word yet on whether a judge has ordered Shepherd’s remaining frozen embryos to be destroyed. The last ruling did, however, specify that Shepherd would not be responsible for any future children Sally created via a surrogate.

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