We have what is either a healthy or sick fascination with Fox News anchor Shepard Smith. For starters, he is on Fox. He totally tore Sean Hannity a new one after Hurricane Katrina, but he looks like a demonic Bratz doll! He won't talk about his (obviously liberal) personal political views, but he also won't talk about his personal life! (Which can only mean he is totally doing it with Anderson Cooper!!!) Anyway, here Shep defends the rights of satellite-radio anchors to broadcast homeless making jokes about raping Condi Rice. On Fox News! Defending the First Amendment! Even when it pertains to the Bush Administration!! Is there anything this man's nuts can't handle? Aside from, well, quitting his job???

P.S. We at Jezebel totally defend the constitutional right of all persons to make rape jokes regardless of race, color, creed or stance on missile defense shields, although we do not make them ourselves. (Except statuatory ones involving that kid from Roger Dodger, but that goes without saying.)

Shepard Smith: Leave Opie & Anthony Alone [Brietbart.tv]