Sheep Block Road to Take Nap and Cause Adorable Traffic Jam

Just when you think the summer of 2014 had officially been called for goats, a group of sheep step in at the last minute and throw us all a huge curve ball.

As if traffic isn't already bad enough in Massachusetts, a group of sheep shut down part of a road in Topsfield when they decided to lie down and take a nap. According to WCVB, their owner said they escaped from their pen and fled when they got scared by a coyote:

"The reality is, the coyotes come out after storms, and they run at the sheep and bunch them up in the corner," owner Eugene McKay said.

McKay said the herd got into a tight circle to protect itself, and broke through the hot-wire fence.

After feeling that the danger was over, the herd of 14 sheep ended up in the middle of Rowley Bridge Road.

"They were safe there," McKay said. "They were content. There were houses there. Sheep are not stupid. They got there and sat down. They were running around all night."


I like how all the sheep at once just went "FUCK THIS I'M TIRED." I know that feel, sheep. Don't worry, all the sheep are fine now. I'm mostly sorry that I wasn't the one who got to this story early enough to make the brilliant, should-probably-be-award-winning headline "SHEEP GO ON THE 'LAMB'." This will haunt me until the day I die.

Image via Shutterstock.

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