Since Kenya's disputed election last week, hundreds of women and children have been raped during the widespread rioting between different ethnic tribes. President Mwai Kibaki, who is accused of rigging the election, is part of the Kikuyu tribe. His challenger, Raila Odinga, is part of the Luo tribe. Most of the violence has been against the Kikuyu as retribution for the allegations of vote tampering against President Kibaki. It's not just women who are being gang raped in the streets, reports the Telegraph, it's young boys as well. "Most of them have been gang-raped, one of them by 10 men," said Rahab Ngugi, the matron at a hospital in the suburbs of Nairobi.

The victims are being singled out because of their tribal affiliations and most of the attacks have been made on women inside their own homes. Wealthy parts of Kenya have not been immune to the violence, says the Telegraph. In Killmani, outside of Nairobi, a British woman watched from her balcony as a young woman was attacked. "As they advanced on her," the eyewitness told the Telegraph, "she started backing away. She was begging them in Swahili, saying 'please, please, please' over and over again. They took her behind a wall and I couldn't see what happened but I could hear the screams. I felt so helpless. It was too dangerous to go outside. If I had a gun I would have gone and shot them, but I didn't so there was nothing I could do."

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