One Day Amber Rose Will Rule Us All

Image of our inevitable ruler via Getty
Image of our inevitable ruler via Getty

In an Instagram post Monday, talk show host, author and sexting enthusiast Amber Rose announced her latest endeavor – MUVA Management, a management company “built around helping other women reach their dreams.”


“I’ve dedicated my life to helping other women. It’s my passion! It’s the reason I’m here,” she wrote in the caption introducing MUVA Management’s first client, L.A.-based actress and model Tori Hughes.

Amber Rose’s approach to personal branding has been massively successful and she’s done so well by being authentic and staying true to herself. Emerging from the shadows of her famous exes and shrugging of the mantle of fame by association in order to come into her own, her trajectory to fame is a pretty solid blueprint for anyone looking to do the same.

“Empowerment” is an empty phrase, used to market menstrual cups and mascara and I am loathe to use it in general conversation because of its disingenuous connotations. Despite that, MUVA Management sounds like it will be kind of empowering, in the actual, original meaning of the word! Imagine that.

“Together we will grow her brand and her brand and her business. The world is big enough for all of us! Let’s work together and find success,” she writes. Sounds good to me.

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She is so unapologetically herself, and after weathering fragile egos determined to keep her down. I love her.