She Blinded Me With Science...And Awesome Dance Moves

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Hey, Scientists: need a way to explain your complicated thesis to others? Perhaps you should consider entering the "Dance Your Ph.D" contest, an annual challenge designed to give scientists the chance to express their thesis work through dance. This year's winners have just been announced, and include Sue Lynn Lau, a graduate student at the University of Sydney, Australia, who designed a routine as a representation of her thesis, "The role of Vitamin D in beta-cell function." The synopsis given on Lau's entry: "Every PhD begins in the dark, but it takes only a few bright sparks to kindle the flame of discovery." The contest is a pretty rad way to combine science and the arts, and is an incredibly creative way to share one's academic work without using any words at all. Clip after the jump.


Dance Your Ph.D [Metafilter]

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As a person who studies performance, this makes my skin crawl off my body and into a test tube of acid. No.