Shawn John And Mom Thrilled With Olympic Gold

Maybe you heard, but Shawn Johnson won gold last night in the individual balance beam competition. And we've got some clips! This first bit of footage shows the self-proclaimed "daredevil with a big smile" waving to the crowd — her mom and dad included. Her mom is crying tears of joy, and it's just about the sweetest thing imaginable, made even more poignant when the announcer says that the Johnsons mortgaged their house more than once to pay for Shawn's training. You can see a video of Shawn's winning performance here. The second clip, posted after the jump, shows Shawn on the podium accepting her gold medal. The medal ceremony music is a little cheese, but the sentiment is clearly authentic. Gymnastics: Shawn Johnson, Beam Gold [NBC Olympics]

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Shawn and Nastia were pure class each in their own way (Shawn=Midwestern ADORABLE; Nasta=Soviet FIERCE). They were such a joy to watch and made for many an Olympic crying moment in my house.